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Tuesday, 20 September


Wettest September 3-day stretch for parts of Victoria in over 100 years, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Continuous heavy rainfall in southeast Australia over the last couple of days is causing widespread disruption. Severe thunderstorms first rolled through South Australia and Victoria on September 8 and 9, producing heaviest rain in six years, and continued this...... Read more »

Penumbral lunar eclipse of September 16, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Sun, Earth and Moon will align in almost perfect line on September 16, 2016, treating observers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia with a penumbral lunar eclipse. The eclipse will last 3 hours and 59 minutes and will be the last of three lunar eclipses in...... Read more »

Shallow M6.0 earthquake hits near Honiara, Solomon Islands "IndyWatch Feed National"

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as Mwb6.0 hit near Honiara, Solomon Islands at 07:24 UTC on September 14, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). Australia Geoscience is reporting Mwp6.2 at a depth of 30 km (18.6 miles)....... Read more »


Australia Keep Your Hands Off Syria! End the Sanctions! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rally at 1.30pm. This Sunday 25 September 2016, Martin Place (Railway Station outside MLC Centre), Sydney City.

Rally at 1:30pm

This Sunday 25 September 2016

Martin Place (railway station,
outside MLC Centre)

Sydney City

HANDS OFF SYRIA strongly condemn the recent massacre of at least 62 Syrian soldiers (and another 100 wounded) in Deir al Zour, Syria.

US and Australian governments have admitted the soldiers were killed on the 17th of September by a joint operation carried out by the US air force in collusion with the Australian military. The martyred Syrian soldiers were guarding a military fortification
used as a base for repelling attacks by the Islamic State death-squads who completely surround the city.

People across the world are finding it extremely hard to believe that this attack was a "mistake" or an "accident".

Why? Because these actions are entirely consistent with US-led attempts to topple the Syrian government by covertly (or in this case overtly) supporting their enemies - these policies have resurrected Al Qaeda and its offshoots
like ISIS.

Whether the massacre was ‘accidental’ or deliberate should be determined by an independent war crimes tribunal. Assertion by the perpetrators, ‘sorry, we didn’t mean it’, is completely inadequate.

1. We demand that Australia remove itself from the alliance of predatory nations currently waging this proxy-war against the Syrian government.

2. We demand that Australia reestablish diplomatic relations with the Syrian government who by all accounts represent the will of the majority of the Syrian people.

3. We demand that Australia lift the crippling economic sanctions on Syria that are blocking normal trade, finance and the diaspora from supporting their families at home.


WHEN: Sunday, 25th of September, at 1.30pm

WHERE: Martin Place, outside the MLC centre

Attachment Size
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Another U.S. Territory Grab? Marine Area Twice Size of Texas Now Under Federal Government Control "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 20th, 2016 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World Is the expanded PapahĂŁnaumokuĂŁkea marine area a new U.S. Military zone? Another government âŹÜland grabâŹ" occurred last month when the US Federal Government announced that it had massively expanded the scope of its marine protected area near Hawaii, known as the PapahĂŁnaumokuĂŁkea Marine National Monument. With this top-down presidential ...Continue Reading - Another U.S. Territory Grab? Marine Area Twice Size of Texas Now Under Federal Government Control


The myth of Muslim tolerance for Jews and Christians "IndyWatch Feed National"

Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...


A Guide to Manifesting Change in the New Energy Paradigm "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 20th, 2016 By Stacy Vajta Guest writer for Wake Up World Ok letâŹ"s face it; there are some folks out there who are amazing manifestors and there are some who, well⏌ not so much. Yet when you have a goal or a vision for your life that you can feel deep into your bones, figuring ...Continue Reading - A Guide to Manifesting Change in the New Energy Paradigm


Stop Fighting Life "IndyWatch Feed National"

Stop Fighting Life

Stop Fighting Life

September 20th, 2016 By Lissa Rankin, MD Guest writer for Wake Up World I have two friends who are trying to do beautiful things in the world. One is an ardent environmentalist who really passionately yearns to save the biosphere and protect the planet; the other is a social worker serving abused, abandoned, neglected, traumatized children in ...Continue Reading - Stop Fighting Life

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Monday, 19 September


The Demise of Rainwater "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Demise of Rainwater

Clifford E Carnicom

A Paper to be Developed During
the Summer of 2016
(Last Edit Jun 20 2016)

The single most important chemical species in clouds and precipitation is the ..
Read More



Australia Involved in Coalition Attack Killing Syrian Servicemen "IndyWatch Feed National"

1032853301Australia was involved in a US-led coalition airstrikes which accidentally killed Syrian servicemen, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – On Saturday, coalition planes hit the Syrian army positions near the Deir ez-Zor airport, killing 62 servicemen and injuring more than 100, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The attack was later confirmed by the US Central Command, which said that Syrian troops were mistaken for the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group. “As soon as the coalition commanders were advised by the Russian command in the region that Syrian forces had been affected, the sortie was discontinued We regret the loss of life, and injury to any Syrian personnel affected. That is all I can say about the incident at the moment,” Turnbull said Sunday, as quoted by The Guardian newspaper.

The prime minister called coordination with Russia in Syria “desirable.”

Syria has been mired in civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting numerous opposition factions and extremist groups, including the Islamic State (IS), which is outlawed in many countries, including Russia. The government-held city of Deir Ez-Zor has been under siege from IS since July 2014. The US-led coalition has been carrying out anti-IS strikes since September 2014 without Syrian government consent.




Australia Involved in Coalition Attack Killing Syrian Servicemen "IndyWatch Feed National"

By admin

Australia was involved in a US-led coalition airstrikes which accidentally killed Syrian servicemen, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – On Saturday, coalition planes hit the Syrian army positions near the Deir ez-Zor airport, killing 62 servicemen and injuring more than 100, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The attack was later confirmed by the US Central Command, which said that Syrian troops were mistaken for the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group. “As soon as the coalition commanders were advised by the Russian command in the region that Syrian forces had been affected, the sortie was discontinued We regret the loss of life, and injury to any Syrian personnel affected. That is all I can say about the incident at the moment,” Turnbull said Sunday, as quoted by The Guardian newspaper.

The prime minister called coordination with Russia in Syria “desirable.”

Syria has been mired in civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting numerous opposition factions and extremist groups, including the Islamic State (IS), which is outlawed in many countries, including Russia. The government-held city of Deir Ez-Zor has been under siege from IS since July 2014. The US-led coalition has been carrying out anti-IS strikes since September 2014 without Syrian government consent.



United States-Danish-Australian killing of Syrian soldiers "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

U.S. airstrike on Syrian army position kill 62 soldiers, paving way for Daesh [ISIS] attack

17 September 2016

UPDATE by SANA reporters from the battlefield: Army and Armed Forces units recover control over areas that it had lost control over earlier due to American aircraft attack on positions in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor Airport.

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said that US alliance aircrafts targeted at 5 PM on Saturday a Syrian Arab Army position in al-Tharda Mountain in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor Airport, causing losses in lives and equipment and clearly paved the way for ISIS terrorists to attack the position and take control of it.

In a statement, the General Command said that this act is a serious and blatant aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and its army, and constitutes conclusive evidence that the United States and its allies support ISIS and other terrorist organizations, stressing that this act reveals the falseness of their claims of fighting terrorism.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Danes and Australians involved in mistaken Syria airstrike

Today, 09:22

The air raid on Syrian government forces that has been designated by the US as a mistake was carried out by at least Danish and Australian warplanes. This say the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and Australian Prime Minister Turnbull.

Aircraft of the international coalition that is fighting against Islamic State [ISIS] probably mistook the Syrian military for ISIS warriors. In the attack on Saturday dozens of Syrian soldiers were killed.


According to the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, two Danish F-16s were involved in the attack. The Danish Defence Minister is willing to coöperate in the investigation into the air strike, the newspaper writes.

The newspaper says also other countries were involved in the attack, but does not say which countries.


Australian Prime Minister Turnbull said during a visit to New York that Australian aircraft took part in the attack. He regretted that Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack and that the Australian attack stopped immediately when the Russians told them what was going on.

The Australian defense minister refused to say to the Australian news channel ABC whether Australian aircraft were involved in the attack. …

It looks like this...


Video: Journalists are hopping mad over ASIC sale "IndyWatch Feed National"

A GetUp petition by journalists is aiming at blocking the sale of ASIC, Australia’s premier resource for corporate information. Watch and support.

The post Video: Journalists are hopping mad over ASIC sale appeared first on The Pen.


Manhattan explosion being used to coverup US war crime in Syria "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Gordon


September 18, 2016 By Filip Karinja

Before today’s explosion in Manhattan, the news for the day was of the United States airforce conducting four separate airstrikes on the Syrian army in Syria killing 62 soldiers and injuring 100 more.

The soldiers, representing the elected Syrian government, where in battle against ISIS when the US war planes came and were essentially acting as air support for ISIS by bombing the Syrian soldiers near the city of Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

Russia called for an immediate UN meeting to find out why the US had once again acted on behalf of ISIS in Syria.

The United States’ only response was to accuse Russia of grandstanding, avoiding the actual subject as to why they had bombed soldiers of an elected foreign government, a clear act of war.

However, western media has done it best to coverup the latest Syrian incident and when it does talk about it, like all the other times the US has killed innocent people, language such as ‘may’ ‘allegations’ ‘reports say’ ‘could’ is used rather that labeling it as fact.

Australian media has completely buried the story, the same way they didn’t even report on the news in July of this year when US and French planes bombed a Syrian village killing over 85 civilians. Apparently this was not newsworthy either, but news on what some celebrity did that day apparently was.

Hence if you speak to people who get their information from the mainstream media about the incident they will tell you that they have never heard about it, the same people who still don’t know about things like WTC building 7.

Perhaps this is why trust in the mainstream media is at its lowest point in history against all demographics, as people are beginning to wake up to see the bigger picture of what’s going on and why.

For example, when the US isn’t bombing civilians, bombing hospitals, training ISIS terrorists, airdropping 50 tons of weapons to ISIS, they are staging false flags to start wars.

Let’s face it, the US economy runs on war.

Last week the US handed Israel a record $38 billion in military....


Reminder: Launch of FOBIF Eucalyptus ID book on 24 September "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"


click to enlarge

Next Saturday (24th September) the new FOBIF publication, Eucalypts of the Mount Alexander Region, will be launched by Geoff Park in the Castlemaine Library foyer at 10.30. Refreshments will be provided and everyone is welcome.

The book is a community project that has been two years in the making. See our earlier post to find out more.

For a preview of the book, have a look at the double page spreads below on Grey Box Eucalyptus Microcarpa. Click on each one to enlarge.

grey-box-pages-1-2 greybox-pages-3-4


What International Law permits the American & Australian airforce to fly over Syria? @TurnbullMalcolm "IndyWatch Feed National"

Churkin: US airstrikes on Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzor violate international law Churkin added, in a press conference held on Sunday morning at the New York-based UN headquarters, that the US carried out a reckless airstrike, wondering why it did it at that time. He affirmed that the US attack is dangerous and that […]


What impact #sealevelrise on Melbourne’s privatised port facilities? asks @takvera "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Andrews Victorian state government has been successful with the sale of the Port of Melbourne for $9.7 billion, an election promise. The government had been expecting around $7 billion for the asset. Technically, its not a sale, but a 50 year lease of the port’s commercial operations. The long term lease of Australia’s largest […]

Author information

John Englart

John Englart

Citizen journalist at No Fibs

John Englart has always had a strong social and environmental focus and over the past 10 years climate change science, climate policy and climate protest have become an increasingly important and primary focus of his work as a citizen journalist.


Brilliant walk despite the weather "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Our September FOBIF walk was led by local environmentalists, Elaine Bayes and Damien Cook, in the Chewton area off Dingo Park Road. Although the weather didn’t look promising, the rain held off and walkers enjoyed slowly wending their way through masses of Early Nancies and other flowering plants. The damp conditions made the fungi, moss and lichen look especially colourful.

Among the highlights was finding at least a dozen orchid species including several Castlemaine Spider-orchids Caladenia clavescens. Orchid expert, Geoff Neville, was able to give a detailed account of the pollination of these orchids.


Two Castlemaine Spider-orchids discovered during the walk.

Ant nests Map lichen Early Nancies Plains froglets Aboriginal well Bracket fungi

Photos are by Win Jodell and Bronwyn Silver.

Thanks to Elaine and Damien for once again leading a terrific walk and sharing their extensive knowledge of plant life and the environmental history of this area of our Box-Ironbark forests.

The last walk for the year will be led by Alex Panelli in the Fryers Ranges.


The Swedish Way of Selling Booze is a Little Different "IndyWatch Feed National"

A bottle-o in Sweden doesn’t look like anything you’re probably used to. From one end of the nation to the other, their aesthetic hardly varies. The only advertising around the store  encourages you not to drink. Or at least to seriously consider the lighter option. It asks you you to ponder the effects alcohol might have on your athletic training, or presents some alcohol-related statistic, or reminds you that the glass of wine you drink to settle your anxiety isn’t going to stop it coming back  Everything is neatly, individually stacked at around eye-level and nothing is favoured or particularly stands-out. The lighting is bright and sterile, like some sort of weird amalgamation of a hospital and an ALDI.  There are no ad-ons, no mixers and no drinking snacks. And all products are sold at room temperature, because cold drinks “might encourage spontaneous purchases”.

Selling alcohol in this giant, Scandinavian nation is strictly regulated. All beverages above 3.5% can only be purchased in the state-owned liquor store chain, SystemBolaget. There are no other options.  It’s like a Centerlink for booze.  Brought about by a complicated history with alcohol abuse and distribution, and the recognition of its severe detriment to society, the Swedish solution is unlike any other, prioritising public health over an extremely profitable industry.  All products are taxed on alcohol content rather than price, which means that even ‘cheap’ hard liquor is damn expensive. The stores nation-wide close at 3pm on Saturday and close completely on Sunday . Walk past a window after opening hours and the shopfronts are boarded up and dark. Nothing might instil the desire to buy something another time or even suggest that alcohol exists just beyond the glass. And you really have to plan ahead for a backyard Sunday sesh.


“More creative after one glass? Maybe, but the result is usually a disappointment.”

As an Australian, I’m used to the idea that alcohol is a commodity much like any other in terms of reasonable marketing, upselling and promoting. Advertisements back home make the products seem enticing or encourage bulk buying, as long as an enjoy responsibly is written somewhere on the label. Enter any of the privatised liquor stores and your peripherals are bombarded by signs emblazoned with things like: the four best foamies for the footy or this week’s top special or 3 x Sunnyvale Fruity Lexia for $33. That does seem like an excessive amount of goon.

No one can deny that Australia has a binge-drinking culture, or that drinking is a part of most of our day-to-day lives. But mostly I accepted it and never truly understood the societal implications of how the liquor was sold and advertised. After having lived in Sweden, it began to seem ethically wrong to encourage people during their bottle-o visit to purchase more alcohol than what they had already intended. An extra bottle of wine isn’t like a side of fries. A recent SystemBolaget advertising campaign poked...




