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Saturday, 04 March


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

Shermon Burgess : Pillar of the Community Crikey! Australian anti-Islamic activist Shermon Burgess becomes the latest far-right figure to convert to Islam, Scobie McKay, Crikey, March 3, 2023. Apparently, The Great Aussie Patriot (AKA the man who once sang the Continue reading


4th Industrial Revolution: SpaceLink "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bank of International Settlements CEO Augustin Carstens

J.G. Olsen / Financial Expositor

Germans have been freezing through winter since the Nordstrom Pipeline was destroyed.

While brainwashed left-wing rent-a-crowds in other countries have been protesting against Russias involvement in the Donbas, not realising the Ukrainians started the war in 2014, the German left-wing protesters are protesting against NATO, for increasing their heating prices (they are now buying liquid fuels from Norway and elsewhere), costing their government a fortune in weapons donations and creating an existential threat like never before.

When the European Economic Union was formed, Germany devalued their currency compared to everyone else and consequently got a better deal on exports, helping to make Germany an economic powerhouse within Europe.

Their success expanded to the world including China and led to a relatively comfortable, first-world sort of lifestyle, especially attractive to those east of Berlin, and also to Turks, who formed the largest minority labour force.

Germany and France are the two massive foundations of the new European unity.

The countries of the EU are an odd match economically, France profiteers from its post-colonial money-printing activities in a number of African countries, Britain already exited with all its banks, others are in it for free money and barely have blonde...


A weekend for the Lions pride "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just one of over 25,000 Lions Club volunteers. Photo supplied.

Today thousands of Australias most dedicated and hard-working volunteers will be on deck to let you know more about what Lions Australia does. Many of Lions Australias 25,000 plus hardworking volunteers will be out in the community celebrating Lions Awareness Day this weekend.

Where theres a need, theres a Lion and after 75 years of helping others in Australia, Lions know their role as a service club is only becoming increasingly important.

Lions Awareness Day

Held today, Saturday March 4, Lions Awareness Day is particularly important this year as Australia continues to face some of the worst flooding in history.

Lions Australias CEO, Rob Oerlemans, said our country need volunteers now more than ever. Lions Australias 25,000 plus hardworking volunteers often serve their communities silently behind the scenes. Lions Awareness Day is a wonderful opportunity to recognise the incredible difference our volunteers make and give people an opportunity to learn more about our organisation.

When disaster strikes Lions volunteers are the first to offer support. Its been a big couple of years for our members with many communities impacted by flooding.


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Friday, 03 March


How a Trojan Virus Pretends to Be a PDF Using the RLO Method "IndyWatch Feed National"

Readers like you help support MUO. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read More.

You cannot guarantee that a file is truly an image, video, PDF, or text file by looking at file extensions. On Windows, attackers can execute a PDF as though it were an EXE.

This is quite dangerous, because a file that you download from the internet, mistaking it for a PDF file, may actually contain a very harmful virus. Have you ever wondered how attackers do this?

Trojan Viruses Explained

Trojan viruses derive their name from the attack of the Achaeans (Greeks) in Greek mythology on the city of Troy in Anatolia. Troy is located within the borders of today's anakkale city. According to the narratives, there was a model wooden horse built by Odysseus, one of the Greek kings, to overcome the walls of the city of Troy. Soldiers hid inside this model and secretly entered the city. If you're wondering, a copy of this horse model is still found in anakkale, Turkey.

The Trojan horse once represented a clever deception and an ingenious feat of engineering. Today, however, it is viewed as malicious digital malware whose sole purpose is to harm target computers undetected. This virus is called a Trojan because of the concept of being undetected and causing harm.

Trojans can read passwords, record the keys you press on your keyboard, or take your entire computer hostage. They are quite small for this purpose and can cause serious damage.

What Is the RLO Method?

Many languages can be written from right to left, such as Arabic, Urdu, and Persian. Many attackers use this nature of language to launch various attacks...


Does anyone think this bloke is even mildly amusing? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you Underminder who writes: The ABC's fair and balanced take but it's OK guys it's only satire so don't get outraged. Mark Humphries on the superannuation changes, ABC employees receive 15.4% of their base salary as contributions while the plebs they are trying to stir up get 10.5% rising...


Wordgame Albanese the shyster caught out. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you Jill. This bloke is a shyster! Weasel words and word games. What a hypocrite! Conned and blustered his way into the job and now we all pay! JILL (@1Swinging_Voter) March 3, 2023


World Wide War on Humanity Unfolding "IndyWatch Feed National"


Another chilling episode for the day.

The actors (Nazi or otherwise) are being brought into the light. There is so much going on it is difficult to keep up with what is unfolding across the globe. Nothing is as it seems nothing.</p> <p>The video is for across-the-board comments.</p> <p>The post <a href= "" rel="nofollow">World Wide War on Humanity Unfolding</a> appeared first on <a href="" rel="nofollow">Gumshoe News</a>.</p>


Good luck with that love. "IndyWatch Feed National"

From The Australian Teal independent MP Monique Ryan declared an ambition to be the prime minister one day, according to an affidavit tendered in her staffer Sally Ruggs Federal Court case against her. In evidence on Friday, Ms Rugg claimed Dr Ryan said: You dont understand, I need to be...


Archbishop condemns Channel Ten, Waleed Aly and the gang. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher doesnt miss the ultra-tolerant Waleed and the woke Project. Perhaps a quick note to ACMA might help get the message home: FreeTV Code of Conduct: 3.2.1 In broadcasting a news or Current Affairs Program, a Licensee must: a) not include material which, in the reasonable...


Tanya Plibersek recounts Gillard's abject failures. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Such a myth about Ms Gillard's 'achievements'. ALP Mining Tax - COST MONEY - Scrapped. ALP Carbon Tax - Ruined industries. Scrapped. ALP NDIS - Launched unfunded and too soon. Now a mess Gonski - Absolute failure. But Tanya Plibersek praised them all. JILL (@1Swinging_Voter) March 2, 2023


Richard Marles trainwreck interview on Labor's superannuation broken promise "IndyWatch Feed National"

Albo didnt know the cash rate. Today his deputy Richard Marles was asked 3 times to explain Labors #superannuation policy, but couldnt. Its a super debacle. Black Semi Fascist (@BFacist) March 2, 2023


COLOSSUS and MAGGIE THE ION LADY "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just as Winston Churchill ordered the destruction of the worlds first programmable computer, COLOSSUS, in 1945, almost half a century later the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard similarly ordered the destruction of an iconic Australian particle accelerator that was taking Australia to the bleeding edge of electronic engineering research, i.e,  MAGGIE, THE ION LADY.

This postings short link:


The worlds first programmable computer has a TOP SECRET military secret until the Year 2000, and until then, the 12,000 people who worked at Blechley Park during World war 2 could not tell their stories even to husbands, wives or children.

For incredible insight into the heroic ordinary people who helped to develop the COLOSSUS computer, I recommend that Ronalds space readers find the time to watch this truly remarkable behinds-the-scenes video of the untold facts, which have a shocking parallel with the saga of Australias Maggie the Ion Lady story:

The following screen captures are snapshots from the Colossus story and they are important to the terrible story of our Maggie.

COLOSSUS was a colossal size:



A litany of separation and rejection: The shameful shadow behind Sydney World Pride "IndyWatch Feed National"

OPINION: They say timing is everything, but theres a stark irony about World Pride happening throughout Sydney at the same moment as an inquiry into some of the harbour citys darkest and most shameful years. Away from the rainbow strip, just off Macquarie Street in a sandstone building raised from the citys bedrock, the New []

Author information

Michael Burge

Michael Burge

Journalist at No Fibs

Michael is an author and Guardian Australia journalist who lives on Ngarabal country in the NSW Northern Tablelands. He was was born at Inverell into a farming family with New England roots deeper than most. His debut novel Tank Water is out now from MidnightSun Publishing.


Poetry | 2 rat poems by joanne burns "IndyWatch Feed National"

the courtyard rat squatting on an empire of pizza boxes rainsoaked piles of stewing cardboard flattened packaging from long covid's eager merchandise anything to transcend an unimagined plague rat traps line the walls like doctors' obsolete portmanteaux from a much earlier decade

The post Poetry | 2 rat poems by joanne burns appeared first on Overland literary journal.


World Wildlife Day once its gone, its gone forever "IndyWatch Feed National"

If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love.
 Steve Irwin (22 February 1962  4 September 2006)

Wombat. Photo Pixabay.

Humanity can no longer stand by in silence while our wildlife are being used, abused and exploited.
It is time we all stand together, to be the voice of the voiceless before its too late. Extinction means forever.
 Paul Oxton



Australian (alleged) C-19 deaths misclassification of flu and pneumonia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian official mortality data show no clear evidence of significant excess deaths in 2020, implying from an older WHO definition that there was no COVID-19 pandemic. A seasonality analysis suggests that COVID-19 deaths in 2020 were likely misclassifications of influenza and pneumonia deaths.

Australian excess mortality became significant only since 2021 when the level was high enough to justify calling a pandemic. Significant excess mortality was strongly correlated (+74%) with COVID-19 mass injections five months earlier. 

Strength of correlation, consistency, specificity, temporality, and dose-response relationship are foremost Bradford Hill criteria which are satisfied by the data to suggest the iatrogenesis of the Australian pandemic, where excess deaths were largely caused by COVID-19 injections. 

Supporting this hypothesis also is the fact that the youngest 0-44 age group with lowest risks of COVID infection and death has suffered disproportionately the highest multiples of excess mortality with the advent of COVID injections-a result which is unlikely to have other natural explanations. Therefore, Australia appears likely to be experiencing an iatrogenic pandemic and the associated mortality risk/benefit ratio for COVID injections is very high.

See document:


Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating partner- its a gay man "IndyWatch Feed National"

Above recent photograph: Two old Sydney gays. Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating with Sydney radio shock jock Alan Jones.

I dont know who Paul Keatings live-in gay partner is.

Below photograph: former Australian Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.



Global South refuses to ride with the West on Russia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indian historian, editor and journalist, Vijay Prashad writes about the changing global reality. The great majority of nations no longer accept being dominated and told what to do by the United States and European powers (Asia Times 25 February 2923). They have followed their own course in several recent occasions. One of them is in their response to the conflict in Ukraine. The West has been insisting on the vilification of Russia and pushing for war. Most other nations, including newly emerging powers, are calling for an end to vilification and a peaceful solution. The West is losing credibility.

At the G20 meeting in Bengaluru, India, the United States arrived with a simple brief. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said at the February 2023 summit that the G20 countries must condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and they must adhere to U.S. sanctions against Russia. 

However, it became clear that India, the chair of the G20, was not willing to conform to the U.S. agenda. Indian officials said that the G20 is not a political meeting, but a meeting to discuss economic issues. They contested the use of the word war to describe the invasion, preferring to describe it as a crisis and a challenge. France and Germany have rejected this draft if it does not condemn Russia.

The map shows the divide between Asia, Africa, and South America on one side and the Unite...

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Thursday, 02 March


Woman claims Rolf Harris sexually assaulted her aged 10 "IndyWatch Feed National"


Convicted paedophile and disgraced Australian entertainer Rolf Harris is under 24-hour care as he battles neck cancer. It is believed the 92-year-olds health deteriorated earlier this year after the death of his dog. He is no longer able to speak and now has to be fed via a tube.



Brunson: Justice Jeffrey Doe Adds to The Dissent "IndyWatch Feed National"

Left and right photos by indigolt, at Center photo: sawtooth oak tree, at
Left and right photos by indigolt, at Center photo: sawtooth oak tree, at

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Editors Note: In her 26 February 2023 article, Mary Maxwell played the part of a fictitious Justice Henry Doe, writing a dissent in the SCOTUS case of Brunson v Adams. In this article, she plays the part of Justice Jeffrey Doe. None of it should be construed as official.

The United States Supreme Court

Petition for Certiorari in Brunson v Adams, 22-380

Justice Jeffrey Doe joins Justice Henry Does dissent to the courts majority opinion and adds to it.

I respectfully join Justice Henry Does dissent, especially for his crucial recommending that this court request the appointment of a special master to look into a possible covert enemy in the 2020 presid...