This Monday’s endangered species (E.S.P.) article I’ve chosen to document on the New Zealand sea lion. Image: New Zealand Sea Lion. Credits: Tui De Roy

Listed as (endangered) the species was identified by Dr Gray back in 1866. Dr Gray John Edward Gray, FRS (12 February 1800 – 7 March 1875) was a British zoologist. He was the elder brother of zoologist Dr George Robert Gray and son of the pharmacologist and botanist Dr Samuel Frederick Gray (1766–1828).

Dr Gray was Keeper of Zoology at the British Museum in London from 1840 until Christmas 1874, before the Natural History holdings were split off to the Natural History Museum published several catalogues of the museum collections that included comprehensive discussions of animal groups as well as descriptions of new species. He improved the zoological collections to make them amongst the best in the world.

Scientifically identified as the Phocarctos hookeri the species was listed as vulnerable from 1994-2008. Unfortunately due to continued population declines the New Zealand seal is now bordering complete extinction within the wild (and things really aren’t looking good neither)  Endemic to Australia (Macquarie Is.); and New Zealand (South Is.), the species is also native to the Pacific North West.

To date there is estimated to be no fewer than 3,031 mature individuals remaining within the wild. New Zealand sea lions are one of the largest New Zealand animals. Like all otariids, they have marked sexual dimorphism; adult males are 240–350 cm long and weigh 320–450 kg and adult females are 180–200 cm long aMnd weigh 90–165 kg. At birth, pups are 70–100 cm long and weigh 7–8 kg; the natal pelage is a thick coat of dark brown hair that becomes dark gray with cream markings on the top of the head, nose, tail and at the base of the flippers.

Adult females’ coats vary from buff to creamy grey with darker pigmentation around the muzzle and the flippers. Adult males are blackish-brown with a well-developed black mane of coarse hair reaching the shoulders. New Zealand sea lions are strongly philopatric.


Image: New Zealand Sea Lion Pup. Credits: NZ Fur Seals

Back in 2012 populations of New Zealand sea lions “were estimated to be standing at a population count of 12,000 mature individuals”. However since that count took place, from (2014) populations have ‘allegedly plummeted’ to all new levels although there doesn’t appear to be any evidence as to why the species suddenly declined – fish trawling and disease have been noted though!.

Like the Maui’s dolphin, the sea lion has come under intense scrutiny this year after research showed its numbers had halved since 1998. It has been cla...


Bloc Party: From All Sides "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

As of tonight, the prison strike has entered into its second week. All of the news is pouring in like a tidal wave. The amount of solidarity actions across the world has been a goddamn inspiration to say the least. From graffiti to banner drops, noise demos to nighttime actions, marches to letter writing, the momentum is incredible. There are times that these types of acts of solidarity can feel abstract. Right now there does seem to be solid evidence of a feedback loop from the outside to the inside.

In light of that, we want to highlight ways in which we have already achieved victories, and spread the strike just in two weeks. Out in Australia supporters on the outside held a noise demo to support inmates at a juvenile corrections facility. These tactics can begin to feel a little routine if you’ve been doing prisoner solidarity work for a while. This time was different than usual however, because the very next day, the youth inside let loose and rioted. Headlines read “Kid jail chaos: armed youths run riot and attack guards leaving expensive clean-up bill.” These noise demos are more than a fist in the air and some boom boxes, they hold the potential to spread this strike and to spread rebellion. These demos don’t only give people a little hope that they aren’t forgotten in there, its also to say, “We are here, we are with you and we hate prisons too.” They are ways to reach through the prison walls and help light the match. We want to see noise demos continue to be a way of connecting. This can extend to family as well. Sometimes its hard to get close enough to a prison for the anyone inside to actually hear you, so we suggest trying to hit them just as visitation is letting out. Make sure to bring plenty of literature and contact info, because if you can strike up conversations with family members and close friends, you can get the news to those inside that there are those of us out here that hate prisons. When that kind of news reaches inside the walls, who knows what kinds of rebellion can spread.

As prison guards begin to refuse to show up for duty down in Holman, we can’t help but wonder where the coming weeks and months will lead this strike.

Now for all that news from the Bloc:

Jayne Waller has a new address. Sacramento Prisoner Support has also put together a beautiful new flier for spreading the word of support for Jayne. You can write Jayne at:


Janye Waller BA2719
California Correctional Center
Facility B
PO Box 2400
Susanville, CA 96127

Sacramento Prisoner Support also had this to say:

We need consistent money for commissary, phone calls, and transportation for visitations. That is why we ask, if you can, to sign up for MONTHLY RECURRING DONATIONS for one year (or up until May 2017). Even if it’s just $3 or $5 or $15 per month (or $30 if you can do it!) if a bunch...


The census is watching: on the surveillance of Muslims "IndyWatch Feed National"

But, she points out, it can also be those minority groups who are of the greatest interest to the Australian Government for purposes of surveillance. ‘It’s mostly Muslim people who are inflicted with increased surveillance in our post-September 11 world’, says Edney-Browne. The Australian public is frequently divided over whether or not this is okay.


The C-Word: Its Manners, Customs and Many Varied Uses "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last week, a protestor crashed a stage with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and dropped the c-bomb. Intrepid New Matilda columnist Dr Liz Conor asks the age old question: Is using a female body part as a term of derision misogynistic? And a language warning… there’s quite a bit of it to follow.

Last month a group of protestors intercepted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as he fronted the Committee for Economic Development (CEDA) in Melbourne. They sought to publically shame him for the abuse of refugees in indefinite detention on Nauru and Manus Island.

Waving a placard, ‘FFS Close the Bloody Camps’, one of the protestors mounted the stage and hurled ‘Cunt’ through her teeth at a dumbfounded Turnbull.

When one of the group was later interviewed on The Project, Waleed Aly pointedly asked whether swearing at the Prime Minister was the most effective way to get their message across.

Samantha Castro, of WACA (Whistleblowers Activists and Citizens Alliance) replied their main message had indeed been communicated and the use of language was proportionate to the substantive issue to hand – the exposure of vulnerable asylum seekers, including children, to sexual and physical abuse in these negligently mismanaged tropical gulags.

Feelings ran high. The Nauru papers, detailing over 2,000 incident reports of abuse, including assaults, sexual assaults and self-harm between 2013 and 2015 (now the subject of a Senate inquiry) had been published by The Guardian. Adrenalin was pumping. Appalled, incensed and no doubt jittery, the intrepid interceptor spoke for many of us when she reached for The Very Worst Word to hand. That is Cunt.

It comes up a lot, Cunt: its appropriate uses, its acceptable invocations. Since half of us are literally hinged by this soft and slippery assemblage of intensely attuned tissue, it’s been a matter of feminist consternation that it’s the best worst descriptor for derision.

Given what a great source of pleasure it is for women (albeit periodically high maintenance) why should Cunt signify tyrant and tormentor, despot and bully, liar and narcissist, namely all the foulest, basest traits to which, I note mostly men, can be ascribed.

For is Cunt not Origin of the World, life-giving, incarnate sensuality, a circlet of steeped, clasping flesh, orgiastic rapture, ardent enclosure, we could go on and on… with so much to recommend it, you do gotta ask, why be so negative?

Because it is at the apex and core of human experience. No other body part brings forth life. Its capacity for pleasure and pleasure-giving has made it a focal site for commodification, medicalization, regulation, warfare, but also for destabilising heteronormativity and radical feminist reclamation.

It has been mythologised with teeth (Vagina Dentata), monologued, squatted over mirrors, plaster moulded, and Toys actually R US women, ‘fraid.

Because it is ineluctably the custody and experience of the feminine. It is ours, despite the zealous, at times fanatical attempts of patrio-nazis to take possessi...


ECCV Statewide Conference, Ballarat, Friday 11 November 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

This November, Victoria’s peak policy advocacy body representing ethnic and multicultural communities and organisations across Victoria - The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, along with the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council - is excited to be hosting The Next Generation of Multicultural Victoria  -  Intergenerational Perspectives Conference in the historic town of Ballarat, the fastest growing regional city in Victoria.

For over 40 years, the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV) has been the link between multicultural communities, government and the wider community. It is the Voice of Multicultural Victoria and the peak policy advocacy body for ethnic and multicultural organisations, proudly advocating for culturally diverse communities, government and the wider community.

ECCV Chairperson, Eddie Micallef, said: “The ECCV 2016 Statewide Conference will lead public discussion on the changing face of multiculturalism in Victoria and generational transition, with people from different generations speaking on a vision for the future. The aim of the Conference is for ECCV, individuals and organizations to participate in a commitment or pledge to make practical and achievable changes in the next three years and beyond.”

Pre-Conference Events on Thursday November 10 will include:  Diverse, Delicious, Nutritious – A cooking demo and lunch of multicultural tasters and workshop on the benefits of multicultural “tucker” for a diverse and ageing population. Afternoon Mayoral Reception, and evening Pre-Conference Dinner - ★Guest Speaker Peter Khalil, MP for Wills and former SBS manager.

Confirmed Facilitators, keynote and guest speakers will include:

★The Hon. Robin Scott Minister for Multicultural Affairs  ★ Helen Kapalos VMC  ★Peter van Vliet  Department of Immigration and Border Protection ★Colleen Hartland Victorian Green MP ★  Carmel Guerra  Centre for Multicultural Youth ★ Aleem Ali  Welcoming Cities, ★Amy Hubbard  Capire Consulting Group, ★Anthea Hancocks  Scanlon Foundation ★Dr Gabriel Garcia Ochoa & Professor Susanna Scarparo  Monash University, Bachelor of Global Studies ★ Nyok Gor South Sudan Australia Peace Initiative ★ Professor Andrew Markus Monash University ★Jessica Williamson  Migration Lawyer ★ Mark Karlovic Sovereign Hill Museums Assoc. ★ Tasmeen Chopra Cultural Curator, Author ★ Kelly Talagan Code Club Australia ★ George Fong Lateral Plains ★ Nivy Balachandran Juris Doctor  ★ Jenny Taing Vanguard ★ Lorraine Ngwenya Useful Link (subject to change &  more to be announced … )

Hosted by James Liotta Actor and Entertainer - and also featuring entertainment and inspirational speakers throughout the day - this promises to be the multicultural event of the year!


The ECCV 2016 Statewide Conference

Mercure Convention Centre, Ballarat

11 November 2016

PROGRAM at:  (*subject to change)

Conference Registrations are NOW OPEN!

-          Private and Public Sector:  $150 / person



The plebiscite and the impasse on marriage equality "IndyWatch Feed National"

But now this long campaign for equality has taken what I think is a self-defeating turn by making its main focus stopping the proposed plebiscite. And with Bill Shorten’s apparent decision to oppose a popular vote no matter what, that approach may kill not only the plebiscite, but with it any chance of marriage equality being legislated in this term of parliament.


ECCV Statewide Conference, Ballarat, Friday 11 November 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"



The Conference will lead public discussion on the changing face of multiculturalism in Victoria, with people from different generations speaking on a vision for the future.  

Aim: to explore and shape the future of multicultural Victoria.

Objective: for ECCV and other ethnic and multicultural community leaders, individuals and organisations to participate in a commitment or pledge to make practical and achievable changes in the next three years and beyond.

Featured presenters: The Hon. Minister Robin Scott, Helen Kapalos, Colleen Hartland MP, Prof. Andrew Markus, Carmel Guerra, George Fong, Sonia Vignjevic, Peter van Vliet, Tasmeen Chopra,  Aleem Ali, Jenny Taing, CMY Youth advisory group, to name a few.

Facilitated by: renowned Italo-Australian award winning Actor, Comedian, Performer, TV & Radio Presenter: James Liotta.


WHEN:         Friday, November 11, 9:00am - 5:00pm

WHERE:       Mecure Convention Centre, 613 Main Rd, Ballarat, Victoria 3350.

Don't miss out! Tickets going fast!

  • Private & Public Sector: $150
  • ECCV members, Concession, Community Sector: $120
  • Young Refugees, Other New Arrivals, Students: $75.


WHEN: Thursday, November 10, 7pm

WHERE: Housey Housey @ The Forge, 12 Armstrong St Nth, Ballarat Central

DINNER COST: $80 Public & Private Sector, $65 ECCV members, concession & community sector



Become a Conference Sponsor. Partner with us for great exposure. For sponsorship benefits please contact Toula Elefsiniotis at or call (03) 9349 4122. 

Sponsorship Prospectus available: here

All Conference enquiries to Toula at or (03) 9349 4122




Australia’s Floundering Involvement In Syria "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dee McLachlan What a mess. Hang on, I thought there was a cease fire (i.e., “a temporary suspension of fighting”). Seven days ago The Guardian reported: “Syria ceasefire begins as agencies prepare to deliver aid” and “Trucks set to bring humanitarian supplies to besieged city of Aleppo amid cautious optimism that ceasefire will hold.” […]


ECCV Statewide Conference, Ballarat, Friday 11 November 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"



The Conference will lead public discussion on the changing face of multiculturalism in Victoria, with people from different generations speaking on a vision for the future.  

Aim: to explore and shape the future of multicultural Victoria.

Objective: for ECCV and other ethnic and multicultural community leaders, individuals and organisations to participate in a commitment or pledge to make practical and achievable changes in the next three years and beyond.

Featured presenters: The Hon. Minister Robin Scott, Helen Kapalos, Colleen Hartland MP, Prof. Andrew Markus, Carmel Guerra, George Fong, Sonia Vignjevic, Peter van Vliet, Tasmeen Chopra,  Aleem Ali, Jenny Taing, CMY Youth advisory group, to name a few.

Facilitated by: renowned Italo-Australian award winning Actor, Comedian, Performer, TV & Radio Presenter: James Liotta.


WHEN:         Friday, November 11, 9:00am - 5:00pm

WHERE:       Mecure Convention Centre, 613 Main Rd, Ballarat, Victoria 3350.

Don't miss out! Tickets going fast!

  • Private & Public Sector: $150
  • ECCV members, Concession, Community Sector: $120
  • Young Refugees, Other New Arrivals, Students: $75.


WHEN: Thursday, November 10, 7pm

WHERE: Housey Housey @ The Forge, 12 Armstrong St Nth, Ballarat Central

DINNER COST: $80 Public & Private Sector, $65 ECCV members, concession & community sector



Become a Conference Sponsor. Partner with us for great exposure. For sponsorship benefits please contact Toula Elefsiniotis at or call (03) 9349 4122. 

Sponsorship Prospectus available: here

All Conference enquiries to Toula at or (03) 9349 4122





The drugs squad copper who dealt drugs to his terminally ill son "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Pen received this moving story from  a police officer whose son became ill with cancer and subsequently died. The illness led the father and...

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Building a home of earth "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

It promises to be a bumper season for swallows and martins. Small colonies of Fairy Martins are building (or refurbishing) their wonderful adobe nests throughout the district, collecting mud pellets from roadside puddles. Locally they prefer to attach their nests to artificial structures, such as bridges and culverts, but will happily use eroded gullies as well. Tree Martins on the other hand, favour tree hollows – I expect to see them in good numbers on local wetlands over coming weeks.

Fairy Martin @ Joyce's Creek collecting mud pellets, 17th September 2016

Fairy Martin @ Joyce’s Creek collecting mud pellets, 17th September 2016


This image shows off the chestnut crown and streaked throat makings of the Fairy Martin


A precision aerialist!


My favourite martin …


SolarReserve aims to build 6 solar tower power plants in South Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Following article was published on 13 September 2016 in RenewEconomy and written by Giles Parkinson. The Pen has republished it because it sheds light...

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Syrian toll rises to 90 in US-led air raid "IndyWatch Feed National"

Firefighters extinguish a fire following an airstrike in the rebel-held area of Douma, outskirts of Damascus. Photo EPA/Mohammed Badra

Firefighters extinguish a fire following an airstrike in the rebel-held area of Douma, outskirts of Damascus. Photo EPA/Mohammed Badra

Cairo [DPA]

The death toll among Syrian government troops in air strikes by the US-led coalition the day before has risen to 90, a monitoring group reports.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights added that the raid, which the US said was unintentional, lasted 40 minutes, hitting several Syrian positions near an air base in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour.

The Observatory initially estimated that 83 Syrian soldiers were killed and 120 injured in the Saturday attack that sparked a row between Russia, a key ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and the US.

US Defence Department spokesman Peter Cook said the pilots believed they were striking Islamic State targets, and that Russia had been notified of its plans to operate in the area earlier in the day but that ‘no concerns were voiced.’

Australia said Sunday that its planes were among the coalition aircraft over Deir al-Zour. ‘While Syria remains a dynamic and complex operating environment, Australia would never target a known Syrian military unit,’ the Defence Department in Canberra said.

Damascus said that the attack allowed the Islamic State terrorist militia to advance in the area.

Shortly later, al-Assad’s forces, backed by Russian air power, recaptured the positions they had lost out to militants, the Observatory said.

Growing tensions between the US and Russia over the coalition bombardment of the Syrian military have cast doubts over a ceasefire that came into effect in Syria last week.

The truce was brokered by Washington and Moscow earlier this month as part of an ambitious plan aimed at halting fighting in Syria and relaunching a UN-sponsored peace process.

The truce excludes operations against Islamic State and al-Qaeda-linked militants.

In February, a ceasefire, brokered by the US and Russia, went into effect in Syria, but did not hold for long.

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PM regrets Syrian deaths, injury from raid "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks to the media in Central Park, New York, on Sunday. AAP Image/Jennifer Rajca

Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks to the media in Central Park, New York, on Sunday. AAP Image/Jennifer Rajca

Jennifer Rajca

New York [AAP]

Malcolm Turnbull says Australia regrets the loss of life and injuries to Syrian soldiers as the result of a bombing raid on what were believed to be Islamic State targets.

The prime minister confirmed Australian aircraft were involved in the coalition exercise and pulled out when Russian officials advised the targets may have been Syrian military personnel.

‘We regret the loss of life and injury to any Syrian personnel affected,’ Mr Turnbull told reporters on Sunday in New York, where he is for the annual United Nations General Assembly.

He said Australia’s rules of engagement are to target IS but it is a very complex environment.

‘You’ll find over the next little while no doubt arguments or issues about why there wasn’t more co-ordination or who was meant to be advising who,’ he said.

Mr Turnbull admitted it remains to be seen whether the Syrian ceasefire will be put in jeopardy.

‘While Syria remains a dynamic and complex operating environment, Australia would never intentionally target a known Syrian military unit or actively support [Islamic State],’ Defence earlier said in a statement.

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Female nurses at higher risk of suicide "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nurses and midwives at a Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF) members meeting at the Melbourne Convention Centre in May. AAP Image/David Crosling

Nurses and midwives at a Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF) members meeting at the Melbourne Convention Centre in May. AAP Image/David Crosling

Melbourne [AAP]

The rate of suicide among Australian women is double for those working as health professionals, with nurses and midwives most at risk, a study has found.

A University of Melbourne and Deakin study of close to 10,000 suicides by employed adults between 2001 and 2012 found 3.8 per cent of them were health professionals.

Long working hours, exposure to trauma and the fear of making a mistake may increase rates of suicide in those working in health professions, the study says.

Dr Allison Milner found the age-standardised rate of suicide for female health professionals was 6.4 per 100,000 person-years, while nurses and midwives were even higher at 8.2.

The average suicide rate for women in other professions was 2.8.

While men working in nursing and midwifery also had a higher rate of suicide, the overall rate for male health professionals was similar to other occupations, according to the study.

Men’s risk of suicide was overall higher than women’s, at 14.9 per 100,000.

‘Qualitative research has found that some male nurses experience anxiety about the perceived stigma associated with their non-traditional career choice,’ the authors wrote.

‘These anxieties may constitute a risk factor for suicide for men in these occupations.’

The authors said that women in male-dominated areas of medicine may struggle, feeling there are barriers holding them back from career advancement.

‘Female professionals may still feel pressure to undertake child care and household roles, leading to considerable gender role stress,’ the report said.

Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467.

The post Female nurses at higher risk of suicide appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Nalder to challenge Barnett’s leadership "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dean Nalder speaks at a Perth Freight Link protest in Perth in November 2015. AAP Image/Rebecca Le May

Dean Nalder speaks at a Perth Freight Link protest in Perth in November 2015. AAP Image/Rebecca Le May

Perth [AAP]

Dean Nalder will challenge West Australian premier Colin Barnett for the Liberal party leadership if a spill motion is put forward this week but says he will not instigate it.

‘If the party room does put a spill motion on Tuesday, I will nominate for the position of leader,’ Mr Nalder told reporters on Sunday.

He quit as minister for transport and agriculture this weekend ahead of the March election and said while he had never done the numbers, there were people who privately supported him and were pushing for a leadership change.

The premier has also ruled out launching a spill motion to settle speculation about his leadership, saying he does not play games, but intends to remain in the role.

Mr Nalder said he left a message for the premier about 7.30pm on Saturday regarding his resignation, but never received a call back and had to contact Mr Barnett’s chief of staff.

Mr Barnett, who marks eight years as premier this week, fronted the media with his wife and said he received a message from Mr Nalder at 10.30pm.

He said Tony Simpson, who quit earlier in the day as local government minister and told reporters the state government had lost its way, never mentioned any leadership concerns to him.

‘I am extremely disappointed in both Tony Simpson and Dean Nalder that they did not have the courage or integrity to tell me of their decision face to face or even on the telephone,’ Mr Barnett said.

‘There is something orchestrated about this.’

The premier said he had given Mr Nalder, who had only been a minister for a little more than two years, a great opportunity with important portfolios but he walked away from it.

‘I had shown great faith and confidence in Dean and he let me down,’ he said.

The premier said Mr Nalder had assured him he was not involved in a recent poll organised by businesspeople that was ‘clearly designed to topple’ Mr Barnett, but said he now had some doubts about that.

‘Orchestrated campaign’

Mr Nalder denied he and Mr Simpson quit as part of an orchestrated campaign against Mr Barnett and said he took offence to the premier saying he failed to show integrity.

Mr Nalder said it took him six months to get a one-on-one meeting with Mr Barnett and criticised the premier’s lack of consultation and refusal to support his plan for the Perth Freight Link.

Both he and Mr Simpson have said they learned about policy positions through the premier’s speeches or talkback r...


The System Has Failed Retail And Fast Food Workers, Says Coles Fair Work Winner "IndyWatch Feed National"

Duncan Hart recently won an important court action over underpayment of wages as an employee of supermarket giant Coles. He takes aim at his employer, and the union that failed to protect him.

The unprecedented wage theft at Australia’s largest employers, including Coles, Woolworths, Hungry Jack’s, KFC and McDonalds, and the “trade union” which helped to facilitate them, should be nothing less than a national scandal.

Thanks to a lengthy investigation by a group of dedicated reporters and the work of principled unionist Josh Cullinan, we now know the full extent of this theft.

Every roster examined at these large employers shows a majority of workers being paid less than they are entitled to under the federal workplace award.

The scale of this wage theft means roughly 250,000 workers (at least!) are receiving less than the supposed legal minimum- the award “safety net” upon which enterprise agreements are supposed to rest.

In monetary terms we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars every year finding its way into the pockets of corporate giants, rather than low wage workers.

Yet the problem is not new, and not confined to the latest round of enterprise agreements negotiated by the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association (SDA), the retail and fast food union.

Actually, we’re talking about 20-plus years, and billions of dollars lost to workers, thanks to the collaboration of the SDA and employers, since enterprise bargaining replaced centralised wage fixing in the early 90’s.

The SDA, and the employers, went into negotiations for enterprise agreements with eyes wide open about their purpose – they wanted to undermine penalty rates for weekends and night work in exchange for a higher base rate of pay.

In a 1999 interview with Woolworths’ National Employee Relations Manager, six years after the first agreement was signed between the company and the SDA, he explained that Woolies had estimated an 8 per cent saving on their total wages bill by moving from the award to the union agreement.

This first Agreement instated the all-too-familiar set-up for today’s retail and fast food giants – the total scrapping of penalty rates on Saturdays and between 6pm and midnight Monday through Friday, and a reduction of the Sunday rate.

This has been the model for every subsequent agreement signed between the SDA, and the employers able to strike a deal with it. Only now has there been an accounting of what this cost workers.

The recently revealed wage theft that has been facilitated by the SDA stretches back to the early 1990’s, but looking at retail wages even further reveals just how bad it is.

In 1974, on the back of strikes involving thousands of retail workers, the SDA – just before it was taken over by its current faction – achieved a NSW state award with an hourly rate for shop assistants of $19.57 in today’s dollars.

This hourly rate remains higher than the hourly rate as laid out in the modern award, which since July 2016 sits at $19.44 an hour.

By 1974, all the important features that still hang on in the modern award, such as penalty rates for night work and weekends and four weeks annual leave, were all established. Equal pay was only entirely introduced into the industry in the same year.

That’s the stark reality of the situation for retail and fast food workers today – our award entitlements today have not increased since the achievement of equal pay in 1974, 42 years ago.

And the SDA’s strategy of undermining award conditions for increases to the base rate of pay have left the majority of us earning less than our legal entitlements, even as those entitlements have stagnated.

As a union movement, we have to look reality in the face and learn the lessons of our past. The last 20 and more years have been years of betrayal for retail workers in this country.



Selling Australia’s Security and Refugee agenda. Prime Minister Turnbull as Fantasist "IndyWatch Feed National"

Island mentalities do not travel well.  When their sellers hawk the agenda before world forums, these start looking ludicrous. Coming close to this ludicrous display is Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who has done what other Australian prime ministers have…


Australian Jets Participated in Massacre of Syrian Soldiers in Deir Ezzor "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia’s Defense Department have admitted that its jets have participated in an airstrike against Syrian Army positions near Deir Ezzor that left tens dead. Australia has offered its condolences to the victims of the soldiers families and has announced it…


The Nauru files: 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention "IndyWatch Feed National"

The devastating trauma and abuse inflicted on children held by Australia in offshore detention has been laid bare in the largest cache of leaked documents released from inside its immigration regime. More than 2,000 leaked incident reports from Australia’s detention camp for asylum seekers on the remote Pacific island of Nauru – totalling more than 8,000 pages – are published by the Guardian today. The Nauru files set out as never before the assaults, sexual abuse, self-harm attempts, child abuse and living conditions endured by asylum seekers held by the Australian government, painting a picture of routine dysfunction and cruelty. Children are vastly over-represented in the reports. More than half of the 2,116 reports – a total of 1,086 incidents, or 51.3% – involve children, although children made up only about 18% of those in detention on Nauru during the time covered by the reports, May 2013 to October 2015. The findings come just weeks after the brutal treatment of young people in juvenile detention in the Northern Territory was exposed. Allegations of sexual assault ... are a persistent theme of the files. In one report an asylum seeker described being told she was “on a list” written by local Nauruan guards naming single women they were “waiting for”. In [another] report a “cultural adviser” for Wilson Security, the company that employs guards at the detention camp, allegedly told an asylum seeker who had been sexually assaulted in camp that “rape in Australia is very common and people don’t get punished”.

Note: Watch an excellent segment by Australia's "60-Minutes" team "Spies, Lords and Predators" on a pedophile ring in the UK which leads directly to the highest levels of government. A second suppressed documentary, "Conspiracy of Silence," goes even deeper into this topic in the US. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on corruption in government and sexual abuse scandals.

Hilary Clinton channels George Soros "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

On Friday 9th September 2016, Hilary Clinton called people who would vote for Donald Trump, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.†Now, where have we heard those words together before? Ah, yes, from,'s United States prototype. pretends it is independent and that it survives from small donations from its supporters, but it is actually billionaire George Soros's major propaganda vehicle. He teaches his workers to bring people down politically or shut them up through contrived accusations of racism etc. Hilary Clinton and Soros have had a close relationship for years and is the source of most of the mainstream media's repetitive anti-Trump chorus. leads anti-Trump beat-up

Currently employs organisers to push a line that Trump is a racist etc out to destroy America. And the only way to save America, is to elect Hilary Clinton. Here are direct quotes from Moveon's website:

"MOVEON.ORG HIRING DOZENS OF ORGANIZERS IN 8 BATTLEGROUND STATES TO DEFEAT TRUMP. In an expansion of’s United Against Hate campaign to prevent Donald Trump from winning the White House while demonstrating that hatred, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia are a losing strategy, MoveOn is hiring more than three dozen organizers to lead door-to-door volunteer canvassing operations in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania." by Brian Stewart, August 26, 2016

"We know that the only way to defeat Donald Trump is by electing Hillary Clinton. And we applaud Secretary Clinton’s commitments to overturn Citizens United — proposing a constitutional amendment within her first month in office — and appointing Supreme Court justices who will “protect Americans’ right to vote over the right of billionaires to buy elections.†(Source:

It is ludicrous for to pretend that billionaire Soros's puppet, Clinton, a multi-millionaire herself, is anti-billionaire.

Soros is behind

“Wes Boyd [...] was also creator of the radical website, which he founded during the Clinton impeachment trial to get the nation to "move on" to "more important issues" and since then had made an Internet cash cow for leftwing Democrat candidates. Soros offered Boyd a deal. He and Peter Lewis would match up to $5 million for any new money Boyd raised to expand MoveOn's reach for 2004.†[Source: Perazzo, John; Horowitz, David. From Shadow Party to Shadow Government: George Soros and the Effort to Radically Change America (Kindle Locations 147-150). David Horowitz Freedom Center. Kindle Edition.]

Soros Media Influence, the Australian Press and the ABC

The bulk of the Australian mainstream media is actively...


Turnbull as Fantasist: Selling Australia’s Security and Refugee agenda "IndyWatch Feed National"

Island mentalities do not travel well.  When their sellers hawk the agenda before world forums, these start looking ludicrous. Coming close to this ludicrous display is Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who has done what other Australian prime ministers have in previous years: sell the great discovery, the great hit of life on how best to protect borders in the face of threats.