Why Healthy Soil Makes Healthy Humans "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just like our gut, the soil in our gardens needs a rich diversity of microbial life to be healthy.


Community to have their say about a more inclusive and responsive health system "IndyWatch Feed National"

Friday, 3 March 2023

MEDIA RELEASE: The South Australian Health Minister, Chris Picton, has launched a new initiative to be led by South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS), that will support more equitable, active community engagement and participation in South Australias healthcare system.


Ending human rights abuses behind bars "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australias review by the anti-torture watchdog hasagainshone the spotlight on the human rights abuses permitted in the darkness behind prison walls, and provides clear guidance on how governments across the country can prevent torture and mistreatmentand be held more accountable when they do notin compliance with international human rights standards. These standards should set the floor rather than the ceiling when it comes to upholding and protecting human rights

The post Ending human rights abuses behind bars appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Patience of the One World Government Gang (OWGG) One Unit of their Plan "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Malcolm R. Hughes

I received a very interesting video via telegram of a talk by Todd Callender an attorney and international lawyer, on the subject of the Covid-19 vaccine. He paints a dire message for those who took the jab.

From the research of Dr David Martin PhD we know that the natural Coronavirus was a pathogen of the gut of canines. Since it could not cross the species barrier, scientists (?) created a at the University of Chapel Hill in U.S. DARPA provided grants to Chapel Hill to create a bio-weapon. Why would that be? Just read on! They were successful in 2002. In 2003 Coronavirus Sars2 was patented in the name of the CDC who continued to hold the patent until January 2020.

Who was it that insisted that the population have the annual flu vaccine? Of course it was th...


ABC journalists to go on strike "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria by a member of the MEAA

Next Tuesday (7 March) ABC journalists will be walking off the job for 24 hours. This is their first strike since 2006. The current dispute is over the of management to offer an acceptable agreement, which resulted in more than 90 percent of the journalists voting for strike action unless a suitable offer is made.

In fact, the latest offer is less than the offer that had been made last year and rejected.

Both television and radio services are affected by the dispute.

ABC journalists rejected the first offer on 9 November last year

Journalists are asking for better job security, equal pay for journalists in the regions and for women, and inclusion of journalists form diverse backgrounds. They want a career path for junior journalists to gain skill and experience. There must be backpay to cover for the delay by the ABC in trying to work out a new agreement.  

ABC management is initially tried to impose a three-year agreement with a one-off payment of $750 and pay increases of 3.5 percent, 3 percent, and 2,5 percent. This will not even keep up with the inflation rate.  The new offer is a $1,500 once-off payment, and pay increases of 4 percent, 3.5 percent, and 3 percent.

This offer has been rejected because although a little more pay is offered, there is still nothing to improve job security and equality.

When voting, the journalists also supported a strategy that will involve Various forms of continuing industrial action. Expect further disruptions until a resolution is found.

MEAA Media Director Cassie Derrick said members are resolute and determined to fight for a better deal. A media release by the union said that despite a meeting with the ABC managing director David Anderson on Tuesday this week, nothing new was offered.

The media release quoted Cassie Derrick.

David Anderson listened to our concerns and has agreed to postpone voting on the current offer, but there was no commitment made about providing an improved deal that addresses the major concerns of the staff.:

This dispute has a lot to do with years of government attacks on the ABC and cuts in funding, championed by Rupert Murdo...


Rupert Murdoch, Fox News and News Corp set to be sued for over $30 billion and die a death of a thousand lawsuits after Ruperts admissions under oath "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rupert Murdochs companies are set to be sued out of existence after Rupert gave evidence under oath that Fox News commentators knowingly lied to their audience about the 2020 presidential election being []

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Wednesday, 01 March


AFP Commissioner Avoids Questions About Police Assault of Peaceful Protester "IndyWatch Feed National"

If I was going to detain somebody, and they were a peaceful protester, I would endeavour to ensure that they didnt get three broken ribs and fractured vertebrae, like happened after your officers, Senator David Shoebridge put it to AFP commissioner Reece Kershaw last Monday.

Do you agree thats a poor outcome from an arrest? the Greens senator then asked the head of the federal police, who was proving rather reluctant to consider the arrest, which saw Iranian protester Hamid Sotounzadeh hospitalised with serious injuries, was an issue worthy of raising.

As footage circulated by Counteract shows, Sotounzadeh was set upon by Australian Federal Police officers on 9 February, as he was demonstrating against Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps across the road from that nations embassy in Canberra.

Indeed, that Sotounzadeh suffered fractured bones and was rendered unconscious due to officers setting upon him, for peacefully protesting the IRGC over the months-long repressions its subjected Iranians to, has led to the charge that the local cops acted in a manner akin to those in Iran.

The clip of the arrest shows a fellow protester gradually becoming more and more distressed as she approaches her friend whos lying on the ground, covered in scuff marks and no longer moving, as three AFP officers hover around him.

Sotounzadeh was still in hospital five days after the police assault. And despite an officer insisting hed failed to follow orders prior to their having set upon him, the man hasnt been charged with anything.

Investigating their own



Improve Home Insulation With Roller Shutters "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its no secret that Australian summers can be intense. Temperatures can regularly soar up into the 40s and the sun can be absolutely brutal. During these times, you want to make sure you can stay comfortable at home without having to blast the air con all day and night.

One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that your home is properly insulated. When people think about insulation, the first things that come to mind are usually ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation. And while these are undoubtedly important, all too often window insulation is left as an afterthought, which is baffling.

More heat gain occurs through windows than any other surface in the home. In fact, up to 87% of a homes heat energy can be gained through windows.

But there are solutions. One of the often overlooked benefits of window roller shutters is the ability to improve your homes insulation.

So lets have a look at a few ways that window shutters can help to insulate your home.

Prevent Thermal Transfer

High-quality window roller shutters are made from premium grade aluminium with a baked-on enamel reflective coating designed to reflect the sunlight. They feature non-flammable foam insulation and can help to reduce heat transfer by up to 75%. Insulating shutters trap a layer of air between the pre-insulated internal panel and external cladding, thus providing an effective barrier against heat loss and gain.

Roller shutters can reduce energy consumption from HVAC systems when heating or cooling your home or business during different seasons. Additionally, these energy-efficient benefits can also give a cost saving to you in the long run. Not only are roller shutters beneficial in controlling temperature but they also provide security benefits with additional protection from moisture and light penetration, leading to an all around product that provides most users with value.

Block the Sunlight

Window Shutters Melbourne

Installing roller shutters on the exterior of your home is a great way to block out excess sunlight and can significantly reduce the temperature inside. Not only will it decrease your electricity consump...


What testosterone does to a girl "IndyWatch Feed National"

Transitioning was, for me, a way of making my body mine. It let me decide what this body was and what it meant. This is what five years of testosterone actually does to a girl. From the words of Abigail Thorn, trans YouTuber and playwright: the cause is my will.

The post What testosterone does to a girl appeared first on Overland literary journal.


They Cant Build A New World Order Until The Old One Is Destroyed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Soros adapted photo

By G5+


In America, we have an oligarch problem, much bigger than that Putin faced in 2000.

The entire West is now captive by billionaire elites: media, the political establishment, and central institutions. The expansion from markets, finance, and trade to politics, social issues, and public health.



Jim Chalmerss proposal to cut top end superannuation benefits deserves support "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Treasurer Jim Chalmers has released the tax expenditures and income statement. This is about tax concessions, credits, and deductions. Together, they amount to more than $150 billion a year. One third of this is superannuation discounts.

Given the reality of a tax revenue shortage, it makes sense to consider which of these giveaways is not justified. Clawing back some of the money could provide for the improvement if needed government services. The statement reveals that more than 55 percent of the benefit flows to the top 20 percent of incomes, with 36 percent to the top 10 percent.

Here is some of the detail. A third (35 percent) of rental deductions, including deductions for rental loss, interest costs, property maintenance, and council rates went to the richest. It is a similar story for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Another group of benefits mainly going to the same cohort include $150 billion a windfall from negative gearing, capital gains discounts, franking credits, and more.

Any move that helps to redraw the balance towards treating all Australians as equals should be supported.

It is clear that Australia has a welfare scheme for the rich, aiding the shift of income upward and away from those who need help the most. Australia cant afford to continue doing this, and it is unjust.

This is the reason why Chalmers announced the intention to cut the benefit to those with balances above $3 million in their superannuation accounts

The coalition and its backers are set against the cut and campaigning to have it stopped. In a cynical move to protect, they are accusing Labor of dishonouring its pledge not to touch tax breaks in the taxation system. This deserves to be called out for what it is.

The cut is not yet a done deal. For now, it is out for debate. The downside is that that action is to be delayed until after the next election. Its a strategy that will give those fighting to maintain the privileges time and opportunity to organise and deploy a scare campaign, pretending everyone is going to be targeted, and therefore a mistake.

There is also that very l little detail about intention has been given, and the benefit will...

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Tuesday, 28 February


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week on Yeah Nah Pasaran! we talk to Hannah Gais [Twitter]. Hannah is a senior researcher and journalist with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the co-author (with Jason Wilson) of Leaked Chats, Documents Show Atomwaffen Founders Path to Continue reading


Covid and A Parasitic World View "IndyWatch Feed National"


A fascinating video with Dr. Lee Merritt & Karen Kingston on Its All Parasites: Cancer, Vaccines, Remedies!</strong></p> <p>More pieces to the puzzle?</p> <p>Is this why Ivermectin had successes as proved by the metadata analysis from 95 studies?</p> <p>What is the purpose? <span id="more-35443"></span></p> <p>It is interesting to note some parasites more or less turn their hosts into the walking dead. (<a href= "" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">National Geo</a>)</p> <p style="padding-left: 40px;">These masters of mind control manipulate their hosts from within Some parasites can alter the behavior of their host in ways said Janice Moore, a biologist at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.</p> <p style="padding-left: 40px;">A parasite that can alter the behavior of its host, and in doing so improve its own transmission, is going to be favored by natural selection, she said. (See World War Z: Could a Zombie Virus Happen?)</p> <p> </p> <p>The post <a href= "" rel= "nofollow">Covid and A Parasitic World View</a> appeared first on <a href="" rel="nofollow">Gumshoe News</a>.</p>


March In Your Patch "IndyWatch Feed National"

March is the month named after Mars, the Roman God of War.  So March in your patch is an excellent time to wage war on it. Be it ripping out the weeds, mulching up a storm, or popping in a plethora of plants, March is the ultimate time to launch a full scale (but well planned) attack on you patch! So, all you weekend warriors March into action!

Warm Areas

Frost free or occasional light frosts (North from about Coffs Harbour and all the way across to the west to Geraldton)

  • Okay, its still pretty warm out there, but you could certainly consider popping in the following incredible edibles, especially towards the tail end of the month. Consider cabbage, Asian greens, rocket, silverbeet, cauliflower, beans, peas, spring onions, leeks, radish or cucumber.
  • Whack some lettuce in but consider popping them under a shade cloth tent if the days are still quite warm.
  • Hop into the herb patch with coriander (try a slow bolting variety if its still very warm), sweet basil, lemon grass and oregano.
  • Feeling fruity? Go Carmen Miranda with some strawberries, watermelon, citrus, rockmelon, pineapple and passionfruit!
  • Plants feel the need for a feed at this time of year. A seaweed tea, or any low environmental impact liquid fertiliser, is perfect for giving them a kick start as they establish. Apply to the soil early in the morning and in the concentrations mentioned on the packet.
  • Ave a go with an avocado!
  • Begin to prepare your potato beds now.youll be glad you did come April!
  • Pretty up the patch with these flowering fancies- marigolds, sunflowers and pansies, cornflowers, violas, snapdragons, stock, verbena and lavender (non-invasive varieties of course!). Popping these in around your veggies will give some colour and interest to the patch, and act as beneficial insect attractors!
  • Consider a green manure crop to add some life and love to an overworked patch. At this time of year, try millet, oats, lupins or field peas. This will improve your soil incredibly, and, as a bit of forward planning, youll find it well worth the effort!
  • Water smarter at this time of year. Water first thing in the morning, and instead of quickie irrigation, a nice, deep drink a couple of times a week is far more beneficial!
  • Top up mulch on your veggie patches, herb gardens and ornamental beds, especially important for weed suppression at this time of year. A hot tip is to mulch after watering the patch, to a depth of about 7cm. Keep mulch clear of plant stems.especially young seedlings. Choose a sustainable, low environmental impact mulch, one that will enrich your soil as it breaks down.
  • Weeding is an important job to do at this time of year. Cut down the competition between your tasty treats and these sp...