No greater hits in the Australian record of cruelty and mania come close than the approach of outsourcing refugee obligations and the conjectures of global terrorism.  The former stance assumes that refugees are disposable on arrival, repellent jumpers of a fictional human queue who can be shifted and trafficked to global outposts that have little bearing to the recipient country.

The latter stance sees terrorism as rampant bacilli in need of urgent quarantining, notably through stretching the context of the terror charge, and assuming that anybody who gets a whiff of the seductive Quran may lose his marbles and fitfully radicalise.

At the United Nations, Turnbull has been achieving feats of visible self-inflation, readying himself for meetings and selling an Australian product on national security he knows will have some adherents. In New York, he has matters of security on the brain, avoiding any humanitarian impulse in favour of rough and ready anti-refugee measures.  In a fearful United States, the sell is on.

This all jars with the whole point of the meeting, instigated by the Obama administration on the basis of increasing funding to humanitarian and resettlement programs with various measures touching on education and “self-reliance”.

Indeed, “Welcoming Refugee Week” received much fanfare on Thursday, a few days after Congress was informed that the United States would be increasing the number of refugees being accepted upwards of 30 per cent.  In the 2017 fiscal year, the administration plans to resettle 110,000 refugees gathered from Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, among other troubled states.

None of this interests Turnbull, who has beaten off efforts to adopt a more generous approach to refugees in light of camp scandals and the litany of cruelties characterised by the offshore processing regime.  “Public opinion will not accept a strong and generous humanitarian program, a generous migration program, unless the Government is seen to be in command of its borders.”

This contrivance of policy has been intentional since the 1990s. Fortress Australia has, since the end of the Cold War, assumed that those arriving by boat are exceptionally dangerous, incubating ill-motives and grave intentions.  They should, rather, take a number, and line up.

The point is being ventriloquised via GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has promised, should he win the White House, a stop to the refugee resettlement program from suspect countries, most notably Syria.  Conservative commentators such as Daniel Horowitz, in embracing the Trump line, see any alternative, notably that of a Clinton presidency, to be the road to localised suicide. “Just today,” he squawked, “Germany arrested three Syrian refugees on suspicion that they have ties to the Islamic State.”

The refugee is the greatest of dangers, instrumentalised as a promising threat.  “We are facing,” claimed Turnbull in New York, “an extraordinary challenge of refugee movements, of authorised movements and migrations of people around the world, greater than at any time since the Second World War.”

This means brutality and compassion, the disciplinary paternal figure accompanied by a generous mat...


Using Our Powerful Authentic Voice, Even When It’s Hard To Speak "IndyWatch Feed National"

September 19th, 2016 By Diana Rose Kottle Guest writer for Wake Up World Being an authentic voice of change can be what breaks through the collective illusions — especially when itâŹ"s hard to even speak above the deafening roar of unconsciousness, judgments, and social programming. Such authenticity has the power to dissolve the veils of separation, awaken ...Continue Reading - Using Our Powerful Authentic Voice, Even When ItâŹ"s Hard To Speak


Toxic Cookware Chemicals Have Polluted Drinking Water for Millions "IndyWatch Feed National"

800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...


From Caffeine to Gasoline: Monarchy, Oligarchy, and the Rise of the Oil Monopoly "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 19th, 2016 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World In the late 1700’s, people in servitude to their respective oligarchies began to question exploitative conditions and revolt against harsh treatment. Around the world there were revolutions with new ideas being discussed. There were revolutions in Scotland, the Caribbean, the Americas, Russia and France. ...Continue Reading - From Caffeine to Gasoline: Monarchy, Oligarchy, and the Rise of the Oil Monopoly


Do You Have a Burning Yearning for Change? "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 19th, 2016 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World You might be one of those with a strong sense to want to change your reality, and indeed the wider world. Yet we’re so often told of the need for “acceptance and surrender”. The two truths, the two impulses, seem to conflict. And how ...Continue Reading - Do You Have a Burning Yearning for Change?

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Sunday, 18 September


Report: Anwar’s lawyers to push for house arrest if acquittal bid fails "IndyWatch Feed National"

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s legal team will settle for house arrest if efforts to get the jailed former opposition leader’s sodomy conviction reversed fails, the Weekend Australian reported. US lawyer Kimberly Motley was quoted saying that Anwar’s lawyers would again highlight the lack of DNA evidence and inconsistency of Saiful Anwar Bukhari’s testimony in the […]


On Australia's role in the massacre of Syrian soldiers - Questions to Ms Bishop, Australian Foreign Minister "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Syrian Arab Army is the army of the Syrian state. On 17 September 2016 eighty SAA soldiers were killed in an airstrike by American and Australian forces which did not even have permission to be in Syria. Australia is not at war with Syria. Here is a personal letter, followed by a statement from Hands off Syria, Sydney. Marlene Obeid declares her shock at hearing of Australia's participation in the deaths of Syrian soldiers. She asks for an explanation of the Australian government's condolences, given that Australia is part of a Coalition illegally invading Syria. Tim Anderson, speaking for Hands Off Syria Sydney, asks, "Will the Australian Government hand over to the Syrian authorities or the International Court of Justice those Australians who were accomplices in this atrocity?"

Letter from Marlene Obeid on Australian involvement in the massacre of Syrian soldiers

Dear Ms Bishop

I am appalled and shocked to hear that Australia participated in the massacre of at least 80 Syrian soldiers, and in the maiming and wounding of many more in Deir Zour, Syria.

Eighty young man who have been defending their country from a proxy war carried out by terrorists from all over the world have been murdered by Australian invading forces.

Eighty families who will be morning their beloved sons, brothers, fathers and above all patriots who were carrying their duty in defense of their homeland and their compatriots.

Please explain the meaning of condolences when Australia is part of a Coalition illegally invading the sovereign Syrian nation.

How is the following Australian Defence Department's statement going to mend the hurt, the pain, the suffering, the devastation caused by Australia's aggression to the sovereign nation of Syria?

[“Australian aircraft were among a number of international aircraft taking part in this Coalition operation … Australia would never intentionally target a known Syrian military unit or actively support Daesh (IS). Defence offers its condolences to the families of any Syrian personnel killed or wounded in this incident … While Syria remains a dynamic and complex operating environment, Australia would never intentionally target a known Syrian military unit or actively support Daesh (also known as ISIL).â€]

A great shame to Australia now using our tax money to join forces with the US in defence of Daesh and every other brand of terrorist targeting the Syrian people.

The pilots who carried out this massacre and those directing the operations of aggression against Syria must be indicted. Reparations must be paid to the Syrian State.

Australia should immediately withdraw from the US-led Coalition and pay compensation to the Syrian State.

With great pain

Marlene Obeid

Glebe NSW 2037, Australia.

The following is a statement by Hands Off Syria Sydney

Sunday 18 September 2016

Shame on Australian involvement in the massacre of Syrian soldiers.

Hands Off Syria strongly condemns the massacre of 62 Syrian soldiers by Australian Defence Forces.

Australia’s military has admitted involvement in the US-led bombing raids in Deir eZorr, Syria, which killed at least 62 Syrian soldiers and wounded 100 others.

The Syian soldiers were engaged in defending their country from the ISIS terrorist group.

Whether the massacre was ‘accidental’ or deliberate should be determine...


Australian Startup Get Paid in Bitcoin Receives Award Nomination "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is always good to see Bitcoin companies gaining the recognition they deserve. Get Paid in Bitcoin is an Australian company focusing its attention on salary services. The company has been nominated for an Innovative Startup Award, and voting is currently underway. Although this is not the most prestigious of events, it is still a … Continue reading Australian Startup Get Paid in Bitcoin Receives Award Nomination

The post Australian Startup Get Paid in Bitcoin Receives Award Nomination appeared first on NEWSBTC.


Hey Australia, Wake Up! "IndyWatch Feed National"

WHAT THEY FEAR MOST The thing these actors fear the most is being identified as the character they have created.  Their ability to play the role of the villain is hinged upon their capacity to change into their real person after the task is complete and therefore blend back into society and never have to be held accountable for the damage they have done to the psychology of their nation.


Targetted Individuals and Microwave "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Mary W Maxwell Yesterday Dee McLachlan wrote about the “Fakebook” thing, in which censors named some of the “hot” websites. They must be not too bright to go around calling our intention to these. I would probably never have discovered, without this assistance, (Wouldn’t it be funny if it were “Government slaves” […]


Russia: US-led coalition defending ISIS endangering US-Russian ceasefire "IndyWatch Feed National"

US-led coalition air strikes have reportedly killed dozens of Syrian soldiers, endangering a US-Russian brokered ceasefire and prompting an emergency UN Security Council meeting as tensions between Moscow and Washington escalated. The United States military said the coalition stopped the attacks against what it had believed to be Islamic State positions in northeast Syria after Russia informed it that Syrian military personnel and vehicles may have been hit. The 15-member Security Council met on Saturday night after Russia demanded an emergency session to discuss the incident and accused the United States of jeopardising the Syria deal. The US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, chastised Russia for the move. "Russia really needs to stop the cheap point scoring and the grandstanding," Power told reporters. She said the United States was investigating the air strikes and "if we determine that we did indeed strike Syrian military personnel, that was not our intention and we of course regret the loss of life." When asked if the incident spelled the end of the Syria deal between Moscow and Washington, Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said: "This is a very big question mark." "I would be very interested to see how Washington is going to react. If what Ambassador Power has done today is any indication of their possible reaction then we are in serious trouble," Churkin told reporters. Moscow cited the strikes, which allowed Islamic State fighters to briefly overrun a Syrian army position near Deir al-Zor airport, as evidence that the United States was helping the jihadist militants. "We are reaching a really terrifying conclusion for the whole world: That the White House is defending Islamic State," the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying. Zakharova said the strikes threatened to undermine the ceasefire in Syria brokered by Russia. The Russian Defence Ministry said US jets had killed more than 60 Syrian soldiers in four air strikes by two F-16s and two A-10s coming from the direction of Iraq. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group, cited a military source at Deir al-Zor airport as saying at least 90 Syrian soldiers had been killed. Australia also participated in the strikes and the Australian Department of Defence offered its condolences to the families of Syrian soldiers killed or wounded in the incident. The ceasefire, which took effect on Monday, is the most significant peacemaking effort in Syria for months, but has been undermined by repeated accusations of violations on both sides. Apart from the US and Russian involvement, Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is supported by Iran and Arab Shi'ite militias, while Sunni rebels seeking to unseat him are backed by Turkey and Gulf Arab states. All the warring parties are also sworn enemies of Islamic State, whose territory extends along the Euphrates valley from the Iraqi border, including around Deir al-Zor, up to land near Syria's frontier with Turkey. In its sixth year, the conflict has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, displaced half of Syria's pre-war population, prompted a refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe and inspired a wave of jihadist attacks across the world.   Source:


Australia also involved in murdering Syrian soldiers & illegally flying over Syria "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian jets involved in US-led air strike which killed dozens of Syrian soldiers, Defence confirms Australian aircraft were involved in a US-led coalition operation which killed dozens of Syrian soldiers who were apparently mistaken for Islamic State fighters, the Defence Department has confirmed. Between 62 and 83 Syrian soldiers who had been fighting IS militants […]


How to ‘Kill’ a Birth Certificate, by Jaro "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted on Maine Republic Email Alert:
Back in the de jure Republic, all you needed to prove Citizenship (of a state of the Union) was a BIRTH RECORD, which could be recorded in a family bible or come from a hospital. But as the default citizenship became FEDERAL (not State) citizenship, i.e. the 14th…


US-led Forces Kill 80 Syrian Soldiers in ‘Unintentional’ Strike, Triggering Standoff With Russia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Syria says the attack is proof the US is actually supporting the Islamic State while Moscow says it is evidence of Washington’s “stubborn refusal” to coordinate its actions with Russia’s government.

Children play with a bicycle near the rubble of damaged buildings in the rebel-held Bab al-Hadid neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria, September 14, 2016. Credit: REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail

Children play with a bicycle near the rubble of damaged buildings in the rebel-held Bab al-Hadid neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria, September 14, 2016. Credit: REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail

Beirut: U.S.-led coalition jets bombed a Syrian army position at Jebel Tharda near Deir al-Zor airport on Saturday, killing at least 80 Syrian soldiers according to credible sources, paving the way for Islamic State to briefly overrun the area.

The U.S. military, in an apparent admission that it may have hit the position, said in a statement that coalition air strikes near Deir al-Zor had been halted when Russia told coalition officials they may have hit the Syrian army.

At the time of publication, a report on the Australian network ABC said the airplanes involved may have been from Australia.

Syria‘s army general command said in a statement that the air strike was “conclusive evidence” of U.S. support for Islamic State, noting that the strike was “dangerous and blatant aggression”.

Islamic State said in a statement on its Amaq news channel that it had gained “complete control” over Jebel Tharda but both Syrian state television and Russian state media said the positions lost to the militant group were later recaptured.

The defence ministry in Russia, which has been aiding Syria‘s President Bashar al-Assad in the civil war, said U.S. jets had killed more than 60 Syrian soldiers in four air strikes by two F-16s and two A-10s coming from the direction of Iraq.

Syria is a complex situation with various military forces and militias in close proximity, but coalition forces would not intentionally strike a known Syrian military unit,” U.S. officials said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group with contacts across the country, cited a military source at Deir al-Zor airport as saying that at least 80 Syrian soldiers had been killed in the strike.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said that if the coalition bombing was a mistake, it was evidence of Washington’s “stubborn refusal” to coordinate its actions with Russia’s government.

The U.S.-led coalition has been conducting air strikes against Islamic State since September 2014 and is also supporting rebels against Assad elsewhere in Syria.

The Observato...


Some excitement at the Fanny Farm….. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

It’s raining. Quite a bit actually, for this neck of the woods, 8mm so far today, and it’s only mid afternoon. What else is a blogger to do in this sort of weather but…. blog!  The green manure crop is doing well, and should be plainly visible by the time Glenda arrives here next weekend…..

On Friday, I drove my French wwoofer to Buckland, a whole 130km away. I did this because she agreed to pay me her bus fare towards my petrol costs, and I wanted to see the permaculture property she was moving to. It also meant she’d only have to spend an hour and a half in my ute as opposed to four hours in buses… Then on the way back, I could conveniently pick up two IBC’s (which stands for the enigmatic intermediate bulk container) and are basically 1000L plastic cubes inside a metal cage for holding, in my case, water. Then while driving back through Hobart, I was able to pick up a second dipole circuit breaker for the power station, and a new pump for filling above mentioned IBC’s from the dam….

Paul, who owns and runs the Tiger Hill property I took Laureen to, took the time to show me around…. What I found fascinating was the way some permies take on challenges, just because they can! Paul, it turns out, comes from a heavy machinery driving background, working in mines. Not the sort of bloke one would expect to turn into a permaculture greenie, but there you go…..


Over the past five years, Paul has concentrated on earthworks, which this place really needs, as it’s normally dry as a bone, with only 300mm of annual rainfall. Not that this was evident on my visit, Tiger Hill had just been blessed with 65mm of rain just the day before, and there was water everywhere, which clearly demonstrated the efficacy of his swales….