Malicious Prosecution Claims Many Children Removed by the State Are Removed Unlawfully "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pastor Paul Burton (5th from the L) and Andrew Katelaris (7th from the L) (DM on the L)

by Dee McLachlan

No authority seems to want to deal with wrongful child removals.

I rode up to Sydney to attend a Malicious Prosecution trial Pastor Paul Robert Burton and Dr Andrew Katelaris brought a CIVIL case of maliciously prosecution against two top government officials Lloyd Babb and Michael Coutts Trotter. It was to go over five days, and I arrived to be there on the second day.

Who are these government officials?

Mr Babb was the Director Of Public Prosecutions and Mr Coutts-Trotter was the Secretary of FACS NSW. By the way, the executive in charge of a...


Experts call for urgent whistleblower protections for migrant workers who report exploitation "IndyWatch Feed National"

A national coalition of over 40 legal service providers, unions, ethnic community peak bodies, churches, and national organisations is calling on Minister for Home Affairs Clare ONeil to urgently bring widespread migrant worker exploitation out of the shadows.  

Led by the Migrant Justice Institute and Human Rights Law Centre, the Breaking the Silence proposal urges the Federal government to establish whistleblower protections that would enable migrant workers to report exploitation without risking their visa.

The Albanese Governments wholesale review of Australias migration system will report in April, as the Government is devising strategies for faster and greater migrant intake. 

With hundreds of thousands of international students, skilled workers and backpackers arriving or returning to the country, there is a historic opportunity and urgent need to implement these reforms within the next six months.

Additionally from 1 July, the Government will reinstate limits on international student work hours, putting tens of thousands of underpaid students at risk of visa cancellation if they speak up for working extra hours in order to earn the equivalent of minimum wage.

The Migrant Justice Institute has surveyed over 15,000 migrant workers over the past 5 years. These studies consistently found that around three quarters of migrant workers earned below the casual minimum wage in Australia, and a quarter earned less than half that. Nine in 10 underpaid workers suffered in silence and took no action. 

Migrant workers generally endure exploitation in silence for fear of jeopardising their visa or ability to stay in Australia. The proposed reforms in Breaking the Silence include:

  •  A protection against visa cancellation for exploited migrant workers who take action against their employer and have breached their work conditions;

  • A short-term visa to allow exploited migrant workers to remain in Australia and pursue a claim against their employers, with visa security and the ability to work.

Sanmati Verma, Managing Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre says:

The conditions for exploitation are built into our visa system. If migrant workers cant speak up without fear of losing their place in Australia, most will never come forward. When they leave Australia, new migrant workers will simply replace them in those exploitative jobs.

These whistleblower protections must be a cornerstone of the governments migration reforms.

Associate Professor Laurie Berg, UTS, and Co-Executive Director of Migr...


China actually has a decent chance of negotiating a Russian-Ukrainian ceasefire "IndyWatch Feed National"

One year last Friday since the military presence of Russia in Ukraine, the proxy war on Russias border continues. The US and its allies settle in for ongoing war, and contrary to the claims, it is not going well. China has now put forward a 12-point peace plan. Andrew korybko (Andrew Korybkos Newsletter 25 February 2023) suggests that this presents the best chance of ending the war. Will this be allowed to happen? Korybkos article should be read by everyone.

The fast-moving sequence of diplomatic events that followed the release of Chinas peace plan on Friday Russias praise of it, Zelenskys unexpected interest, his announcement that he hopes to soon meet President Xi, and then Lukashenkos trip to Beijing next week extends credence to this prediction. The very fact that the Ukrainian leader didnt dismiss it outright like his American counterpart and other Western ones did is worthy of explanation since it defied many observers predictions.

Most observers are convinced that the Russian-NATO proxy war in Ukraine will be a protracted struggle due to each sides polar opposite envisaged end game in this conflict, yet China actually has a decent chance of negotiating a Russian-Ukrainian ceasefire after the positive reaction to its official peace plan. It was expected that Moscow would praise Beijings pragmatic 12-step proposal yet few could have foreseen that Kiev would also be interested in it too.

Zelensky reacted by saying that China started talking about Ukraine, and I think this is a good thing. But it actually begs the question, what will these words be followed with? The steps next are important, after which he announced that he has plans to meet with Chinese President Xi in the coming future. Approximately 24 hours later, his Belarusian counterpart Lukashenko disclosed that hell be traveling to the Peoples Republic on a state visit from 28 February-2 March.



Politicians of all stripes descend on Ross Lane for big announcement "IndyWatch Feed National"

NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Sam Farraway with local mayors and other representatives at the Ross Lane announcement. Photo David Lowe.

Yesterday a quiet driveway off flood-prone Ross Lane in Lennox Head was the scene of an unusual moment of pre-election fervour, when political representatives and candidates from across the region and every level of government came together to announce that something was finally being done about Ross Lane, along with numerous other roads across 26 disaster-declared LGAs.

Ballina Mayor Sharon Cadwallader spoke first, saying that almost $4 million to sort out Ross Lane was a great day for the local community. This important project is really something, she said. This is where the rubber hits the road, people. This is where things happen for our community. And I couldnt be more delighted.

NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, the Nationals Sam Farraway MLC then spoke about the wider funding announcement, with the NSW and Commonwealth governments coming together to support 57 road-related infrastructure programs across northern NSW, with $312 million in funding.

If were going to be serious about building back better, we need real and meaningful programs and projects and funding streams that are going to deliver, said Minister Farraway.


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Monday, 27 February


Youre The Voice "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Lidia Thorpe stopping the Sydney Pride March yesterday, (C) Thorpe becomes an independent Senator, and (R) Albo

 J.G. Olsen / Financial Expositor



Freeing the arts from the markets: a reading of Chokepoint Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed National"

On one read, chokepoint capitalism is really just plain old capitalism. The regulatory barriers (or moats) that companies erect to protect their monopolistic/monopsonistic powerincluding regulatory capture, neutering of competitors, complex contractual terms with suppliers, and straight up non-compliance with their legal obligationsare how capital works to protect and reproduce itself.

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Rents are continuing to rise and contribute to the housing crisis "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The exorbitant cost of housing across Australia isnt going down. Its continuing to go up instead. The main driver at this time is rents. They have recorded staggering increases over the last year, by as much as 47 percent at Katanning in West Australia. In other places they have risen at least 10 percent. capital cities, regional centres and towns are affected.

The lack of affordable rental housing should be regarded as a national disgrace and cause an immediate response. Australians are being pushed into housing poverty. Other than a lack of a job, there is the biggest part of todays cost of living crisis. This crisis wont be solved without the measures to lower rents.

Some commentators are blaming the rent problem on a worsening shortage of dwellings. Maybe this is true in some places. Mostly in the inner-city locations near universities, which have experienced a new influx of international students. But it is not the general case. and when policy is based on the fallacy that it is, the effect is to make the problem even worse.

Housing unaffordability has been and is still being driven by a rising proportion of ownership in the hands of fund managers and corporations, able to take advantage of negative gearing provisions, tax breaks, and other forms of government support like public/private partnerships. Foreign based investors are provided with the added bonus of a five-year tax write off.

These benefits, it is claimed, help to overcome the supply shortage.

These fund managers and are not mainly in it to make profit form rents. Their interest lies in profiting from rising asset values.

Nevertheless, they can use their monopoly strength to influence the market through their control of a sizable portion of the stock by either not letting it or using monopoly power to raise rents.

Statistics on the degree of fund manager and corporate ownership are sketchy. This not an area that is being researched well. What we do have, provides somewhere between 12 and 30 percent of all housing stock. This might not seem like a lot. But when you consider that this portion is in a few hands and concentrated in the capitals, it becomes far more sig...


Government urged to support equitable global access to medicines at WHO Pandemic Treaty meeting "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media Release  February 27, 2023

World Health Organisation (WHO) member governments will meet in Geneva this evening AEDT to start debating a draft Pandemic Treaty intended to learn from the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic and develop better strategies for future pandemics, to be completed in 2024.

Leading public health, fair trade, church, human rights and aid and development organisations have written to the Ministers responsible for Health, Foreign Affairs and Trade asking them not to repeat the catastrophic moral failure of inequitable global access to COVID vaccines, treatments and tests. The letter is attached. Quotes from organisation leaders are below.

The letter notes that World Trade Organization (WTO) rules for 20-year patents and other intellectual property rights on COVID-related products meant that most of the global production of vaccines, often produced with publicly -funded research, were sold at high prices to rich countries, with very low access for low-income countries. The COVAX vaccine donation scheme did not reach its modest targets of 20 per cent vaccination rates in low-income countries by the end of 2021, and even today these rates remain at only 27.7 per cent.

Because of delaying tactics by a few high-income countries, it took 20 months of negotiations for members of the WTO to agree to a limited change to patent rules for COVID vaccines only in June 2022. During this time research shows that over a million lives may have been lost through lack of access to vaccines. There is even less access to treatments and tests, and consideration of a waiver from WTO rules for them has again...

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Sunday, 26 February


Report: Community Food Forests and Orchards "IndyWatch Feed National"

Gavin Hardeys Churchill Fellowship project report To investigate the potential of community food forests and orchards

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Case against sling-tackle police officer thrown out - Australia's corrupt judicature "IndyWatch Feed National"

A magistrate has thrown out the criminal case against a police officer who knocked a man unconscious in a sling-tackle arrest during a heated anti-lockdown rally in 2021.

Beau Barrett, an acting sergeant, was suspended from Victoria Police and charged with recklessly causing injury and assault after footage of him tackling Daniel Peterson-English to the ground at Flinders Street Station went viral on social media.

Beau Barrett (centre) leaving Melbourne Magistrates Court in December.Credit:Joe Armao

The day Barrett tackled Peterson-English, hundreds of anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine mandate protesters marched through the CBD and occupied the Shrine of Remembrance, where they clashed with police attempting to clear the crowd.

Magistrate Rob Stary discharged the case on Friday morning, finding a jury could not possibly conclude Barrett had criminal intent and acted unlawfully when he tackled Peterson-English on September 22, 2021.

Stary said Peterson-English had acted in a menacing and abusive manner towards police, disregarding repeated requests from the officers to leave the station and keep his distance, and Barrett had acted on a perceived threat.

Mr Peterson-English acts in a manner that is entirely provocative, Stary told the court.

It may be that the arrest was executed in a way that is not in strict accordance with the manual, but whether it could be said to be unlawful and whether it could be said to be done without any regard to the probable consequences and criminal intent, in my view a jury properly instructed could not convict Mr Barrett of those offences.

The court earlier heard Peterson-English...


A Dissent in the Brunson Case? Appoint a Special Master "IndyWatch Feed National"

The High Bench, Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Editors Note: In her 23 February 2023 article, Mary Maxwell created a make-believe Supreme Court ruling in the Brunson case. She played the role of Chief Justice Jane Doe.  Now she offers a dissent in which she writes as Justice Henry Doe.

The United States Supreme Court

Petitioner Raland Brunson v Respondents Alma Adams et al

Dissent to the ruling dated March 21, 2023

Justice Henry Doe, with whom Justice Jeffrey Doe joins, dissenting

The majority opinion contains three flaws: 1. Its move to revive the Court of Equity is good but does not go far enough; a special master should be appointed to look into the allegation of an internal enemy and treason. 2. The time has come to discuss directly the way in which facts are precluded if they smack of conspiracy theory. 3. There is a need for sua sponte correction of...


WHY IS COVID ENDEMIC "IndyWatch Feed National"



AI Helps Crack NIST-Recommended Post-Quantum Encryption Algorithm "IndyWatch Feed National"

The CRYSTALS-Kyber public-key encryption and key encapsulation mechanism recommended by NIST for post-quantum cryptography has been broken using AI combined with side channel attacks.

The CRYSTALS-Kyber public-key encryption and key encapsulation mechanism recommended by NIST in July 2022 for post-quantum cryptography has been broken. Researchers from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, used recursive training AI combined with side channel attacks.

A side-channel attack exploits measurable information obtained from a device running the target implementation via channels such as timing or power consumption. The revolutionary aspect of the research (PDF) was to apply deep learning analysis to side-channel differential analysis.

Deep learning-based side-channel attacks, say the researchers, can overcome conventional countermeasures such as masking, shuffling, random delays insertion, constant-weight encoding, code polymorphism, and randomized clock. 

The NIST-recommended encryption algorithms are the result of a NIST competition designed to provide encryption able to withstand quantum-computer attacks. Shors quantum algorithm will be able to defeat current classical encryption in polynomial time when quantum computers become a reality. This is expected by some to be within the next five to ten years and has been called the cryptopocalypse.

The NIST approach to solving this issue is to develop more complex mathematical problems that are resistant to (although not necessarily proof against) quantum decryption. Such algorithms are described as quantum safe rather than quantum secure. Safe means it is safe until it is cracked; secure means it cannot be cracked by mathematical means. Basically, any pro...


NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet set to kill off the Liberal Party in NSW at the state election "IndyWatch Feed National"

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottets brothers are still fugitives in hiding from a corruption inquiry and the NSW Liberal Party still has 20 seats to fill with candidates with the state election only []

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Saturday, 25 February


Dangers of an Israeli spy in your pocket "IndyWatch Feed National"

My book review appears in todays Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age:

Imagine a weapon so powerful that it makes every person on the planet with a mobile phone potentially vulnerable. It isnt a scammer or traditional hacker but a new, much more virulent form of intrusion that takes control of all your personal information without you even knowing and uses those details to exercise intolerable influence over your life.

Israeli cyberweapon company NSO Group is the maker of Pegasus, the most infamous cyberweapon today. This tool has been used by democracies and despots for more than a decade, routinely sold by Israel to nations with which it wants friendlier relations.

From Saudi Arabia to Mexico, Pegasus has infected innumerable phones, many of which are owned by so-called enemies of the state including journalists, dissidents and human rights activists (though NSO claims its clients only target terrorists and criminals).

New York Times journalists Ronen Bergman and Mark Mazzetti wrote in early 2022 that, cyberweapons have changed international relations more profoundly than any advance since the advent of the atomic bomb. Its a debatable statement, but theres no question that numerous other nations, including the US, China, Iran, Canada, New Zealand, Russia and Australia, also develop and deploy cyberweapons against friends and foes.

This book is a fascinating insight into how a global collective of journalists, led by the French journalism non-profit Forbidden Stories, uncovered the extent of Pegasus spying with the help of Amnesty Internationals Security Lab. A leak of 50,000 phone numbers chosen for surveillance by NSO clients gave the reporters and technologists the ability to determine who exactly had been targeted, and why.

The aim, writes Laurent Richard and Sandrine Rigaud, was to confirm that cyberintrusion had been weaponised to stifle the free press and undermine political dissent. We would also be able to reveal that it was being weaponised at a sweep and scale that astounds and horrifies.

Ive spoken to countless victims of Pegasus spying, from the wife of a murdered Mexican journalist to a leading critic of the repressive Togolese regime in West Africa, and they all speak of the chilling effect when learning that their messages, photos and calls have been intercepted by nefarious forces. For some, though not all, it leads to self-censorship in their daily lives, such is the fear of being continually targeted.

The strength of this book lies in its detailed explanations of how to conduct this kind of investigation when not even...


GKP S5/E7 What is ChatGPT? "IndyWatch Feed National" Gday Folks, On this latest episode Im joined by Andy and Ethan to chat about the latest development in A.I. ChatGPT. Check it out as I blow their minds with an introduction into what its capabilities are. The members are going to see first hand the power of this tool as i demonstrate []


55 DAYS OF DEATH "IndyWatch Feed National"

Between 00:00 a.m. on the 1st january 2023 and 11:59 p.m. on the 24th February 2023, another 2,344 of our fellow Australians have died  as a direct consequence of having been unlawfully exposed to the Pneumonic Plague Virus that is commonly known as COVID-19.

31 St December 2022:





Coronial Inquest into Kumanjayi Walkers death to hear evidence from Aboriginal leaders on self-determined justice solutions "IndyWatch Feed National"

The coronial inquest into the police-shooting death of Kumanjayi Walker will next week hear evidence from Aboriginal experts on community-led solutions to prevent future deaths in custody of Aboriginal people.

On 9 November 2019, 19-year-old Warlpiri and Luritja teen Kumanjayi Walker was killed after being shot three times at close range by police officer Zachary Rolfe in his community of Yuendumu. Constable Rolfe was charged with murder after the shooting but acquitted at trial. 

The North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA), with support from the Human Rights Law Centre are highlighting systemic injustices experienced by Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory and call for:

  • an end to discriminatory policing and excessive use of force by police; 

  • independent and robust police accountability mechanisms; and 

  • proper resourcing for self-determined justice solutions, community-led alternatives to police and community-controlled health services. 

Quotes from Dr John Paterson, Acting CEO at North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA): 
As the coronial inquest recommences next week, the family and community of Kumanjayi Walker lead with tremendous strength. They continue to participate in this demanding process, at great personal cost to themselves and their families. At a time when we are set to hear evidence from Aboriginal experts and community members calling for self-determined justice solutions, we stand behind the family and the Yuendumu community in their calls for answers, accountability and justice for Kumanjayi Walker.

Aboriginal communities and organisations have always had the answers. The families and community have shown dignity and leadership throughout this ordeal and continue to do so. They must be listened to, and governments must act on community calls for change. 

Hundreds of our people have died in custody since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody over 30 years ago. Yet governments continue to sit on their hands and fail to act. For as long as governments allow police to act with racism and impunity, deaths in custody will continue.

Quotes from Amala Ramarathinam, Acting Managing Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre: 

While this inquest has been a long and drawn out process, Kumanjayi Walkers loved ones and community continue to attend and participate at every step of the way. The family and community have led with dignity and strength throughout, as they gave evidence, welcomed the Coroner and all parties into their community and offered meaningful self-determined solutions, so that what happened to their loved one never happens to anyone else.


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Friday, 24 February


Draft of Suggested Wording for SCOTUSs Ruling in Brunson Case "IndyWatch Feed National"

Plato argues with Aristotle, as seen on outer wall of SCOTUS buildingPlato argues with Aristotle, as seen on outer wall of SCOTUS building, Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Editors note: The early part of this article contains the true content of Brunson v Adams, abridged, with our author Mary Maxwell inserting herself as Chief Justice Jane Doe. In the later part (under the photo of King Richard II), she speaks philosophically about the role of SCOTUS and presents options for solving the Brunson case. The pronoun we means the Court is speaking.

In The Supreme Court of the United States: RALAND J BRUNSON, Petitioner, v.
ALMA S. ADAMS, et, al., Respondents.  Decided [putatively] March 22, 2023

OPINION.  Ms Chief Justice Jane Doe delivers the opinion.

This case came to us from a citizen petitioner Brunson, disturbed by the refusal of 385 members of Congress to investigate allegations that the 2020 presidential election involved fraud. His case was dismissed at the district court in Utah for lack of standing. At the Appeal level in the Tenth Circuit, Respondents argued that they have immunity. We have jurisdiction, under 28 U.S.C.A. 1257(a).


Petitioner asks for speedy consideration as This case uncovers a serious national security breach that is...


Final Results of the 2022 Judith Wright Poetry Prize "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overland, the judges and the Malcolm Robertson Foundation are thrilled to announce the final results of the 2022 Judith Wright Poetry Prize.

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Final Results of the 2022 Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overland, the judges and the Malcolm Robertson Foundation are thrilled to announce the final results of the 2022 Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize.

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Fiction | A Collection of Endings "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is, apparently, a certain psychology attributed to those who collect and hoard. I am not sure if I fit the mould of a subject suffering from early deprivation or having an intense fear of intimacy, but I am a collector. I collect endings. Each one is different in its own singular way. Maybe I even orchestrate them in my life: manipulate break-ups, terminations, conclusions, finales. Such a habit might be symptomatic of a particular disorder, possibly a certain form of masochism.

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UNHAPPY ANNIVERSARIES. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today marks 2 very unhappy anniversaries the first anniverary is Russias ill-fated, illegal invasion of Ukraine, and the second anniverary is that 13 years ago, I set up this Ronalds space web blog in an effort to try and stop the Australian Federal Parliament from continually exploiting, dominating, defrauding, and randomly killing people.

This postings short link:

Yes, it really has been 13-years since I posted this:


When justice finally prevails, I shall be out of a job until then, I shall continue to try and tell you the truth. ( A life-time job?)

MEMORY LANE: a brief look at the role of the Australian Federal Police See no evil policies and practices when it came to the problem of welfare recipients being def...


The notion that inflation is being caused by wages must be dumped "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The national accounts released on Wednesday show that wages remain stagnant as inflation rises.  This a stark rebuff of the ongoing claim by employer organisations and their political hacks, too high wages cause inflation.

Inflation happens when the quantity of money in circulation increases relative to what we can spend it on. By identifying what is causing the increase in the quantity of money, we come up with the cause of inflation at the time in question.

If wages have remained more or les static, they cant be the cause. It can be argued that a decrease a big enough effect.

Secondly, inflation is affected by the degree of growth of the national economy. If this is less than the growth in the money supply, the excess causes inflation. In the last financial year growth in the economy, as measured by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is said to have ben 5.9 percent. GDP per hour worked declined (0.7 percent) as did per unit labour costs (2.5 percent). Wage costs relative to output has decreased in net terms.

Prices went up by 8.5 percent. If wages were not the cause of inflation, then what was?

Consider the graph below.

It is clear from this that government the government contribution to GDP as measured has been minor. Changes in inventories, usually associated with increased output, has hardly moved.  The biggest contributor is private demand.

The graph below shows that non-discretionary spending on essentials(necessities) has remained static.  Discretionary spending on non-essentials experienced some Covid related disruption....


Australias internet speed plummeting "IndyWatch Feed National"

Every year the story is the same, where Australias internet speed is falling.

The buffoons in charge of the colony have no clue what theyre on about where the results speak for themselves, year after year.

From the survey conducted by in January 2023, Australias Fixed Broadband is rated at No. 76 globally.

According to some online project, Australia belongs to the First World list of countries, in essence meaning those who are aligned with the USs financial (debt based) fiat currency system.

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Thursday, 23 February


Challenging Misconceptions: The Positive Aspects of the Sovereign Citizen Movement in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

By General Maddox. Sovereign citizens, also known as freemen on the land, have been a topic of much controversy and misunderstanding in Australia. Often portrayed in the media as radical, anti-government extremists, they are actually a diverse group of individuals who are seeking to exercise their rights and freedoms within the law. At the heart []


5 Tips To Overcome The Overwhelm "IndyWatch Feed National"

Many of us are feeling the overwhelm lately Here are 5 steps to keep it at bay.


From work to text, and back again: ChatGPT and the (new) death of the author "IndyWatch Feed National"

Generative models extinguish the dream that Barthess Death of the Author articulates by fulfilling it. Their tissue of signs seems less like revolution and more like the fear that AI will create a recursive postmodern nightmare world of perpetual sameness that we will all accept because we no longer remember otherwise or how to create an alternative.

The post From work to text, and back again: ChatGPT and the (new) death of the author appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Bulga State Forest logging protesters get good behaviour bonds "IndyWatch Feed National"

Knitting Nannas outside the Taree Court House supporting Aaron Crowe, Susie Russell, and Isla Lamont. Photo Supplied

Protests and watch camps have been part of actions throughout the North Coast of NSW over the last several months as locals have sought to protect their local state forests from logging. 

Yesterday, 22 February three activists who had been arrested at the Bulga State Forest action site faced court. All had pleaded guilty to the offences of entering a prohibited forest and putting themselves in an unsafe situation. Each of the three received no conviction and a nine month good behaviour period.

Magistrate Allison Hawkins took into account their good character and the fact that the offences occurred on forestry land and had not been an inconvenience to the general public.