His biggest issue, as far as I was concerned, is the prolific wildlife. The grass looked like it had been mown to within an inch of its life, and there were wallaby scats everywhere….. and I mean, everywhere! This means his extensive garden – he sometimes has as many as 12 wwoofers working there – has to be entirely covered with poly pipe hoops and netting… and because he still has no animals of his own yet because he apparently flies in and out of Tasmania frequently, most of his efforts go to feeding the wildlife, except for the netted bits. He compensates for the lack of animal manures by having more composting toilets 20160917_153649than I cared to count, he is indeed big in humanure!

The reason I bought another dipole circuit breaker for the power station is that I have moved the freezer into the container. Everything is now switched on and operational, but the freezer alone is not enough to load up the batteries, so I have put a breaker on each string of panels so I can switch one off when there’s an overabundance of sun…. this not being the case today, both strings generated barely enough to cover the 1.3kWh that the freezer consumed in the past 24 hours.

Mind you, the freezer probably worked extra hard after being moved, and later filled with (almost) a whole lamb purchased from next door.

Soon, I will also have my new pump hooked up to fill one of those ICB’s so that I can water the crops that will be planted in the new poly tunnel. Which leads me to the excitement…….

I recently found a two inch poly pipe going under the road, from the apple orchard to the base of the dam wall. The dam has a 100mm sewer plastic pipe g...


TRASH: We’re taking over this Country ‘Ottoman Germania’ Subculture threatens Germany in music video "IndyWatch Feed National"

An extremely violent Muslim Gang within the German Sub-Culture ‘Ottoman Germania’ has released a video with a clear message:

We’re Taking Over This Country

.… Read More


Bitcoin news roundup, 17th September, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments:

New developments:

Ripple, the blockchain payments company, has raised $55 million

Back in the August we reported that huge tech giants such as Apple and Google valued Ripple’s technology over Visa, and now the company has managed to raise $55 million in its second major injection of cash coming in from existing investors such as Santander Innoventures and CME Group, as well as new investors such as consultancy Accenture, SCB Digital Ventures and Standard Chartered. Ripple is seen as an extremely exciting startup revolving around blockchain technology, as it is to allow banks to use such technology for international transfers, which will benefit the transactions in terms of speed and security.

iOS 10 brings in integrated social payments via Circle

The social payment system already exists in China, where companies such as Alipay (run by Alibaba) and Tencent allow users to pay for stuff with their phones. Now, iOS 10 has brought it to the west by integrating Circle into the the iMessage app, allowing users to send different kind of currencies such as euros, pounds, dollars and bitcoins to anyone within the app itself. Users will be able to create an account, link it do a debit card and send payments though SMS or MMS, as users will also have a widget to allow them to withdraw payments to a bank account. Even Android users will be able to receive the money, as they’ll receive a link, if they do not have Circle for Android.

The app continues to add new currencies, the newest one being the Chinese yuan. If the app does not support a specific type of currency, users will receive it in bitcoin that they’ll later on have to exchange.

Founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG claims European banks will offer bitcoin accounts soon

Niklas Nikolajsen, founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG – a recognized member of Swiss regulatory organizations with authorization to establish a network of bitcoin ATM’s in the country – now claims that European banks will soon start to offer bitcoin accounts. Niklas Nikolajsen claims this may happen even before the end of 2016, and that it won’t be exotic banks doing so. The step still seems unrealistic to some, as security and anonymity issues may arise.

World affairs:

BTCXchange, the first Romanian bitcoin exchange shuts down

Bad news for the community and for Romania, as BTCXchange, the first exchange to appear in the country is apparently shutting down as the owner, Horea Vuscan, has attempted to sell the business in light of the recent Bitfinex hack that made him worried about the security of bitcoin exchanges as a whole. Users were asked to withdraw their funds on the4th of September as the owners said they would accept purchase offers until the 16th of September. As of right, it is unclear whether or not the exchange, which owners claim is very profitable, was sold

Australia to lead international blockchain standards effort

The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) has been around since the 1940s and is composed of representatives from the standard-setting organizations of over 160 countries. Recently, the ISO has appointed an Australian group to spearhead technical committee developing standards for blockchain technology. In addition to Australia, oth.........


Don Dale Kids—Victims of the NT Intervention "IndyWatch Feed National"

Skyrocketing rates of Aboriginal imprisonment, child removal and social catastrophe have been produced by resurgent assimilationist policies argues Paddy Gibson. The graphic video footage of Aboriginal children and youth being tortured in the Don Dale juvenile detention centre aired on ABC’s Four Corners has sparked international outrage. The footage showed children as young as 11-years-old […]


Masterminds Of 9/11 With Don Fox "IndyWatch Feed National"
Larry Silverstein is all smiles after signing a deal in which the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey hands over the World Trade Center Twin Towers and buildings 4 and 5 to Silverstein Properties for 99 years for $3.21 billion.… Read More


Money and mining men behind the shadowy Australian Christian Lobby "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Pen is reprinting this article by Josh Taylor and published by Crikey, because it is likely to be of considerable interest to many readers...

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Building new capacity at Fishermans Bend "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria The Holden manufacturing plant at Fishermans Bend in Melbourne has been bought by the Victorian Government, which plans to turn it into...

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Taking on Centrelink "IndyWatch Feed National"

Editorial comment At The Pen it’s been quite a time dealing with the stir caused by the article on Centrelink’s treatment of applicants for Disability...

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‘Unbelievable’ that US strike on Syrian army was mistake – former MI5 agent "IndyWatch Feed National"

We are asked by the United States to believe that the murder by the US Airforce of 80 soldiers in the Syrian Arab Army (the army of the elected Syrian government) was simply a 'mistake'. It seems more likely that the US is trying every trick in the book to stuff up all attempts at peace in the region. Is their ultimate aim is to wipe the Middle East clean of any organised peoples, stuff up Russia (using NATO/EU which they are desperately trying to prop up) and take over the petroleum assets? Whilst the US is an uninvited and illegal presence in Syria (whereas Russia is invited) it is also, with cooperation from the Saudis, keeping the price of oil down (by flooding the market with short-term fracking products) to assist promotion of instability in the oil-dependent states in the Middle East and South America/Central America, which the US hopes also to take over. The only hope here is for a Trump win because Hillary will only keep all this going, whereas he has made noises about keeping the US nose out of other peoples' business. As to whether all the American troops and commanders and allies in the Middle East and Syria are in on this, it is possible that they are not, as the following article from RT suggests, which makes the whole thing even more shocking. The following videoed interview and article were published as breaking news on RT news on 17 September at

Annie Machon is a former intel­li­gence officer for MI5, the UK Secur­ity Ser­vice, who resigned in the late 1990s to blow the whistle on the spies’ incom­pet­ence and crimes with her ex-partner, David Shayler. Draw­ing on her var­ied exper­i­ences, she is now a pub­lic speaker, writer, media pun­dit, inter­na­tional tour and event organ­iser, polit­ical cam­paigner, and PR con­sult­ant. She is also now the Dir­ector of LEAP, Europe. She has a rare per­spect­ive both on the inner work­ings of gov­ern­ments, intel­li­gence agen­cies and the media, as well as the wider implic­a­tions for the need for increased open­ness and account­ab­il­ity in both pub­lic and private sectors.

‘Unbelievable’ that US strike on Syrian army was mistake – fmr MI5 agent

The US must cooperate with Russia on intelligence matters in Syria, former MI5 agent Annie Machon told RT, expressing doubt over Washington’s explanation for the “unintentional†raid which killed over 60 Syrian soldiers on ISIS’ frontline.

“Russia has better human intelligence on the ground because it is cooperating, it is working with the Syrian authorities. So they have access to proper human intelligence, which is much better than the Americans tend to use, which is satellite surveillance and electronic surveillance,†Machon said.


Australia Becomes First Nation To Microchip Population En Masse "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is leading the world in implementing microchip technology as thousands of citizens turn themselves into “super-humans” by implanting RFID chips under their skin.  According to a new report, Australians are willing to embrace microchips so that they can unlock doors, turn on lights and log into computer with a wave of their hand. reports: Shanti Korporaal, from Sydney, is at the centre of the phenomenon after having two implants inserted under her skin. Now she can get into work and her car without carrying a card or keys, and says her ultimate goal is to completely do away with her wallet and cards. “You could set up your life so you never have to worry about any password or PINs” she told “It’s the same technology as Paypass, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to pay for things with it. “With Opal you get a unique identification number that could be programmed into the chip. Any door with a swipe card … it could open your computer, photocopier. Loyalty cards for shops are just another thing for your wallet.” The microchips, which are the size of a grain of rice, can act like a business card and transfer [...]

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The grass is singing "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

On the corner of the lake road at Joyce’s Creek there is a small patch of Common Reed Phragmites australis. It is only when the lake is full that the plants become inundated and early last week that looked pretty unlikely. Things can change quickly as locals have witnessed in recent days.

Arriving for a visit on Friday afternoon I was greeted by a cacophony of sound – mainly from the dozen or so Australian Reed-warblers calling from deep in the reeds. This species is damn hard to photograph and I’ll return soon to see if one might perch nicely for me!

It’s extraordinary how such a small patch of habitat can come to life when conditions are right.


Australian Reed-warbler, Joyce’s Creek, 16th September 2016


Female Superb Fairy-wren


Male Superb Fairy-wren




New Holland Honeyeater


Animal Parts Use Image. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Don't forget the brains can be used to brain tan animal skins. Bones can be used to make tools, spear & arrow points. Horns for containers; powder horns, tinder horns, grease horns, cups & other vessels. Tendons for bow strings & cordage. The hide for making many leather items & for making hide glue. 




Told from the perspective of the observant and sometimes cynical skeleton in the closet, this novel of manners takes the reader into the emotional depths of the lives of a family of funeral directors in a wealthy Melbourne suburb. The patriarch is a charming and amusing philanderer, his wife is a virtuous philanthropist, his mistress is treated as a member of the family. But the sins of the past are about to surface, with catastrophic results. Dark and hilarious, dramatic and moving, Family Skeleton has been compared to the novels of Fay Weldon, Penelope Fitzgerald, Muriel Spark and Anne Tyler.  

Carmel Bird has always been in love with the music of language, the rhythms of speech, the possibilities of fiction. She has written thirty books, including nine other novels and six collections of short fiction.

‘An intensely un-put-down-able novel with a rare pitch perfect ending. What a rich, delicious, suspenseful, witty, sinister, joyous confabulation, wow!’
‘Carmel Bird is a literary artist to her fingertips. She writes prose that has the precision of poetry, and that uncanny quality poetry has of making the inner life speak.’


Australia To Lead International Blockchain Standards Initiative "IndyWatch Feed National"

Creating international blockchain standards will not be an easy feat. Australia is poised to lead the international discussions, as they will act as secretariat of a technical committee. The country has proposed this committee to the International Organization for Standardizations, which approved the idea. But what does all of this even mean for blockchain and … Continue reading Australia To Lead International Blockchain Standards Initiative

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Ethnic Cleansing In Palestine "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Alejandra Ríos for The Bullet - Ilan Pappé (IP): The context is the phenomenon of settler colonialism: the movement of Europeans, because they felt unsafe or endangered, into non-European areas in the Americas, Africa, Australia and Palestine. These people were not only seeking a new home, but also a new homeland. Namely, they had no wish or plan to come back to Europe.


Moscow and Manila: Natural allies in the Pacific "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tired of being pushed around by the Americans, the Philippines is opening out to Russia in a major way. After a century of living under American dominance - during which the Philippines has remained one of the poorest countries in East Asia - President Rodrigo Duterte has decided to go East. On September 13, making a policy U-turn, he ordered his defense secretary to seek military gear from Russia and China. The strategy switch wasn't entirely unexpected. Earlier this month, Duterte had attacked Barack Obama for questioning extrajudicial killings in Manila's war against drugs, and called the U.S. President a "son of a b***h". He has previously called the Pope a "son of a whore" and the U.S. ambassador a "gay son of a whore." Duterte's resolve to pursue an independent foreign policy may be bolstered by the re-rise of Russian military power and the explosive growth of the Chinese military. In 2014 during the G20 summit in Australia, many Filipinos were impressed by the Russian show of force near their waters. A battle group of four Russian Navy ships, including the heavily armed destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov and the guided missile cruiser Varyag, had accompanied Vladimir Putin's visit.


An Introduction to Permaculture (and Its Symbiotic Relationship with Agorism) "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 18th, 2016 By Tim Bryant Guest writer for Wake Up World One of the focuses of both The Last American Vagabond and Wake Up World has been to not only properly diagnose all the problems facing humanity at this current juncture, which undoubtedly is important, but also to evolve past that by discussing solutions to these ...Continue Reading - An Introduction to Permaculture (and Its Symbiotic Relationship with Agorism)


Secret Mysteries of the Sun Revealed "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Conscious Eating for Star Souls "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 18th, 2016 By Trinity Bourne Contributing writer for Wake Up World I must admit that, like many of us, I long to shake off the limitations and restrictions of having a physical body. I yearn to fly free in the higher densities, dancing and twirling as an expression of the boundless soul that I am. When ...Continue Reading - Conscious Eating for Star Souls

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Australia’s Capilano Honey admit selling toxic and poisonous honey to consumers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Capilano Honey are putting the lives of Australians at risk by knowingly selling honey that is full of antibiotics, toxins, irradiated pollen from China and alkaloids. Capilano are also deliberately concealing from consumers the fact that a large percentage of their honey is imported from China, Mexico, Argentina (where they have a factory), Hungary and Brazil. […]


Malaysian student makes possible breakthrough in war on superbugs "IndyWatch Feed National"

A 25-year-old Malaysian studying at Melbourne University has made a game-changing discovery in medicine on a possible alternative to antibiotics. Reports said that Shu Lam, who’s a PhD candidate at the Australian varsity, has developed a chain of star-shaped polymer molecules that can kill superbugs, which are bacteria resistant to antibiotics, after three-and-a-half years of […]


Passengers hit with dual aerosol bug bombs while trapped inside airline cabin; ‘It’s like Nazi Germany’ "IndyWatch Feed National"

PERTH, Australia (INTELLIHUB) — A woman traveling through Australia on a connecting flight was horrified to find out that the airline she was aboard forcefully sprays all boarded passengers and staff with a toxic pesticide, an aerosol named d-Phenothrin. The new protocols come in wake of the newly emerging and likely staged Zika virus threat, which the Obama Admin has requested nearly $2 million in funding to fight.

Astonishingly, the woman, Petra Haluska, filmed the entire process from inside the cabin as humans were literally being bombed with the colorless spray like bugs.

During the process Haluska thought it would be good to speak out as an “activist” about the spray; her mother died of lung cancer and she was genuinely concerned for her health and the health of others. After all, being sprayed with a pesticide in a closed aircraft cabin can’t be healthy in any respect. But when Haluska attempted her activism she quickly realized that not one of the other passengers of the plane cared. In fact, one even called her “crazy,” Haluska explained in a Facebook video.

“They all stayed very quiet — like sheep,” Haluska said.