Who blew the Nord gas pipelines and will they be held to account? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

The Baltic Sea Nord Stream1and 2 gas pipelines were blown up on 26 September last year. The initial response from some quarters was that the Russians did the deed. No one explained what they would have to gain by destroying their own multi-billion-dollar project, and one that would do a great deal to lift foreign trade earnings.

The gas wasnt flowing anyway. Nord 1 had been turned off over the conflict in Ukraine. This was to punish Germany for its involvement. Nord 2 had not yet entered service.

The story about Russia doing the bombing made no sense and died very quickly. Next came the accusation that it was the United States, via a story penned by American journalist Seymour Hersh Seymour Hershs who said that President Joe Biden personally ordered the deed. Washington has not denied it.

Nord stream gas pipeline sabotage

Video from Amit Sengupta

Given the probable blow to American prestige and the Wests involvement in Ukraine if this were to continue to air, the wests major media outlets put an effective ban on the story. The Nord pipeline is something not to be talked about.

Such an act is a major crime. To make it worse, it created a major environmental disaster over the Baltic region and added considerably to global carbon emissions.

All of this provides grounds to suspect that Washington was involved.

The hastily drawn up friendly nations team to conduct an investigation and bypass any that might come from the United Nations adds further grounds for suspicion.

Under these circumstances, it is no surprise that Russia  has no trust in the partisan investigation by only nations actively involved on the other side of the Ukraine conflict. Russia has called for an independent United Nations investigation. The partisan western nations are refusing to allow this to happen and accuse Russia of trying t...




The following statements were made by Tony Abbott on the 11th Febraury 2010 in regard to the 4 Home Improvement Program (HIP) deaths. 

These comments put the (current) 19,265 COVIDGATE deaths in their proper context, which is that most of these deaths  are culpable homicides and those responsible for these fatalities need to be held accountable before the courts.

This postings short link:


How Queenslands Human Rights Act protects fugitive Australian journalist Shane Dowling from being extradited to NSW "IndyWatch Feed National"

On the 3rd of September 2021, the NSW Supreme Court sentenced Shane Dowling (me) to 10 months jail for contempt of court and issued an arrest warrant but the Queensland Human Rights []

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Wednesday, 22 February


Your Guide to Swimming Pool Equipment "IndyWatch Feed National"

When it comes to your swimming pool, having the right equipment is your one and only hope of keeping your pool in perfect shape. While some of this equipment is essential and some you can take or leave, they all play a role in helping you stay on top of maintenance and enjoy your pool the way its meant to be enjoyed.

While talking about pool equipment might not be the most exciting topic, its important that you have all the necessary pieces to keep your pool sparkling clean. Today, well take a look at some of the most popular pool accessories and the role they play in pool maintenance.

Media Filters

There are many kinds of filtration systems designed to remove solid matter from your pool, and a media filter is one of the most popular. Media filters are circular-shaped tanks that work by having water from your pool pumped into them, which both traps microscopic particles and allows water to travel through them and go back to the pool.

As the media filter continues to clean your pool, the debris particles will build up and eventually start to block water from travelling through freely. With this in mind, you must regularly backwash or reverse the water flow to get rid of these particles.

Cartridge Filters

Along with media filters, cartridge filters are one of the most widely-used pool filtration systems. Cartridge filters are cylindrical tanks that come with a removable pleated filter. Unlike media filters, they do not need to be back-washed and can simply be lifted out and hosed down.

One of the main benefits of cartridge filters is that they perform exceptionally well at lower speeds and work perfectly with energy-efficient variable-speed pumps. This can help make the costs of maintaining your pool cheaper and save you a considerable amount on your energy bills over the years.

Water Pumps

Together with your water filter, your water pump works to keep your pool clean and free from unwanted bacteria and sediments. If you dont have a properly functioning water pump, your water filter will be of no use because therell be no water passing through it.

The water pump you choose needs to be in line with the specifications of your filter so that your pump wont prematurely damage or destroy it. Pumps are much more expensive than filters, so you want to make sure your pump is well taken care of and properly maintained.

Pool Liners

The main role of a pool liner is to cover up the walls and floor of your pool and create a barrier between the walls of your pool and the water inside of it. This is done to prevent leaks and protect the structural integrity of your pool, as well as prevent the growth of mould and algae.

Pool liners can ser...


Essential Tool Maintenance Tips "IndyWatch Feed National"

Whether youre a tradie out on a job or a fitter and turner in a workshop, no work gets done without your tools. But they sure take a beating. Theyre constantly subjected to tough working conditions, grease, grime and physical damage.

Your tools are your livelihood, as well as a major financial investment, so its in your best interest to ensure they are taken care of and well maintained. This will ensure that you get the longest life out of them and that theyre always in pristine condition and good working order to help you get the job done properly.

Properly maintaining your tools is also important for workplace safety. A poorly maintained, damaged or defective tool is a potential safety hazard and could cause serious injury.

Today, were going to look at some basic tips for keeping your tools well-maintained and in pristine working condition. Not only will this mean that your tools are always ready to do the work that you need them to, but it will also save you money down the road on repairs or replacements.

Regularly Inspect Tools

Proper Workshop Tool maintenance starts with regularly inspecting your tools. Depending on the tool, some common things to check for include:

  • Loose or cracked handles
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Cracked housings
  • Frayed insulation or exposed wires
  • Excessive vibration or noise
  • Difficulty starting
  • Blunt or damaged blades

If you find any instances of damage, you should get them looked at or repaired before attempting to use the tool, as damaged tools pose a serious safety risk.

Electric and Battery Tools

Taking proper care of your electric tools is crucial for not only extending the life of your tools, but also for ensuring that they continue to perform as expected. You should thoroughly clean and inspect your tool before every use, checking for frayed wires, cracked or worn housings, and other signs of damage.

Additionally, make sure that all fasteners and nuts are tightened securely before operation. If you are using a corded electric tool, ensure that the power cord is unplugged from the wall outlet when youre not using the tool in order to avoid potential hazards. You should also take care to ensure that cords are never positioned where they are a trip risk or could be driven over by vehicles.

For battery tools, its important to ensure that battery packs are properly charged using appropriate chargers. Battery packs should be properly stored to prevent damage and regularly inspected for damage, swelling or splitting.

When storing your electric tools, place......


FixedIt: He didnt rape social media "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nine News published an AAP report on a rapists appeal against his sentence under a headline that not only erases the 14 women and girls this man raped and terrorised, it also completely misrepresents the actual case.

The rapist claimed his initial sentence was crushing. In response, the court said this analysis is flawed and of little assistance. One of the judges pointed out that An offender sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment may well consider the sentence to be crushing but in many cases a long sentence may be the proportionate response to the circumstances of that case.

AAP chose a discredited quote to sensationalise a headline and then they erased all the women and girls this man chose to rape. He didnt rape social media. He didnt rape those women and girls because of social media. He raped them because he chose to commit a crime against them. How does social media earn a place in this headline? Are they trying to suggest hed never have raped a woman if hed had his Facebook account removed?

One of the things Ive learned since I started FixedIt is that women, men, and even children who are raped or abused by violent men will often read media reports about the crimes committed against them. Its part of trying to understand what happened, why it happened and what other people think about the perpetrator did to them.

The women and girls he raped were aged between 15 and 28. Imagine being one of those women, or someone who loves them, and reading this headline. How it would feel to see his sentence described as crushing and his crime minimised to social media rape.

These headlines are not victimless crimes.

The trial judge called his actions depraved, despicable and evil. Theres some words that might belong in this headline.

The rapist was initially sentenced to 40 years, with a 30-year non-parole period. An error was identified (the starting point for his indicative sentence on one count was higher than the maximum penalty) and the appellate judges imposed a sentence of 35 years with a non-parole period of 26 years and three months. A reduction, yes, but this is not the story told by an inaccurate, sensationalised, misleading, and ignorant headline.


If youre reading this on social media, links to all the articles are on the post on my website:

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back ag...


BRISBANE BOWLO BASH! Bowling clubs becoming a thing of the Aussie past "IndyWatch Feed National"

EXCLUSIVE: Bowling clubs are becoming fewer and further between in Queensland's capital city as the great Aussie pastime of going down to 'the bowlo' is being replaced by that other great Aussie pastime: property development and gentrification. Linda Rose reports.


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

We declare that the splendour of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed. This week on Yeah Nah Pasaran! we talk to Meghan Conroy [Twitter]. Meghan works at the Digital Forensic Research Lab and Continue reading


Actions of the Reserve Bank of Australia as defined by law "IndyWatch Feed National"

The actions of the Reserve Bank of Australia, must comply with the law, that being the Reserve Bank Act 1959.

Reserve Bank of Australia building, 65 Martin Place, Sydney. 
Designed in 1959 by the Commonwealth Department of Works.

See the original Act:


DEFINING MURDER "IndyWatch Feed National"


The question is properly one of fact, as dependent on the existence of peril, and the design to expose to peril.
Justice Brooking at paragraph 29 of Crown versus Faure (VSCA 166 1999.)

In the same paragraph, which was over 2-pages in length, Justice Brooking further defined the crime of murder with this statement It is the design to place in peril that constitutes the crime.


Criteria #1: The existence of peril.

The first COVID-19 fatality in Australia occurred on the 26th January 2020:


Joe Biden visits Ukraine to talk up war "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Unites States President Joe Biden turned up in Ukraine this week. A big deal was made of it. After all, to go into a war zone is extremely dangerous, which the propagandists zealously promoted. The narrative is that Ukraine backed with Western military support is winning the war.

Nice story. The trouble with it is that its fiction. True enough, Biden did turn up in Kyiv. But he did so after an agreement with the Russians  that there would be no attack. Backing this is the little fact that the Russians can hit the capital any time they want. This has been proved. The strategy has never been to take the city. The focus has been on the Russian speaking majority territories.

While there, Biden waxed lyrical about defending democracy against autocracy. He failed to mention that the present administration in Kyiv emerged out of a coup against an elected government and the outlawing of opponents. He failed to mention Ongoing attacks against the Russian speaking population. He failed to mention anything about the key role being played by the Azov Battalion and other Nazi militias in the war effort.   

Zelensky speech with Nazi Azov Battalion prompts Greek lawmakers to walk out

Video from The Hill

On board was the team of handpicked and embedded journalists to do the job of sanitising the story and as propagandists for war. No one else was allowed to be there.

More important is why Biden went there. Two plausible explanations exist, one domestic, and the other involving foreign policy.

There is a presidential election next year. Biden intends to stand. His problem is that he is unpopular. The tide is even turning within the Democratic Party. His main base of support is the Wall Street faction funding the party. Even here there is some uncertainty.


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Tuesday, 21 February


Australias credibility on human rights at risk as UN terminates visit to Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The United Nations torture prevention body has formally terminated its visit to Australia after being forced to leave the country early in October following the prevention of full access to prisons and mental health facilities in New South Wales and Queensland. 

Terminating a visit has only happened on one other occasion to Rwanda. Since its establishment 15 years ago, the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UN SPT) have made over 80 visits to more than 60 countries.  

In 2017, Australia ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT), requiring every state and territory to have designated a National Preventive Mechanism to carry out inspections and oversight of police and prison cells (as well as other places of detention) to protect against torture, mistreatment, abuse and systemic failings.  

Despite having 5 years and multiple deadlines, including the latest deadline in January, Australia has failed to implement anti-torture mechanisms for people behind bars. 

The SPTs termination of its visit is yet another blight on Australias international human rights track-record and puts Australias credibility on human rights issues at risk. Australia is now also in danger of being included on a UN list of countries whose lack of OPCAT compliance is concerning. 14 other countries on this list (such as Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan) are also substantially overdue in meeting their OPCAT obligations. 

Maggie Munn, Gunggari person and Acting Executive Officer, Change The Record:

The rates with which human rights abuses occur in this country within detention facilities, prisons, and hospital or care settings is outrageous and we had an opportunity to shine a light on that and bring about change with the United Nations SPT visit. That this opportunity no longer exists because of state governments playing politics and refusing the entry of the delegation to these facilities is an appalling stain on Australias human rights record. 

Legal, advocacy, health and community services sectors have long called for our governments to implement OPCAT and to put an end to the human rights abuses that continue to cause harm to so many. States and territory governments must stop playing politics with peoples lives, and start upholding international human rights laws.

Amala Ramarathinam, Acting Managing Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre: 

It is a stain on Australias human rights record that the UN has been forced to terminate its visit. The Don Dale Royal Commission, the Disability Royal Commission, the Aged Care Royal Commission, as well as many other inquiries and coronial inquests, have painted a dire picture of the hu...


How to Make the Perfect Pizza Dough "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. A large part of this dishs appeal is its versatility. It can be carefully made to suit either the wild taste buds of children or the discerning taste of a connoisseur.

But what is it exactly that makes pizza great? Is it the toppings? The sauce? The radius of the pie? Depending on ones preferences, the best topping and the best sauce is going to differ greatly from person to person.

That being said, one aspect of pizza that should stay consistent is the quality of the dough. The pizza dough is quite literally the foundation of this famous Italian dish. Without a proper foundation, everything else falls apart.

To help you out, here are some key tips for making the perfect pizza dough. With these tips, youll be sure to impress your friends and family with your homemade pie!

  1. Gather the Right Ingredients
    To make pizza dough, all you need are five simple ingredients: flour, warm water, yeast, olive oil and salt.Making sure you get the right amounts of each ingredient is essential for achieving the perfect dough.Start by measuring out one teaspoon of active dry yeast into a bowl of warm water and let stand for a few minutes.Next, combine 2 cups of flour with 1 teaspoon of fine-grain sea salt or table salt if thats what you have on hand in a large bowl.Finally, pour about 2 tablespoons of olive oil into the measuring cup and then stir it into the flour and salt mixture.
  2. Combine the Dry Ingredients in a Bowl
    Next, start combining these ingredients in a bowl. At this stage, you can also add any herbs or spices you would like.Whisk these together with a wooden spoon until everything is evenly mixed. During the process, you should start slowly adding some more warm water little by little, making sure youre working towards an elastic consistency.Kneading will help further develop the gluten in the dough and make it less sticky.At the end, your dough should form a sticky ball which is stretchy and soft but not too wet or dry.
  3. Cover the Dough with Plastic Wrap or a Damp Cloth and Let It Rise in a Warm Place
    After mixing up your dough, youll want to cover it with either plastic wrap or a damp cloth and place it in a warm spot for about an hour or two. During this time the dough will rise and small bubbles will appear on the surface. When that happens, youre free to shape it into whatever size pizzas you like.This method of letting the dough rise before cooking ensures that your pizza bases are light and fluffy rather than dense and chewy when baked. So, dont skip this step if youre aiming for divinely delicious dough with some fluff.
  4. Pre-Bake the Dough



<div class="wp-caption aligncenter" id="attachment_11801" style= "width: 325px;"><a href= "" rel="attachment wp-att-11801"><img alt="" class= "size-full wp-image-11801" height="292" src= "" width="315"></a> <p class="wp-caption-text" id="caption-attachment-11801">DID BUREEUCRATS MURDER CORPORAL SHAUN SPAIN IS A QUESTION OF LAW</p> </div> <h1><strong>Under Section 302, of Queenslands Crimes Act, was Corporal Shaun Spain murdered by the Department of Veterans Affairs? That is a question that I have put to both the Defence & Veteran Suicide Royal Commission and the Robodebt Royal Commissison.

Please share this link:

To skip the text and see and hear some of my submissions, watch this 24-minute  video that is tilted <em>It is very easy to kill, so long as no one suspects you</em>:</strong></h1> <h1><strong><a href= "" rel= "nofollow"></a></strong></h1> <h1><strong>Was criminal abuse of public office by bureucrats the common link be...</strong></h1>


Government allows Real Estate fraud to STILL flourish: False Advertising "IndyWatch Feed National"

An advertised look of the house

The government (deliberately) allows fraud to occur in the real estate industry, where in fact it actually supports it.

Why would it not?

After all its a huge cash cow for the government, so why would anyone want to take an action to shoot one in the foot?

Quite simply put the higher the prices the more tax the government reaps from the serfs.

One way to achieve overinflated prices is falsely advertise the property, in this case Photoshop it or modify the lacklustre original  photo.

The real look of the house

MANY other industries are penalised, where the fines are advertise to the general population, but theres crickets on the real estate front.

You could not play, but then that would mean you would not live in a house/flat/apartment or even in a rental property.


King of Australia. No legal instrument to create one. Questions deliberately unanswered! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Proclamation of the King

The author of this request to the Prime Minister and Cabinets Office sought to discover the legal instrument to create the new title for the King of Australia distinct from the King of the United Kingdom. In 1973 the Queen of Australia was created by statute within the Royal Style and Titles Act, this was the statutory creation of Australian Queen allbeit beyond the power within the Constitution to do so.

The Act provided a mechanism of general acceptance for the Queen to adopt a new title to be used in relation to Australia and its Territories. The author of the request below attempted to discover the legal instrument that created the new title for the King to adopt for the same purpose 'so as to be used in relation to Australia and its Territiories.'

The first 3 question have failed to be satisfied and it is only the last question below...

  4.  The legal instrument or mechanism which authorises the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, on advice from the Prime Minister, to proclaim the succession of the British Crown.

... Thats has been satisfied. That of the legal instrument to proclaim the succession of the British Monarch. But what of the new Royal Style and titles Act to create the new title for the King to adopt for use in relation to Australia and its Territories? It is still wanting to this day. Where in this constitutional monarchy of Australia can we look to for the valid legal creation of a new title to be used in relation to Australia and its Territories that the King can adopt?

The proclamation is merely a description and not a legal title and the first three questions of the below request remain unanswered.

See the government's response to the Freedom of Information request:



NASA's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Study "IndyWatch Feed National"


My 12 July 2021 blog article titled "NASA and UAP: an updated official statement is available," drew attention to a 10 June 2021 interview with NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, by U.S. media outlet "Politico."

In the "Politico" article, Nelson revealed that, as a member of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, he was briefed, on observations of UAP by Naval aviators. So, he had later, once he joined NASA, directed a senior member of staff, Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, to look into the topic.

In my own article, I described then recent statements by NASA personnel about UAP; and the contents of part of NASA's own website, which presented a then current statement about UAP. 

NASA study of UAP

On 9 June 2022 a NASA media release came out titled "NASA to Set Up Independent Study on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena." It read:

"NASA is commissioning a study team to start early in the fall to examine Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) - that is, observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena - from a scientific perspective. The study will focus on identifying available data, how best to collect future data, and how NASA can use that data to move the scientific understanding of UAPs forward.

The limited number of observations of UAPs currently makes it difficult to draw scientific conclusions about the nature of such events. Unidentified Aerial Phenome...


Forest defenders merry-go-round of camp sites "IndyWatch Feed National"

Locals who created a watch camp at Doubleduke State Forest have now moved four times and are looking for another camp area. Photo supplied

Police, NSW Forestry and National Parks have all informed local forest protection activists that they are not welcome on public land, at a range of sites, to set up a watch camp on logging activities of NSW Forestry at Doubleduke State Forest. 

The Save Banyabba Koalas forest protection camp has now been moved on four times after originally setting up legally in Tabbimobile and then Doubleduke State Forests. 

Originally they set up in Tabbimobile State Forest before they were told to move and they relocated to Doubleduke State Forest (which is next door to Tabbimobile). It was here that six police vehicles were sent to shut down the Save Banyabba Koalas forest protection camp, said Susie Russell, North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) spokesperson, told The Echo.

The camp moved to another, open area, of Doubleduke State Forest. On Sunday they had up to 30 people visit the camp as part of an open day before NSW Forestry arrived on the Sunday afternoon to inform them that they had to move as both Tabbimobile and Doubleduke State Forests were being clo...


Its time to tame the pokies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is home to 0.3 per cent of the world's population but 20 per cent of the world's pokies. Pokies' users in New South Wales lose an average of $4,500 per person every year, or $11.4 billion a year. It's time to make the gutless politicians tame the pokies.

The post Its time to tame the pokies appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Enter a new UAP database player - Enigma Labs LLC "IndyWatch Feed National"

This year there has been a surge in the number of companies which have launched UAP databases. These include PhenomAInon; UPDB; and Enigma Labs.


On 7 May 2022, a new website called PhenomAInon, was launched by OtoAI Limited Liability Company. Papers to create this new LLC, were filed on 28 May 2021, filing number 2021-001008746, showing its home address as Sheridan, Wyoming. Its registered agent was an entity called Cloud Peak Law LLC. The home page of the website states:

"PhenomAInon is the world's first Cloud native Data and AI platform for phenomenon based data analysis. We are building a connected framework and Open Source Phenomenon Platform (OSPP) to provide data ingestion, data and AI analysis, and insights pipeline for research, collaboration, and community."

In a blog post dated 8 May 2022, I noted that the various individual databases that appear on the PhenomAInon website, were remarkably similar to those created by Jacques Vallee, in his CAPELLA data warehouse, perpared by him, on behalf of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) for the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP.) Later, many of the BAASS related individual databases were withdrawn from the PhenomAInon site, although no reason was ever given for this latter action.

In attempting to determine how these DIA AAWSAP BAASS generated databases came to be made publicly available I noted that in the book "Skinwalkers at the Pentagon" by James T. Lacatski et al, there is the following quote:

"The authors are aware that the AAWSAP BAASS Date Warehouse, rather than lying fallow in a dusty warehouse or on a discarded hard drive, has been recently reactivated and is currently in use in various locations related to the government study of UAPs."


Establishment of the US Department of Defence All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media release

On 20 July 2022, the U.S. Department of Defense published a media release titled "DoD Announces the Establishment of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office." The text of the release reads:

"On July 15, 2022, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, in coordination with the Director of National Intelligence [DNI], amended her original direction to the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security by renaming and expanding the scope of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group [AOIMSG] to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office [AARO], due to the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2022, which included a provision to establish an office, in coordination with DNI, with responsibilities that were broader than those originally assigned to the AOIMSG.

Today, USD (I&S) Hon Ronald S.  Moultrie informed the department of the establishment of AARO within the office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, and named Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick, most recently the Chief Scientist at the Defense Intelligence Agency's Missile and Space Intelligence Center, as the Director of AARO.

The mission of the AARO will be to synchronize efforts across the Department of Defense, and with other US federal departments and agencies, to detect, identify and attribute objects of interest in, on or near military installations, operating areas, training areas, special use airspace and other areas of interest, and, as necessary, to mitigate any associated threats to safety of operations and national security. This includes anomalous, unidentified space,...


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

<div class="elementor elementor-54849"> <div class="elementor-inner"> <div class="elementor-section-wrap"> <section class= "elementor-section elementor-top-section elementor-element elementor-element-1951348 elementor-section-boxed elementor-section-height-default elementor-section-height-default"> <div class="elementor-container elementor-column-gap-default"> <div class="elementor-row"> <div class= "elementor-column elementor-col-100 elementor-top-column elementor-element elementor-element-da0e75a"> <div class="elementor-column-wrap elementor-element-populated"> <div class="elementor-widget-wrap"> <div class= "elementor-element elementor-element-b040275 elementor-widget elementor-widget-text-editor"> <div class="elementor-widget-container"> <div class="elementor-text-editor elementor-clearfix"> <h3><strong>As Close as we Could Get: Karnos Words & Deeds

By Steven & Evan Strong


Over the last four decades I have met many Original Elders. For some the title is a self-proclaimed political statement that has little to do with cultural wisdom known and is more about a tally of grey hairs. For others, they are indeed worthy recipients of an acknowledgement of their knowledge of Original Lore. But beyond that there are three Elders where any such description falls well short of the mark.

                The late Aunty Beve and Uncle Marbuck are Elders of the highest degree, their Original Lore pedigree is impeccable. But above and beyond their lofty station, stood Karno. From our perspective, which granted is subjective, we have never met anyone as immersed in Old Way sensibilities as Karno. From the first meeting, what stood out was that deep penetrating stare. It was something any on the receiving end fully agree that when he did focus on you there were no secrets, everything was exposed. So many others said exactly the same thing, they insisted that when he did really lock in on someone, their soul, and the deep inner secrets held within, were his for the taking.</p> <p>...</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </section> </div> </div> </div>


Federal government called out over $50,000 mining gift at Mann and Clarence rivers "IndyWatch Feed National"

The junction of the Mann and
Clarence Rivers. Corazon site top left. Photo supplied

Why have Federal Labor gifted $50,000 to Corazon Mining to continue drilling operations at the junction of the Mann and Clarence Rivers is the question being asked by the Clarence Catchment Alliance (CCA).