INSECTICIDE-236T-3-summer“We are just sitting around […] being poisoned.”

“I guess if I want to fly […] anywhere then I guess I got to be okay to be sprayed.”

“[…] This is the state of our world.”

Haluska was later escorted off the aircraft by “six police officers.”

According to the National Pesticide Spraying Center:

“d-Phenothrin is used in a variety of products to control a wide range of insects. d-Phenothrin can be formulated in insecticide products as aerosols, liquid sprays, and dusts. d-Phenothrin can also be used in products applied by aircraft or truck-mounted sprayers for mosquito control.”


d-Phenothrin can kill insects by direct contact or if they eat it. It disrupts their normal nervous system function. It is less toxic to mammals due to their higher body temperature, larger body size, and lower sensitivity to the chemical.

This dovetails with Zika virus fears and heavy spraying in the Florida Keys which I have previously documented in an article titled “...


Obama Threw Away All Progress In Afghanistan and Iraq "IndyWatch Feed National"

[The following article by an Australian military expert (who also advised Petraeus in Iraq) discusses the nearly terminal damage done to Afghan military/police progress by Obama’s 2-yr. “withdrawal” ploy.  Obama used the Taliban violence, which was certain to plague Afghanistan, as a lever to pry the Afghan govt. off of its firm position of refusing to allow the Pentagon to run roughshod over Afghanistan and the region…FOREVER.  What Obama (and Hillary) did in both Afghanistan and in Iraq amounted to political terrorism–

Terrorism is, in its broadest sense, the use or threatened use of violence (terror) in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim. It is classified as fourth-generation warfare and as a violent crime.”

Barack Obama, the lawyer, runs a foreign policy based on lies, threats, bribery and pure guile.  Both the Karzai govt. in Afghanistan and the Maliki govt in Iraq refused to sign the open-ended “security pacts” that Obama was openly struggling to force upon them.  Obama then used the inevitable violence and the threat of violence from their native insurgencies to coerce the successor govts of those two occupied countries.  He took actions intended to open the tap of violence.  The result should be obvious today to anyone paying attention. 

The following article describes, in detail, some of the unnecessary, unavoidable tragedies which have befallen Afghanistan as a direct result of Barack Obama’s decision to use political terrorism as a tool of “diplomacy” against the National Unity Govt (NUG) of Ashraf Ghani and that of its predecessor, Hamid Karzai.  All of this wasting of progress and lives, just to create the impression that the govt was free to sign the open-ended, “bilateral security agreement” with the United States, if it served Afghan interests, even though the agreement clearly did not. 

Now that the US has its piece of paper, Afghanistan will receive what it needs most…AIR SUPPORT…IF it serves American interests.  The only thing that will get help for Afghanistan now, is public outrage, of sufficient volume as to force Obama’s hand in this election year, demanding that he risk American property and lives, to help the embattled Afghan forces, as needed, as agreed to.]

Hard and soft approach to fight Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan

the Australian

Two weeks ago the Taliban ve...


Ripple Secures $55M in Funding From Legacy Institutions "IndyWatch Feed National"

San Francisco-based Ripple announced it has received $55 million in a Series B funding round. The capital injection makes the startup one of the largest funded blockchain-based projects in the industry.

Also read: New Santander App Combines Ripple & ApplePay

$55 Million Gives Ripple Labs ‘Tons of Runway’

Ripple LabsThe permissioned blockchain has continued to make progress since its current incarnation launched in 2012. With this latest funding round the company is now working with a total of $93 million. According to CEO Chris Larsen’s statements to the Wall Street Journal, the company may “never have to raise money again.”

Many legacy financial institutions took part in the series B round including Accenture, Banco Santander, SBI Holdings, Standard Chartered PLC, Thailand’s Siam Commercial Bank, and more. Larsen explains the latest investment gives the firm “tons of runway” to progress their efforts.

Ripple’s newly acquired funds make it one of the largest blockchain-based projects, trailing slightly behind Coinbase, 21 Inc., and Circle Financial. In addition to the capital injection, the startup has also partnered with many new institutions, signing long-term contracts. Some of the contracts are multi-year agreements with groups such as Shanghai Huarui Bank, National Australia Bank, Westpac, and others.

System Aimed at Banks, Corporations

Ripple works on slightly different principles to other blockchain and distributed ledger systems. Intended as an instant settlement system on which any digital asset may be exchanged, it has always been more compelling to the corporate world than everyday consumers.

Nodes on the Ripple network run a consensus algorithm to confirm value transfers, rather than mining. 100% of the network’s native currency, XRP, already exists. Although XRP may rise and fall in value, it is intended as a “bridge” between other assets, rather than as money to spend.

Ripple CEO Chris Larsen explains to the WSJ finan...




She is a CGI generated image, and the CGI glitched repeatedly. In the video these frames were pulled from, Hillary, (AND ONLY HILLARY) glitches repeatedly while the rest of the screen stays clear.

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Versatile Blogger Award, thanks Cosmic Explorer! "IndyWatch Feed National"


My dear blogging friend Cosmic Explorer has been so kind to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you so much for this generous gesture!

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Is “Fakebook” Coming To 1.7 Billion Viewers? "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Dee McLachlan This page on Facebook gives a very long list of “satire, parody, fake news & conspiracy theory sites.” These include:,,,,,,,, and at least a hundred others. What Really Happened is not mentioned — and, damn, Gumshoe has not yet been singled out as fake. Interestingly, in a […]


Product Review: Forager Fruits "IndyWatch Feed National"


Forager Fruits are an exciting new range of freeze dried fruits from Tasmania. There are six different flavours to choose from so you are sure to find one you like. The packets are gluten free with no additives or added sugar.


I was fortunate enough to try all of the different flavours and my favourite by far was the plain apple followed closely by the banana. You can also buy the apple wedges infused with blackcurrant which gives them a slight purple colour and zingy flavour or infused with raspberry which have a slightly pink colour and berry flavour. The apples and bananas are easy to eat on their own or you could pack them in your lunch box for a healthy snack.


The freeze dried strawberries and crunchy dried blueberries are better to eat pre-soaked in some apple or orange juice. This will allow them rehydrate and add some complementary flavour. I enjoyed these with coconut yogurt and muesli or finely diced over chocolate ice cream. The freeze dried strawberries would be delicious dipped in chocolate to decorate a cake.


Any of the fruits could be added to homemade muffins or thrown in to smoothies to add a tasty but healthy ingredient.

The fruit used is bought directly from the farmers who grew them. They are snap frozen to preserve the maximum number of nutrients and stop the fruit from shrinking. This way of preserving the fruit allows them to have a shelf life of two years.

You can order Forager Fruits directly from their website, or ask your local supermarket to stock them.

The post...


Australian government very wrong to gut ARENA – climate change has health consequences "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Fossil fuels are also the main drivers of climate change, which is already causing multiple health consequences, including deaths from heat stroke, dehydration, bushfires, floods, typhoons, storm surges, vector borne diseases, cardio-pulmonary diseases and allergies. All of these problems will worsen if we fail to curb global warming. 


Comment: Gutting ARENA is just sick – renewable energy saves lives and health costsThe Australian Renewable Energy Agency will be gutted by a funding cut of $500 million. But it’s at odds with the government’s claims to be innovative and support jobs and growth. By David Shearman, SBS World News, 16 Sept 16 

 “……..The news that the Australian Renewable Energy Agency will be gutted by a funding cut of $500 million, after the Coalition and Labor made a compromise deal on the government’s omnibus budget repair package, shows neither party is listening to the concerns of health professionals about the costs of Australia’s coal habit.

The Coalition, as expected, at best doesn’t understand the gravity of the need to transition to renewable energy, or at worst is being destructive, in line with the view of the new head of the Coalition’s environment and energy committee who has attacked subsidies for solar energy.

Labor’s position is also disappointing. It too either doesn’t understand the urgency of a transition or is giving in to political expediency given that renewables are the main plank of its policy.

ARENA is one of the most important mechanisms to aid Australia’s transition from fossil fuels and should be protected.

The mining, transport, and combustion of coal are contributors to air pollution which causes 3000 deaths a year in Australia from cardio respiratory diseases. This death toll is greater than that from road accidents.

Thousands suffer from illness due to the pollution afflicting our cities, ranging from asthma in children to obstructive airways disease in adults.

As doctors, it distresses us to see such suffering in our patients, even more so because the causes are preventable. It distresses us to see the re-emergence of Black Lung disease in young men in their quest to serve an industry that has to be replaced.

Findings indicate at best that coal-fired power generation has no economic value to the community. At worst the industry is a huge economic burden.

William Nordhaus, one of the most respected economists in the US, did a study of full cost accounting of the coal industry in the USA which was published in 2011 in the American Economic Review, the leading economics publication.

Coal-fired power generation was found to produce damages from 0.8 to 5.6 times its value added. In other words, the damage caused is worth at best 80 per cent of the net value of the industry and at worst 5.6 times greater.

The costs that make the industry an economic burden in the US are health costs. Those studies carried out in Australia show a similar picture.

Fossil fuels are also the main drivers of climate change, which is already causing multiple health consequences, including deaths from heat stroke, dehydrat...


Malcolm Roberts: Australian senator wants ‘OzExit’ from UN "IndyWatch Feed National"

A newly elected senator has used his first speech to call for Australia to take inspiration from the UK’s Brexit and leave the United Nations. Senator Malcolm Roberts was elected by Queensland as a member of the anti-immigration One Nation party. He believes climate change is a global conspiracy created by bankers seeking to establish a worldwide…


A Look At the 2016 Man Booker Shortlist and the Unexpected Names it Includes "IndyWatch Feed National"

This year’s competition includes a more eclectic range of writers than we’ve become used to.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

The announcement of the Man Booker Prize shortlist has been greeted with the usual razzmatazz. From an initial long list of 13 hopefuls, six lucky authors have been chosen to go through to the final award ceremony in October: Paul Beatty, Deborah Levy, Graeme Macrae Burnet, Ottessa Moshfegh, David Szalay and Madeleine Thien.

As always, the shortlist is not without a surprise or two. Yesterday, William Hill had Deborah Levy’s Hot Milk and Iain McGuire’s The North Water neck and neck, both at 5/1. But it’s only Levy who makes the cut – Iain McGuire’s violent tale of Arctic whaling was a surprise omission. For me, McGuire’s violent depictions of frozen wastes take some beating.

What was already clear from the long list was that this year’s competition was going to include a more eclectic range of writers than perhaps we’ve become used to. The expansive sweep of previous winning novels such as Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North or Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries seemed to be out. Instead, there was a focus on more intimate stories, narratives grounded in what Wyl Menmuir, one of the long-listed authors, termed the exploration of geographical and psychological space. From rural Alabama, to London, a Cornish fishing village, and a remote Scottish crofting community, the long list seemed to exude a fascination with the intimate spaces of our lives.Another eyebrow or two might also be raised at the failure of JM Coetzee’s The Schooldays of Jesus to go any further. Coetzee joins a long list of jilted stars in this year’s competition, including Don DeLillo, Ian McEwan and Jonathan Safran Foer, authors who didn’t even make the long list. Personally, I thought it would have been good to see Virginia Reeves’ ...


Burkini and French Imperalist Mind "IndyWatch Feed National"

453434234234In Europe, oppression is never really called by its true ugly name. It is constantly concealed by lofty slogans such as culture, even tolerance. Repression, discrimination and harassment are administered in order for the ‘entire society to be free’.

Or so at least the official narrative goes.

In France, recent and ugly row over so-called burkinis, a swimsuit used by many Muslim women all over the world, has demonstrated how little tolerance there really is in today’s Europe for other cultures and for different ways of life.

Recently, France’s highest administrative court has ruled that “burkini bans” being enforced on the country’s beaches are illegal and a violation of fundamental liberties. Still, more than 90 percent of French people are supporting the ban, which is thoroughly illogical and philosophically as well as ethically indefensible.


What is suddenly so shocking about a woman wearing a wetsuit on some French beach? And let’s face it: burkinis are nothing else but a wetsuit, which is commonly used on countless beaches of California, Australia, and Europe, in fact all over the world, by surfers and other water sport enthusiasts.

Just compare these images and these. Can you really tell much of a difference?

According to Wikipedia, a wetsuit is:

… A garment, usually made of foamed neoprene, which is worn by surfers, divers, windsurfers, canoeists, and others engaged in water sports, providing thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy.”

If courts manage to resurrect the ban (and actually some municipalities have already declared that they will uphold it no matter what), are the French police going to interrogate women on public beaches, while trying to determine whether they are wearing these plastic garments simply because they are planning to go surfing, or because of their religious beliefs? Would the first reason be allowed, while the other one forbidden?

Are we heading towards an era when people will be forced to confess to the authorities, why they are choosing to cover their bellies and shoulders? And is this going to re-define the meaning of ‘freedom’?


Who would be free to cover and who would not? Would the French state be permitted to decide what is the legitimate menace from which a woman should be allowed to protect herself from?

For instance, would the cold be ok? Imagine Paris, in January or February; 100 degrees Celsius below zero… Most of the women you pass on the streets (Christian, Muslim and atheist) are “fully covered”, aren’t they? What can you see of them? Nothing, almost nothing! Their entire bodies are covered; their heads are covered, even their feet and hands are covered (unlike the hands and feet of women wearing burkinis). You travel to Grenoble in the winter, and the chances are that women will even be covering their faces with scarves. You know why, right? Because they are cold! Is this reason OK, or should the French authorities demand that they expose their bellybuttons or shoulders or legs, in order to prove how “European”, how “French” they are?

Fine, so covering yourself up from the cold is most likely admissible; it is not ‘un-European’.

But what about the heat; is it OK...


Australian economy will still double with gradual phaseout of coal production "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Coal’s death would not kill economy: Australia Institute, ABC Radio AM
By Peter Ryan, 16 Sept 16  
Australia’s economy would not be hurt by a gradual phasing out of coal production across the country, research suggests.The Australia Institute-commissioned study found there would be minimal economic impact if the Government imposed a moratorium on new coal mines or the expansion of existing ones.

It also concluded that the managed winding back of coal production as existing mines are depleted would be an economic blip, given the industry’s share of employment which represents 0.04 per cent of the Australian workforce.

It estimated the economy would grow regardless of a phasing out, with a difference of just 0.06 per cent in 2040.

Professor Philip Adams, who led the research at Victoria University’s Centre of Policy Studies, told the ABC’s AM program environmental policies to put a tax on carbon were effectively a tax on the use of coal.

“The world outlook for coal is fairly bleak. We don’t see much likelihood of strong market conditions for coal over the longer term,” Professor Adams said.

Australia Institute chief economist Richard Dennis said the research was a wake-up call for the coal industry and the Federal Government.

“Look the end of coal is nigh. The question is whether it’s nigh enough,” Mr Dennis told AM.

“The effect is a rounding error — it’s trivial. The Australian economy will still double in size in the coming decades…….


A Post I Wrote On Facebook That I Believe Is Important To Share "IndyWatch Feed National"

Okay- so reading this astrological stuff that I was sent- the word that sticks out to me is assassination. And I want to deal with this.