This question is particularly relevant considering during last years Federal elections every candidate for electorate for Page at the 2022 federal election, support[ed] the call for an end to mining activities in the Clarence River catchment, said the CCA in a press release.

Residents of the Clarence, who have made their opposition to mining exploration in their catchment very clear, need to know that the Federal Government has recently gifted $50,000 dollars to Corazon Mining, by way of an Innovation Connections Grant, to continue drilling operations at Mt Gilmore west of Grafton at the junction of the Mann and Clarence Rivers, said the CCA. 

This is hard-earned taxpayers money and comes on top of 200,000 taxpayer dollars provided to the same company by way of a co-drilling grant a year earlier.



State Budget Must Fund Concessions Reform "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 21 February 2023

MEDIA RELEASE: The South Australian Council of Social Service today called on the state government to fund concession reform in the next state budget. Transport, health, utilities and cost of living concessions are the most direct way the state government provides financial support to low-income households, but the concessions system is fundamentally broken and people are missing out on the support they need to cover basic living costs.


The Albanese governments carbon Safeguard Mechanism must go further than what is being proposed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The Albanese Government is rapidly pushing through changes to the Safeguard Mechanism, which is part of its response to climate change causing carbon emissions, and the previous governments utter failure. It could come into effect as early as 1 July this year.  Legislation must get through the parliament first.

Labors Mechanism claims to provide a path towards achieving the policy of reducing carbon emissions by 43 percent by the end of this decade. This is certainly a step up from what Scott Morrisons government had offered. The question is, is this still enough?

Australia is not going to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere alone. This requires a global effort. But achieving this is a political process. IA process that needs nations in the best position to lead by example. If Australia offers such leadership, other nations, especially in our part of the world, would be encouraged. They would be convinced that economically more advanced nations were not using the situation to impose the burden on those less economically advanced.

Decisive action by the Australian government is also the way to win the publics support. Only through this, can the publics involvement as participants in cleaning the mess and creating alternatives be achieved. This would be another way of leading by example.

Unfortunately, the present government remains much too wary of upsetting the coal and gas corporations. They and their lobbyists are powerful and donate t election campaigns. When bowing to them, Labor weakens its own policy and allows loopholes. The main one is to continue with carbon offsets, allowing the polluters to buy their way out of reducing their emissions. This is a continuation of the old policy, and the target will not be met if this remains.

When the government continues to hand over billions of dollars of taxpayers money in generous handouts to the same corporations, it gives them little incentive to change. These handouts must end as well.

Pressure on the Albanese government to sort this out has been mounting. Whether this results in a bolder approach is yet to be seen.  

One thing we can be sure of it that the fortunes of the Albanese government ar...

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Monday, 20 February


A naturalized Chinese Tasmanian: Ah One from Hobart "IndyWatch Feed National"

While visiting Canberra in January 2021, I looked (again) at a collection of Tasmanian naturalization certificates held in the National Archives of Australia in series A804. Heres one of the stories found in these records which I tweeted at the time but have reproduced here for posterity. Lets have a look at one of


Blue Mountains Councils waste management? "IndyWatch Feed National"

  Live vegetation is waste management? Above is our consultants tree branch from his street verge taken out by Blue Mountains {city} Council waste management truck last Thursday 16th February 2023.  We felt Council might like to get out of its isolated ivory tower high rise offices away from ratepayers and find out what is actually []

The post Blue Mountains Councils waste management? appeared first on The Habitat Advocate.


The artist as essential worker "IndyWatch Feed National"

I am cautiously optimistic about the return of the artist as worker. Legislated fair pay, workplace safety, collective bargaining, public value, and yes, access to unemployment benefits offer a steady way forward for a troubled sector. Its no surprise that more radical plans for a post-work utopia are not in Labors sights: it remains our (essential) work to imagine them.

The post The artist as essential worker appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Australians are paying more for health despite the promises of government "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The cost of access to health services is rising in Australia. Anyone dependent on access to frugs from The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, those on the lowest incomes especially, are feeling the pinch of having to pay more out of pocket. At the start of 2021 the cost of a prescription for those on a health care card was $6. It is now $7.30.  This might not seem like much. But consider someone having to get four prescriptions per month. Around $30 out of pocket on a regular basis is a considerable blow, especially if already feeling the pinch from the rising cost of living in general.

It doesnt stop here. The out-of-pocket cost of seeing a doctor is going up too. The number of consultations fully bulk billed declined by 4 percent between 2019 and 2022. The gap between the Medicare rebate and charges by general practitioners continues to widen, causing those without a healthcare card to pay more. Even those with a healthcare card are increasingly having to pay something.

Note that the subsidisation of Covid vaccines distorted the figure coming from government and underestimating the rising cost of accessing the rest of the health system.

Consultations with specialists are even worse. Then there are the new or increased fees charged by hospitals for services. Health care card owners are hit with three consultation and then often hit with $75 a visit for health services referred to the private sector.

Australia is seeing a rise in the numbers not seeing a doctor because of the cost involved, and this is leading to poor health consequences.

We are starting to learn more about what is going on because the present government is a lit...


East coast whales swap singing for fighting "IndyWatch Feed National"

Researchers believe male whales began fighting for mates as populations recovered from widespread whaling, which ended in the 1960s. Image, UQ.

Male whales along Australias eastern seaboard are giving up singing to attract a mate, switching instead to fighting their male competition.

Associate Professor Rebecca Dunlop from The University of Queenslands School of Biological Sciences led research analysing almost two decades of data on humpback whale behaviour and found singing may no longer be in vogue when it comes to seduction.

In 1997, a singing male whale was almost twice as likely to be seen trying to breed with a female when compared to a non-singing male, said Dr Dunlop. But by 2015 it had flipped, with non-singing males almost five times more likely to be recorded trying to breed than singing males.

Big social changes

Its quite a big change in behaviour so humans arent the only ones subject to big social changes when it comes to mating rituals.

The researchers believe the change has happened progressively as populations recovered after the widespread cessation of whaling in the 1960s.

If competition is fierce, the last thing the male wants to do is advertise that there is a female in the area, because it might attract other males which could out-compete the singer for the female.

By switching to non-singing behaviour, males may be less likely to attract competition and more likely to keep the female.

If other males do find them, then they either compete, or leave.

Ramming, charging, and head butts

Dr Dunlop said in humpbacks, physical aggression tends to express itself as ramming, charging, and trying to head slap each other.

This runs t...


Tesla recalls 362,758 vehicles over Full Self-Driving software safety concerns "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tesla has issued a recall of its Full Self-Driving software, an advanced driver-assistance system that federal safety regulators say could allow vehicles to act unsafe around intersections and cause crashes.

Tesla said it is recalling certain 20162023 Model S, Model X; 20172023 Model 3; and 20202023 Model Y vehicles equipped with Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD Beta) software or those pending installation. The recall, which was posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations website, affects as many as 362,758 vehicles equipped with the software, according to the notice.

Tesla will release an over-the-air software update, free of charge, to fix the issue.

Tesla vehicles come standard with a driver-assistance system branded as Autopilot. For an additional $15,000, owners can buy full self-driving, or FSD a feature that CEO Elon Musk has promised for years will one day deliver full autonomous driving capabilities. Tesla vehicles are not self-driving.

Instead, FSD includes a number of automated driving features that still require the driver to be ready to take control at all times. It includes the parking feature Summon, as well as Navigate on Autopilot, an active guidance system that navigates a car from a highway on-ramp to off-ramp, including interchanges and making lane changes. The system is also supposed to handle steering on city streets and recognize and react to traffic lights and stop signs.


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Sunday, 19 February


Bonus Content Show #42 (TEASER) Matrix Glitches and NPC Phenomenon with Shannon Rowan "IndyWatch Feed National" Firstly if you like the conversation youre hearing please do subscribe to one of the links or On this 2 hour episode author Shannon Rowan joins me to discuss some odd occurrences that people have been documenting around the world. Are these Glitches in the Matrix? A belief has seemingly entered the []


Belmarsh Tribunal on Julian Assange co-sponsored by Declassified Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Im happy to announce that Declassified Australia, the news website that I co-founded in 2021, will be co-sponoring the upcoming Belmarsh Tribunal at Sydney University on 4 March.

Its the latest in a long tradition of similar events around the world, aiming to hold the powerful to account. In this case, its about highlighting the profound injustices of the ongoing incarceration of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

The speakers include:

Bernard Collaery
Bob Carr
Bridget Archer
David McBride
David Shoebridge
Dean Yates
John Kiriakou
Jennifer Robinson
Karen Percy
Kelly Tranter
Kerry OBrien
Kylie Moore-Gilbert
Mark Davis
Mary Kostakidis
Monique Ryan
Nadeena Dixon
Stella Assange
Yanis Varoufakis

More information is here.

PS. Declassified Australia recently obtained a Walkleys News Fund grant to assist us in the coming 12 months to develop and grow our independent journalism.

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Webcam footage of the night Friendlyjordies house was firebombed. What are the NSW Police doing? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The attempted murder of Jordan Shanks (Friendlyjordies) has not stopped him, and he has posted a new video on his YouTube channel titled Who firebombed Friendlyjordies?. In his video, Friendlyjordies asks for []

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Saturday, 18 February


PODCAST: Community independent Victoria Davidson seeking to unseat Perrottet Minister Anthony Roberts #LaneCoveVotes "IndyWatch Feed National"

IN MARGOS FIRST podcast for the upcoming NSW election, she chats with the independent candidate for Lane Cove, Victoria Davidson. Davidson is seeking to win the seat of Lane Cove from the deeply conservative Liberal MP, Anthony Roberts. Roberts is the Minister for Planning and the Minister for Homes in the Perrottet government. At the []


It was fun! Andrei Charretts first timer experience as a #MackellarVotes volunteer "IndyWatch Feed National"

IN DECEMBER 2021 I became a volunteer for Dr Sophie Scamps.  Why? I became increasingly frustrated about the Governments total lack of action on climate change and its obvious and escalating integrity issues. So I started following my local MP on social media (I recommend you do the same, regardless of where you stand politically).  []

Author information

Andrei Charrett

Andrei Charrett

Andrei Charrett, an engineer, has lived on the northern beaches for 20 years and loves spending time in the ocean surfing and kitesurfing. Andrei is married with two children who voted for the first time at the May 2022 election.

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Friday, 17 February


The Liverpool Plains, koalas and the #CSG industry: a briefing paper by Rosemary Nankivell "IndyWatch Feed National"

A word from Margo I FIRST VISITED the Liverpool Plains, THE NSW food bowl, and the surrounding nature refuge, the Pilliga, in 2014, when I live tweeted direct action to try (but failed) to save the endangered Leard State Forest being felled by Whitehaven Coal for a coal mine. Ill never forget visiting the Pilliga Pottery []

Author information

Rosemary Nankivell

Rosemary Nankivell

Rosemary is a farmer on the Liverpool Plains concerned about protection of farmland and water resources.


Case challenging age pension discrimination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be heard "IndyWatch Feed National"

A legal challenge against the Australian Government, seeking fair and equal access to the age pension for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, will be heard by the Full Federal Court next week.

Proud Wakka Wakka man Uncle Dennis* is bringing the case, where the Federal Government will face court for the first time in connection with its failure to close the gap in life expectancy between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous people. Uncle Dennis is bringing this case with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and the Human Rights Law Centre, with support from DLA Piper.

The Full Court will consider whether Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are denied equal access to the age pension due to lower average life expectancy, and whether the pension age for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be lowered. Uncle Dennis and his legal team will argue that the gap in life expectancy means that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people do not have the same opportunity to retire and receive support through the age pension as other Australians.

The Full Court has been presented with facts agreed between the parties, including that social, economic and health inequalities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as a direct result of colonisation contribute to the gap in life expectancy today.