Yes- it is quite possible- considering the state of things in the world- and how many people have ended up dead around the Clinton’s- that I could end up killed. I have ALWAYS known of this possibility- and the further I get- the more I am wondering if it isn’t totally probable. They know who I am- they know they are all sick- and they know that I have caused it. In the end- considering how low end of the scale they are- what other choice will they be able to conclude?

However- I want you all to know- no matter what happens- DO NOT LOOSE YOUR FAITH- because EVERYTHING right now is in Heaven’s hands. And what I know- with everything that I have experienced- is that whatever is coming- AND I ASSURE YOU SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY COMING- that I have been told that I get to lead it. Now these idiots who have followed me around for years trying desperately in vain to stop me mock this- but I am not shitting any of you. Believe it- or don’t- it won’t change the truth of what is and what will be. I’m telling you the truth- and how it is- but whatever you believe is up to you.

Magic is real. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed- but it CAN be influenced- with the right focus. I was trained in this focus from before I was even born- and because this was my childhood upbringing- what I do is instinctual. My father used to tell me that I was “an animal- who only went on instinct”- and although it hurt like hell hearing that constantly growing up- I realize in many ways that this is true. When you know how to do it properly- you don’t need RITUALS and SPELLS and SACRIFICES. Actually- all I have to do is focus and ask.

You have to understand- I grew up COMPLETELY BELIEVING that I was going to be the Anti-Christ. I knew there was this war with Heaven planned- and I knew that Charley Manson’s world vision was going to become a reality- and I knew of the camps- and the genocide planned. I was SUPPOSED TO FUCKING LEAD IT.

But not me actually. I was just a shell. But they NEVER REALIZED that I would find a way to release Uriel- and help him back to Heaven- rather than allow him to take me over and use the talents they so aptly trained me to possess.

I not only helped Uriel but ALL the Fallen back- and thus- they had to pass through me to get there. The cult has a good idea of the power and energy that goes along with that- and that is why they have YET to come for me. That kind of energy bonding and transitioning gave ALL MY SPELLS- that I have been casting on your nasty devil worshiping sick fuck assholes selves for long ass time now. (And that is meant for the cult), a life I could have never achieved on my on. Enjoy the darkness motherfuckers- cause it is going to be one HELL of a time.

But I am getting off point here…. look- I don’t much believe in astrology- but knowing the idiots that I am dealing with- I can’t out rule the obvious- and I just want to assure you that Heaven and the New Earth ARE REAL. Getting your vibration up high enough can only be done through unconditional love- and that is what it takes to make this transition. The New Earth- everything that is dying here is WAKING there. It is an absolute paradise- where no veil between man and Heaven exist. You will breath JOY in every breath and it is a PARADISE. I guess you could say that we are getting to return to the Garden.


But don’t worry about me- really. I am here for as long as Heaven WILLS it- and I know that the moment that time is through- I have an army waiting- on the other side- IN FACT ALL OF HEAVEN. Just because the bad guys have already lost doesn’t mean the battle is over but now however- I do believe the ball is in HEAVEN...


September convergence at Pine Gap "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by joe Montero At his time, the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) is readying to take part in a convergence on Pine Gap,...

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Inundation and elation "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

It promises to be a season for the ages.

A sodden landscape is recharging the wetlands of the plains (stay tuned) and to see the Loddon in flood is awe-inspiring.


The Loddon River @ Newstead, 14th September 2016 … 9am




The river at noon




The confluence of the Muckleford Creek and Loddon River at 9am.


Existing age pension is not enough "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria Older Australians are finding that they are barely surviving on the meager pension, despite a lifetime of having contributed the building of...

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Former judge offers to swap with refugees "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from New South Wales Eighty eight year old former judge Jim Macken offered to trade places with refugees? He wrote an open letter to...

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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Finding Your Balance in the Flow of Extremes "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 17th, 2016 By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone Contributing writers for Wake Up World There have been some intense energy patterns this month! With Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in a full phase opposition to Chiron in Pisces, a major theme of this lunar phase was the feeling of being blocked by our environment and the people ...Continue Reading - Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Finding Your Balance in the Flow of Extremes


Wanda shelving for kids by Cantilever "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A few years ago I made a study space for my daughter using a pegboard from Bunnings with painted IKEA spice racks that has been my most popular post on Bondville - ever. If you love that look but would like something much more sophisticated and design-led, check out the Wanda shelving system by Cantilever in Melbourne.

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“There Are No Forests” "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video, hard as it is to understand in terms of the spoken narrative, is taking the Internet by storm.  Where are we, really?  Read More


HIV Positive Zimbabwean Faces Deportation After Having Unprotected Sex with 12 Australian Women "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Zimbabwean acrobat accused of having unprotected sex with several Aussie women while being infected with HIV has had his Australian permanent residency cancelled and faces deportation. Peter Dutton, Spokesman for Australian Immigration Minister, said that 38-year-old Godfrey Zaburoni had failed the character test under section 501 of the Migration Act. He said as a result of […]


How much the Illuminati pay people for this?This qualifies as ‘hate speech’. "IndyWatch Feed National"


Pauline Lee Hanson (née Seccombe, formerly Zagorski; born 27 May 1954) is an Australian politician.

Hanson first entered politics as a member of Ipswich City Council in 1994. She joined the Liberal Party of Australia in 1995 and was ...Read More


I CARE - - Austrian Far-right leader admits his refugee island plan 'went too far' "IndyWatch Feed National"

I CARE - - News - Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe: 11/9/2016- The far-right candidate in Austria's presidential election has backtracked on a plan to confine asylum seekers to islands. Norbert Hofer told a German magazine he had changed his mind about the proposal made by Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz to send refugees to designated islands off mainland Europe while their asylum applications were processed. Mr Kurz is believed to have copied the plan from Mr Hofer's Freedom Party after seeing how popular the far-right politician had become, but Mr Hofer now says the idea went “too far” and was “excessive, to put it diplomatically”. Mr Kurz responded by framing the issue as a matter of either stopping refugees from leaving islands like Lesbos in Greece, where they often arrive from outside the EU, or letting them travel on into mainland Europe.

A spokesman for the politician told local media: “If you are honest about the issue, then you have to openly address the current situation in Italy. "The migrants come to the hotspots on the islands and from there are carried to the mainland rather than being stopped and transported back." Mr Kurz’s spokesman challenged Mr Hofer to admit his policy reversal actually amounted to "waving on" refugees, into the mainland. Imprisoning refugees on islands is a popular policy among far-right politicians, with Mr Hofer's German and Dutch equivalents sticking by similar proposals. The plans are inspired by Australia, which confines migrants to offshore facilities such as those on Nauru and Papua New Guinea, both independent foreign territories. Human rights groups have criticised the practice as inhumane and a breach of international law. Several detainees in Nauru have attempted suicide by setting themselves on fire.


Woman Forcefully Removed From Flight For Questioning Pesticides Being Sprayed ON Her "IndyWatch Feed National"


By Natural Health 365

Petra Haluska was landing in Perth, Australia when they began spraying her plane down with dangerous pesticides. She said she decided to become a bit of an activist and ask why they were spraying her down.

Why can’t they do this after the passengers deboard? Well, industry insiders tell us that they are literally spraying the PEOPLE in case they have any bugs on their person.

It’s despicable. Check out the video below and then see other examples of planes being sprayed down with insecticides and other poisons by flight attendants, below. You’ll see in one they are forced to stop their camera. NO one should have to be subjected to this on any flight while in flight.

If the videos on this story weren’t included, I PROMISE you, even I would have a hard time believing this was true. And perhaps the next time you aren’t feeling well after having flown you won’t automatically assume you caught a “bug” but rather, you might wonder if the cabin crew had exposed you to an insecticide, pesticides or other toxic chemicals. On purpose.

Check out the video below. It will blow your mind. Especially when she tells him to stop recording!

Also read: Airlines Spraying Fliers With Pesticides Inside The Plane

If you didn’t previously know about this, it should make you angry. Angry enough to ask an airline why they are doing it WITHOUT your knowledge or permission. And maybe even angry enough to make your voice heard with your wallet. Because when we buy an airplane ticket, we are telling them this is ok, even if we aren’t aware of it. When you purchase your tickets, the info stating that spraying will occur on a flight is stated in the fine print.


From the article:

“This process is being referred to as “disinsection,” a word that seems to have been made up by the TSA or airline industry. Disinsection, or the spraying...


Australia Down-Scheduling Cannabis, to Legalize Medicinal Use Nationwide "IndyWatch Feed National"

marijuana-cannabis-cancerby Steven Maxwell, Contributor | Waking Times

The TGA has recognized the medicinal use of some cannabinoids since 1984, yet Australia’s National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee (NDPSC) has kept cannabis a Schedule 9 controlled substance.

“The scheduling of cannabis and its extracts has been considered by the National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee (NDPSC) on a number of occasions,” the TGA states in a description of the scheduling history. “Currently, cannabis is a Schedule 9 substance, i.e., a prohibited substance which may be abused or misused and the manufacture, possession, sale or use of which is prohibited by law.”

Australia has gone through a similar heart-wrenching legalization process as many other nations, driven by parents illegally treating their epileptic children with cannabis while citizens also openly participate in mass civil disobedience of recreational smoking events as depicted in the video report below.

In January of this year, the TGA launched a public proposal to re-schedule cannabis to allow medical use. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of rescheduling.

35 submissions were received. 27 submissions supported the proposal, 4 submissions opposed, 3 submissions did not state a position, and 1 submission was for information only.

In February, the Australian Parliament passed a measure that allowed medical cannabis to be legally cultivated for medical and scientific purposes. Internet searches for “how to grow weed” surged in Australia.





Australian Psychological Society issues apology to Indigenous people for decades of mistreatment and exploitation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Apology acknowledges exploitation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and silence in face of forced removal of children The Australian Psychological Society has made a formal apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for decades of mistreatment through exploitative and disrespectful practices that contributed to the erosion of Indigenous culture. The apology, delivered by director of the society's board, Tim Carey, acknowledged exploitation of Indigenous people by psychological researchers and "inappropriate use of assessment techniques and procedures that have conveyed misleading and inaccurate messages about the abilities and capacities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people". Carey, speaking at the Australian Psychological Society Congress in Melbourne on Thursday, said treatments were developed that "both implicitly and explicitly, dismissed the importance of culture in understanding and promoting social and emotional wellbeing".

Friday, 16 September


Open Letter (2), University of Wollongong, “Vaccines can and do Cause Autism And Chronic Illness "IndyWatch Feed National"

Open Letter

The Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
University of Wollongong
16 September 2016

Dear Professor Alison Jones,
To date I have not received a response to my open letter dated 26 August 2016. This letter requested the supportive evidence for your statements that the link between vaccines and autism has been discredited. In particular I asked you to provide evidence for your statement that my thesis provided “no compelling evidence for a causal link between vaccines and autism”. Many doctors, scientists and parents disagree with your statement and you did not provide any supportive evidence for your statements in the article published in the journal Vaccine; an article which attempts to suppress this important scientific debate.

I have outlined below some of the evidence that exists for a link between autism and vaccines and I urge you to watch the recently released film “Vaxxed: from cover-up to catastrophe” that documents fraudulent studies being used by the US CDC researchers to discredit this link and testimonies from thousands of parents whose children developed autism after vaccines. Please take a look at this evidence, in the interests of population health, and I hope that you will provide your professional opinion as a toxicologist to the concerned global community.

We look forward to your rapid response because the Australian government has already expanded its vaccination registry to cover mandatory vaccinations for an expanded schedule of vaccines for adults in employment and social welfare policies. Here is Peter McIntyre, director of Australia’s Vaccination Surveillance and Research Unit (NCIRS) for 12 years, informing the public that a long-term health study of vaccinated and unvaccinated children has never been done – in animals or humans. This study is critical to debunking the causal link between vaccines and autism and there are many small scale studies (in children and animals) that are supporting a causal link – as does the skyrocketing autism and chronic illness observed in Australian children.

Some of the Evidence for a Causal Link between Vaccines and Autism

The evidence I have seen for this conclusion is overwhelming and vaccines are also linked to the escalating increase in chronic illness in global populations – in particular autoimmune diseases.
Please investigate the following information:
1. US Congressman Bill Posey hears evidence of fraudulent science and misconduct by Paul Thorsen, a CDC researcher and co-author of the Denmark studies that were used to debunk the vaccine-autism link resulting from the use of thimerosal (mercury-compound) in vaccines.  The CDC also admits in this video that there are no long-term health studies of vaccinated and unvaccinated groups.
2. A medical practitioner describes the cover-up of the vaccine-autism link
3. Many of the studies used to claim that thimerosal in vaccines is safe are flawed (“Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal (Mercury Compound) in Vaccines is Safe”, Hooker et al, 2014).
4. Here is a link to a scientist from...


Vic Simms And The Painted Ladies Give A Moving Performance At NGV "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Vic Simms And The Painted Ladies Give A Moving Performance At NGV

For the last three months, Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria has been transformed each week into one of the city’s best music venues, with its series of Friday Nights At NGV hosting a curated range of talent from Australia and overseas, including Jen Cloher,

One of these nights hosted a vital Australian act in Vic Simms & The Painted Ladies, the artists behind the fascinating tale of Australia’s first Aboriginal protest album, who delivered a moving performance recently of Vic’s ‘Stranger In My Country’.

There’s one last chance to see some music at NGV before the current series comes to a close, with Hottest 100 winners Augie March taking to the stage tonight to close it out in style.


ECCV highly critical of issues raised in Senator Pauline Hanson’s first speech to Senate "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV) has expressed strong opposition to a number of key
issues raised in One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson’s first speech to the Senate.
ECCV Chairperson, Eddie Micallef, said many of the issues and themes raised by Senator Hanson had the
potential to be highly divisive, were counter productive and seemed intent on promoting racism within this
“We are concerned about the impact of the racist content in her speech to the Senate and believe it lacked
integrity and was factually inaccurate.
“The focus of her attack has moved away from the previous immigrant groups from Asian countries as the
main target - which she outlined in her original maiden speech to Parliament as the independent member
for Oxley more than 20 year ago - to the new target who are now Muslims.
“One of this country’s greatest assets is the highly successful multiculturalism that is practiced here, and we
believe that the majority of Muslims in Australia have made an outstanding contribution to this country.
“ECCV supports a strong stance against the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that was in the Senator’s speech
as being divisive and going against the principles of social cohesion which is a significant underlying
strength of our society.
“We are against such insidious attacks which have the potential to be highly divisive and to marginalize
minority groups within our society.
“Much of what the Senator outlined in her speech is factually inaccurate. Rather than being ‘swamped by
Muslims’ as she claims in her speech, the 2011 Census shows that Muslims made...


Skepta Cancels Australian Tour 24 Hours Out "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Skepta Cancels Australian Tour 24 Hours Out

Acclaimed UK emcee Skepta was slated to launch his Australian tour tomorrow in Perth, but has now pulled out of all dates, citing unexpected circumstances. Skepta, who’d sold out several dates of his Aussie tour, was recently awarded the Mercury Prize.

“With deep disappointment, Skepta is not able to travel to Australia and New Zealand at this time for an unexpected and personal reason,” a statement reads. “His tour, planned to commence on Saturday 17 September 2016 is regrettably cancelled.”

“Full ticket refunds will be available on all shows from point of purchase. We are working in close conjunction with the Artist’s booking agency and management in order to organise a new run of shows in 2017.”

“You will receive an email from your local ticketing agency on how to obtain your refund.” The award-winning grime star had completely sold out shows in Sydney, Brisbane, two nights in Melbourne, Auckland, and Perth shows within minutes.


Oh Pep chat their debut album and play live versions of Wanting and Trouble Now "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


  • Oh Pep :: Interview with Alex Pye
  • Oh Pep :: Wanting (Live)
  • Oh Pep :: Trouble Now (Live)

Before they take off to conquer the world on their huge North American and European tour, Melbourne duo Oh Pep made a pit stop to Sydney to chat with Alex Pye and play two live songs ‘Wanting’ and ‘Trouble Now’.

After recently releasing their debut album Stadium Cake, which was recorded on a frozen lake in Canada, the duo gave us a run-down of how that experience went down:

“It was all consuming at the time. We were actually over there twice, so the first time we were there it was the middle of winter and everything was iced over and there was so much snow. There was a steep driveway and it was so dangerous to get into the studio. You kind of would walk out the door, plant your feet and slide down to the house. It was really, really full on and Australians, we hadn’t had much exposure to that.”

On working with Dan Ledwell while in Canada to produce the album, they explained:

“Dan was really great. We tracked the whole album which we’d never done before on a recording, so it meant we could kind of go crazy and use these incredible instruments and gear that he had there. So you can hear lots of keys and effected guitars and drum pads, whi...


Bon Iver Recruited Aussie Singer Gordi For His Jimmy Fallon Performance "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Bon Iver Recruited Aussie Singer Gordi For His Jimmy Fallon Performance

It’s not often that our dreams become the real deal but in this case triple j-approved, Aussie-grown 22-year-old muso Gordi (Sophie Payten) bedazzled the people of America on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And that’s not the best part – Bon Iver recruited the Sydney singer to join the band in the big NYC.

You read it right, one of our Unearthed favourites turned US label artist was spied lending her vocals as part of the ‘Fallon Choir’.

Usually one would think scoring a gig like this would be one hell of a process, lucky for Gordi, Bon Iver is actually signed under the same US label, Jagjaguwar.

All it took was for management to reach out and pitch the idea, though a bleary eyed, post-Melbourne gig Gordi totally misinterpreted the offer at first.

“We’d just played a show in Melbourne and had quite a big night. Got home at 5am and my manager said ‘I just got this email from Bon Iver’s management’. I read it and I was like ‘what’s a Fallon choir?!” she told triple j.

After sleeping off the big night and sleeping on the proposition for a little more clarity, all arrangements and decisions were made quick smart.

Diving head first into flights, rehearsals and recordings, a nice tab was supplied for the Gordi and friends to enjoy the Jimmy Fallon Show which was to air a few hours after they left the studios.

Let’s hope the unexpected networking leads Gordi to a spot on Bon Iver’s album tour…

Bon Iver is due to release 22, A Million September 30th and Gordi’s EP, Clever Disguise, is out now.


Premiere: Tobias Draws Us In With The Gentle And Evocative ‘Just A Boy’ "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Premiere: Tobias Draws Us In With The Gentle And Evocative ‘Just A Boy’

‘Just A Boy’ is the new one from Melbourne folk-pop artist Tobias, taken from his upcoming second album Alive.

It’s a gorgeous piece, the lyrics vividly evoking childhood memories of campsites and sun-drenched paddocks in bittersweet fashion, all draped over a gentle acoustic trickle. The video, produced by Henry Glover Films, serves as the perfect melancholic accompaniment, with sepia-tinged glimpses of Tobias’ family throughout.

You’ll be able to hear these dulcet tones live on his East Coast tour, which has just kicked off in Queensland, while the new record will be out this November.

Tobias Tour Dates

Sunday 25th September | Songfest @ Peregian Beach Hotel – Peregian Beach, QLD

Friday 21st October | City Sounds, Queen Street Mall – Brisbane, QLD

Friday 28th & Sunday 30th October | Happy Wanderer Festival – Benalla, VIC

Saturday 5th November | ‘Alive’ Album Launch @ Labour In Vain – Melbourne, VIC

Saturday 12th November | The Front, Canberra – ACT

Friday 18th November | The Fox Den, Gloucester – NSW

Friday 16th December | Imperial Hotel Eumundi, QLD

Sunday 8th January | Imperial Hotel Eumundi, QLD


Action Bronson Dines At Australia’s Best Restaurant & Freaking Loves It "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Action Bronson Dines At Australia’s Best Restaurant & Freaking Loves It

Action Bronson is basically living the dream. Not only does he enjoy a successful career as a rapper, which gives him plenty of opportunities to practice his judo throws on fans who go too far, but he’s also the host of Vice’s F**k That’s Delicious.

The web series sees the Queens rapper travelling the world, hitting up the world’s best and most interesting eateries. A man with a big appetite, a single episode might see Bronson going from a Michelen star restaurant to his favourite submarine sandwich joint.

In one of the series’ most recent episodes, Bronson was in Melbourne and got the chance to hit up Attica, considered the best restaurant in Australia and one of the best in the world. A chef by trade himself, Bronson understood the privilege of getting to eat there.

The emcee and food lover hung out with head chef Ben Shewry, widely considered one of the best and most innovative chefs in the world, inside the Attica kitchen, where he became a lover of egg fu yung for the first time and tried Shewry’s mind-blowing desert.


Track By Track: Harts Runs Us Through The Searing Guitar Licks Of ‘Smoke Fire Hope Desire’ "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Track By Track: Harts Runs Us Through The Searing Guitar Licks Of ‘Smoke Fire Hope Desire’

Today, Melbourne guitar maestro Harts has dropped his latest album Smoke Fire Hope Desire, an immaculately-produced collection of searing riffs, soaring melodies, and straight-up rock joy.

Having already taken us behind the scenes of his ‘Power’ video shoot, and talked to us about self-producing a record like this, he’s now gone in-depth for us on the driving forces behind each track.

Released today, Smoke Fire Hope Desire is available now on iTunes via Dew Process/UMA.

Smoke (Intro)

This is the intro to the record. The idea started with me playing with tape speed edits and effects over the song ‘Ain’t Too Far Gone’ just for fun. Then I decided to use that and have it build and slam into a drum and bass groove from there, setting up the musical direction for the record.

Lyrically this track also sets up the intention and concept for the album. The chorus sections on this intro track are one of my favourite moments on the record. It also bridges nicely into the next song.

Fear In Me

I had the main riff for this song written and floating around in my head for years, possibly five years or more, and I finally found a use for the riff now. This track immediately gets into the heavy blues rock side of my sound early on in the album. I remember laying down the riff for the first time and just feeling the power and weight behind the sound of the guitar. To offset the heavy sections I wanted to write mellow and sparse verses to add dynamics to the song and make the heavy parts stick out more.

Lyrically this song deals with current day issues as well as personal revelations I had about being and living without fear in a world we can’t control. Not letting someone else inflict fear in and upon you. One of my favourite sections is the spoken word passage and choir build up towards the end.

All Rise (Play It Cool)

This is one of my favourite songs of my own to listen to at the moment. I think that’s because it’s pretty vastly different to anything I’ve released before, both in tempo and style. This tracks was inspired by my deep love for a lot of traditional 50’s/60s rock ‘n roll, like Little Richard for example.

I wrote this song prior to most of the album, and even before I had the intention to make this album. It was a lot of fun to do the recording for this song, particularly the bass and drum grooves because I had to get my hands and fingers up to speed, working faster that I was used to. I wrote the song with the lyrical idea of being unaffected by the bad, negative and destruction that may be surrounding you in your lives. Feeling the love in dark times.

Fire (interlude)

What i said above applies to this also, as this track is an extension of ‘All Rise’. This musical piece was originally attached to the middle section of ‘All Rise’ before I re-jigged the arrangements and separated them for the full record arrangements. I also used this as a build and drop to interlude into the next song.


I’m really proud of that way this song came out. From the moment...


Are retailers failing to properly value rooftop solar generation? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

According to the Victorian pricing authority – yes they are. But is this a “market failure” that justifies regulatory intervention, or are we missing something?


Cobargo here we come! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"



On October 7, eight female crime and mystery writers will converge on Cobargo, just inland from Bermagui on the NSW coast, to take part in their inaugural crime convention.

The writers are an eclectic mix, from a gynaecologist living in far north Queensland, Caroline de Costa, to a former member of the RAAF, who also has a BA in medieval history, Ilsa Evans, to a writer of historical crime (Sydney/1930s), Sulari Gentill, to yours truly, author of a Canberra-based quartet, now embarked on a sea-change mystery series.



One of the festival organisers, in a welcoming email, said that they were washing the streets of Cobargo in honour of our arrival. Thank you, Louise!

While this is an attractive idea, I wonder if it really fits a collection of crime writers, who might be more comfortable with dirty streets, even blood-stained ones?

Jennifer Rowe once referred to crime writers as ‘good housekeepers’, by which she meant that we like to tidy things up, which has an element of truth in it, at least for some exponents of the genre. But even PD James said that order is never really re-established at the end of her novels.

My approach to clean streets is that I like to dig beneath them – hardly surprising since I lived in Canberra for 30 years and turned to mysteries as a way of writing about that city.

Now what exercises my imagination is what might lie beneath the surface of an idyllic coastal town….






Foreign investment curtailments add to our self-harm "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Chinese investment risks remain prominent, their profile having been boosted by the treasonable behaviour of Senator Dastyari.  I have a piece in the Herald Sun today that addresses the issue and our very own Foreign Minister is pictured here with Boris and Ambassador Downer advising the Brits on the issue.

The Famous Five

Foreign investment is both as a means of facilitating tech and know-how transfer and for supplementing domestic savings.  In my own piece I point out that Australia’s chronic undersaving makes foreign investment far more important than in other countries – at least 20 per cent of our investment is courtesy of capital inflows.

The reasons for Australian undersaving go to the policy disincentives to avoid it – highlighted by the present superannuation debate.  Most Australians have long taken the view that, assurances notwithstanding, governments desperate for money to continue fuelling impecunious voting coalitions, would eventually pillage personal savings.  Whether you take James Kirby’s view that today’s “compromise” is to be welcomed or Judith’s more robust criticism, we have the retrospectivity of a tax on savings that were not previously to be taxed with a stated annual $800 million boost to the budget bottom line.  Nobody seriously thinks that is the end of the matter – indeed, the lack of proper indexation will see the plundering steadily increase (with the public servants offering advice to gullible ministers that leaves their own nest eggs untouched).

All this means we are not about to see an increase in savings to allow a greater self-reliance in investment.  And as half the world’s funds that are investable outside of home economies are from China, our own reliance on this source of capital can only increase.

Yet even before revelations of Dastyari’s cash-fed behaviour, we have been discriminating against Chinese investment.  The Government has conjured up grounds to oppose Chinese stakes in Rio and agricultural land and housing investments.

In respect of agricultural land, the bottom line is that 90 per cent land is fully Australian owned; agricultural output is stagnating as a result of government measures to buy water for the environment, use of planning powers to prevent clearing of scrub and impositions of restraints on new technology like GM plants.  At least until we decide to reverse course on the harmful impositions we place on farming, foreign investment might offer a partial offset.

This applies equally to mining – today the new NT government  joined its supine counterparts in Victoria, NSW and Tasmania in banning fracking for gas, buckling to...


Vic floods: ‘grave’ fears for farmer "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A police image of a ute found submerged in a dam in the district of Wallacedale in western Victoria, on Wednesday. AAP Image/Victoria Police

A police image of a ute found submerged in a dam in the district of Wallacedale in western Victoria, on Wednesday. AAP Image/Victoria Police

Kaitlyn Offer, Helen Velissaris & Luke Costin

Melbourne [AAP]

There are grave concerns for an elderly farmer missing in Victoria’s floods, while the country town of Charlton is bracing for a river peak of 7.5 metres.

The search continues for the 84-year-old farmer, whose ute was swept into a dam by floodwaters in Wallacedale.

Police divers scoured the dam and nearby areas on Thursday after the ute was found submerged on Wednesday afternoon.

Police believe the man was not in the car at the time, but he did have three dogs tied to the back, one of which died.

‘Without a doubt, we have grave concerns,’ Police Assistant Commissioner Deb Abbott told reporters.

Heavy rain has inundated most of the state this week, with the central and northwest region still bracing for major flooding.

The Avoca River in Charlton is expected to peak near 7.5m on Friday morning – just short of the 7.9m peak at the town during the September 2010 flood.

About 6pm on Thursday the river had reached 7.13m and was still rising.

Ten homes could be flooded by the Avoca River flood, Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said on Thursday.

About 8,000 customers were without power in Charlton, Wedderburn and surrounding areas when a concrete pole came down in floodwaters on Wednesday night.

Power supply was being restored by Thursday evening with the aim being all customers back on the grid by 8pm.

Mr Lapsley told reporters the Charlton flood was the highest peak seen in this event, which has been dubbed the ‘Floods of September 2016’ and is expected to go on for ‘some time’.

‘The state is saturated, the rivers are full,’ he said. ‘We’re actually seeing roads turn into rivers.’

Mr Lapsley said there would be economic impacts, especially to farmers, and the infrastructure impacts will not be known until the water recedes.

Ms Abbott pleaded with motorists to stop ignoring road blocks, telling reporters while no one had been fined yet, ‘it’s not off the cards’.

Emergency Services Minister James Merlino said emergency relief and recovery arrangements have been activated.

Ten people had accessed emergency relief payments of up to $1300 so far, he said during question time in Parliament on Thursday.

Seventeen people have be...


Floods continue in Victoria and South Australia following record rainfall "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The floods affecting the Australian states of Victoria and South Australia have continued, leaving dozens of homes damaged and at least 1 person missing. Flooding has been affecting areas of Victoria and South Australia since the start of the week. Further heavy rain in South Australia over the last 24 hours caused further flooding, damaging at least 80 homes and forcing over 70 families to evacuate. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said that 14 September was the wettest September day on record for the Adelaide area. Earlier this wee BoM said that parts of Victoria had seen the wettest 3 day stretch in September for over 100 years. In Victoria, the State Emergency Service (SES) has warned that, despite the easing of the torrential rain there, floodwaters continue to rise. One person is missing after his vehicle was swept away by floods in the south west of the state of Victoria.


Australia to Lead International Blockchain Standards Effort "IndyWatch Feed National"

A major standards body has created a technical committee for blockchain and put Australia in charge of the effort.


ISO Appoints Australia to Take Global Lead on Blockchain Standards "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia will take the driver’s seat in setting a uniform approach for the development of blockchain standards globally. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), widely regarded as the primary global standards authority has approved an earlier proposal [PDF] put forth by Standards Australia – the country’s national standards authority – that sought to develop uniform […]

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