Earlier this week, the Federal Government publicly acknowledged that the gap is not closing fast enough, and committed millions in additional funding towards Closing the Gap initiatives. It remains open to the Albanese government to take the initiative to address age pension inequality out of court, by making simple changes to the eligibility age for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Social Security Act.Such a move would support several Closing the Gap targets, by improving financial security and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people later in life.

Proud Wakka Wakka man Uncle Dennis said:
As an Aboriginal man, Ive seen too many of my people dying at a very early age. We are lucky to get to 50 years old.

White people are living longer because they havent lost what we have lost. This is about acknowledging what happened here. So many things that Aboriginal people are suffering from today, are because of how we have been treated since colonisation. Our language, our culture, our identity comes from this land. We didnt have a problem, a problem came here.

Its only fair for the pension age to be lowered. The pension is an important part of caring for and looking after our people when they cant work anymore.

But this isnt just about money. This is about telling the truth and doing whats right. If we dont tell the truth we will never be free.Things will never get better unless we acknowledge something is wrong. Truth and accounta...

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Thursday, 16 February


LEAKED VIDEO: Daily Mail Australia caught manufacturing fake news "IndyWatch Feed National"

The mainstream media lies to the people all the time.

Sometimes you can prove it, other times you can't.

Another way to lie is via ommission.



The consequences of love: Centrelinks relationship-testing and eugenics "IndyWatch Feed National"

Much has been written about how Australias welfare system operates as a way of punishing marginalised, disabled and poor people simply for being poor, creating what is effectively a system of eugenics. However, the aspect of the welfare system that most deserves this label is one of the least talked about. Lets discuss Centrelink's relationship-testing.

The post The consequences of love: Centrelinks relationship-testing and eugenics appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Doubling down at Doubleduke State Forest "IndyWatch Feed National"

Locals have created a watch camp at Doubleduke State Forest. Photo supplied

Locals up and down the coast of NSW are standing up to protect koalas, wildlife and forests and are putting themselves on the line. A watch camp is now being set up by locals at Doubleduke State Forest, between Grafton and Casino.

Regardless of the draconian state laws that have been put in place to deter non-violet peaceful action by the coalition government and supported by NSW Labor, locals are taking action. From the Bulga State Forest on the mid-north which inspired locals to take action at Lorne State Forest to Yarratt Forest north of Taree they are seeking to protect their forests from logging and the damage to koalas and other native animals. 



BEHROUZ BEAT THE RAT OF COLONISATION! A night out with Behrouz Boochani and friends in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Celebrated writer, Behrouz Boochani, has been visiting Australia for the first time after spending years imprisoned in this nation's notorious offshore detention centres for asylum seekers. It has been a bittersweet moment for his friends, some of whom have not seen him for a decade. Linda Rose with this personal reflection.


100 climate academics tell UK to quit Energy Charter Treaty "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thursday February 16, 2023: More than 100 academics have urged the UK government to leave the controversial 50-member Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), which includes Investor-State Dispute settlement (ISDS), a secret court system that enables fossil fuel companies to sue governments for huge sums over policies that could affect future profits. Their letter stated that continued membership of the ECT will harm our prospects of limiting global warming to 1.50C because it will prolong the UKs dependence on fossil fuels and impede the transition to renewable energy.

The academics letter was sent to Grant Shapps, the secretary of state for the new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. Investors have already brought cases against countries for phasing out coal-fired power stations, banning the exploitation of oil and gas near their coastline, and requiring environmental impact assessments, the group said.

There is also evidence that countries are shying away from introducing new legislation for fear of being challenged in claims under the ECT, the academics said. We urge you to take this opportunity to announce that the UK will withdraw.

The European Commission said last week that remaining part of the treaty would clearly undermine climate targets and that an exit by EU countries appeared inevitable. Seven EU countries, including France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, have already said they will quit the ECT. Australia is not a member of the ECT.

The UK and Japan are the last large economies not to have said they will leave the ECT.

Oil, gas and coal firms have been awarded more than US$100 billion (A$145 billion) by ECT tribunals. The UK oil firm Rockhopper was recently awarded A$275 million in a case it brought against Italy, which is contesting the decision. ECT critics have estimated the final cost in compensation to fossil fuel companies could rise to more than A$1.448 trillion. Some renewable energy companies have also used the ECT to sue for compensation after subsidy ch...

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Wednesday, 15 February


Self-translation and bilingual writing as a transnational writer in the age of machine translation "IndyWatch Feed National"

To cut a long story short, it all boils down to the need to go as far away from oneself as possible before one realizes another need to come back to reclaim what has been lost in the process while tying the knot of the opposite ends and merging them into a new transformation.

The post Self-translation and bilingual writing as a transnational writer in the age of machine translation appeared first on Overland literary journal.


WHATS WRONG WITH RYDE? Sleepy Sydney suburb set to be key seat in NSW election "IndyWatch Feed National"

EXCLUSIVE: A popular minister retiring from the electorate means the battle for the sleepy middle-class seat of Ryde in Sydney's leafy north-west is well and truly on. But only after a couple of false starts. Chiara Bragato reports.


NSW Labor to stop floodplain development if elected "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Tweed River at Chinderah during the February-March 2022 flood. Photo supplied.

With the NSW Liberal-Nationals government still allowing developments on floodplains, NSW Labor candidate Andrew Broadley told The Echo Labor would not allow new housing for anyone to be developed in the floodplain.

According to Labor leader Chris Minns, NSW has experienced an escalating number of major flood events in recent years. 

Its increasingly clear that we cannot continue to develop and build on dangerous floodplains, and risk putting more people in harms way.

There are too many government entities responsible for planning, flood recovery and reconstruction, and while all intentions are good, there is often too much buck-passing and a lack of accountability.

Other than the Minister for Local Government, there are five separate ministers in the current government with various planning powers.


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Tuesday, 14 February


NSW Premier Dominic Perrottets brothers, Charles and Jean-Claude, are fugitives in hiding from an NSW parliament corruption inquiry "IndyWatch Feed National"

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottets brothers, Charles and Jean-Claude, have become fugitives and are in hiding so they cant be served with subpoenas to give evidence at an NSW parliament corruption inquiry. The []


An uncertain trip: the rescheduling of psilocybin and MDMA "IndyWatch Feed National"

The reaction to the rescheduling of psilocybin and MDMA has been mixed, with wary optimism predominating. On the one hand, it feels like another small but significant retreat from the moral panic-fuelled war on drugs, and may even lead to a new paradigm for the treatment of mental health disorders. But the rescheduling leaves many questions unanswered.

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Monday, 13 February


Link "IndyWatch Feed National" Gday Folks, On tonights episode Ethan and I are joined by a long time friend in Australian alternative media, Adam from the Adam works tirelessly on his website which is best described as a  news aggregator. He is also a fellow podcaster with multiple shows being  made available with many guests on a []


Announcing the 2022 Judith Wright Poetry Prize shortlist "IndyWatch Feed National"

Established in 2007, Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize for new and emerging poets is supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation. Entrants must have no more than one collection of poems published under their own name. This year, the major prize is $6000, and second and third prize is $2000 and $1000 respectively. All three poets []

The post Announcing the 2022 Judith Wright Poetry Prize shortlist appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Announcing the 2022 Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize shortlist "IndyWatch Feed National"

Supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation and named after the late novelist and poet, Neilma Gantner, the Overland Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize seeks moving, powerful and original short fiction of up to 3000 words themed loosely around the notion of travel. The competition is open to all writers living in Australia and elsewhere, and at any []

The post Announcing the 2022 Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize shortlist appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week on Yeah Nah Pasaran! we talk to Kirsten Dyck about her book Reichsrock: The International Web of White-Power and Neo-Nazi Hate Music (Rutgers University Press, 2016): Reichsrock shines a light on the international white-power music industry, the fandoms Continue reading


PODCAST: NSW Greens MP Sue Higginson on the Koala Wars and why direct action to protect the peoples native forests is the only option left #SaveBulgaForest "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sue Higginson first fought on the frontline to protect State old growth native forests from logging in the 1990s. She then studied law and became head of the Environmental Defenders Office to help enforce new laws passed by the Carr Labor Government, and watched legal protections fall apart. So she became an Upper House MP in 2022, []


For the love of cats avoid lilies on Valentines Day "IndyWatch Feed National"

For the love of cats, leave lilies out of Valentines Day bouquets.

RSPCA NSW wishes you and your furry friends a Happy Valentines Day but urges cat owners to give some thought to the kind of gifts theyre bringing home.

While festive plants and celebratory flowers can add a touch of romance to your Valentines Day, it is important to keep the well-being of our feline friends in mind. 

Flowers, lilies in particular, might look great in your bouquet, but they are extremely toxic to cats and can cause severe, life-threatening problems if ingested. 

Lilies deadly for cats

RSPCA NSW Veterinarian and Keeping Cats Safe at Home Project Manager, Dr Gemma Ma, says from the water in the vase to the lilys stem, and even fallen bits of pollen, consumption of any segment of a lily may prove deadly for your cat.

A kitty ingesting even small amounts can still cause rapid kidney failure, which may prove fatal within 36 to 72 hours after ingestion.

Cats who have ingested lilies may begin to vomit but might not show any overt signs of illness at all. Kidney failure, meanwhile, manifests as a disinterest in food, dehydration, depression, lethargy, and excessive or no urination. Once a cat is showing clinical signs of kidney failure it is often too late, and the damage dealt to its delicate kidneys might already be irreversible. 

If you suspect that your cat has eaten any segment of a lily plant, take them to your local vet immediately, or an emergency veterinary hospital. Your cat will stand the greatest chance of survival if the lily is taken out of its system as quickly as possible before it is absorbed. 

Here are a few of our useful tips to keep your feline friends from harm: 

Take the time to do your research on which plants might be toxic to cats. Do so...


The promise and betrayal of arts and culture in regional Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Even as regional universities are regarded as engines of their community, regional university arts and humanities programs have been gutted by decades of underfunding, by a revolving door of institutional restructures and degree makeovers, by the internal funnelling of resources toward STEM and medicine, and by the metropolitan institutions.

The post The promise and betrayal of arts and culture in regional Australia appeared first on Overland literary journal.


FixedIt: putrid headline shows how much weve changed "IndyWatch Feed National"

My phone was off this weekend. When I turned it on today, it exploded with notifications about this headline blaming a murdered woman for a mans choice to kill her and their 7-year-old daughter. Their names were Emma and Lettie. They were killed by a man who was supposed to love them and care for them, but instead chose to murder them. He is the only person responsible for this choice. 

It struck me, as I was reading through all the furious responses to this headline, how much our understanding of the medias role in mens violence against women has changed since FixedIt started in 2015. 

Back then, any suggestion that a man who killed his wife and child can never be described as a good guy was met with rage and contempt. I was told by (male) journalists that I didnt understand journalism, by (male) readers that I didnt understand men, by (male) trolls that I am too fat to write and too ugly to have an opinion. 

Oh, the good old days of using death threats and rape threats to stop a woman saying that committing rape or murder gets a man voted off the good guy island.

Back then, a man who married the woman or fathered the children he killed would get sympathy for being driven to killing them. He was still a good bloke and a loving father. Only if he killed another mans women and children was he a murderer, and then he was a monster, immediately and easily distinguishable from other men. 

The Daily Mail headline proves these attitudes still lurk in some dark corners of the tabloid swamps, but the overwhelming response also proves how much has changed. Very few people needed convincing that this headline was egregiously disgusting. Fewer needed the reasons explained. And most of us were shocked because its no longer common to see such overt victim-blaming in a headline.

The MailOnline is the deep-fried twinkie of journalism. Cheap, mass-produced, overly processed pseudo-food. It might look attractive if youre having a rough day, but no-one feels good after consuming it.

The Mail doesnt care how you feel though, they just need clicks and eyeballs for advertiser. Hate readers have eyeballs. So, be angry about this headlines. Push back, tag the Daily Mail and associated publications. But share screenshots, not links.

Dont reward them for serving you putrid twinkies. 


If youre reading this on social media, links to all the articles are on the post on my website:

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you would like to help fund it even $5 a month makes a big difference please consider...


Permanent residency extended to temporary protection visa holders, but thousands still left in limbo after a decade "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Albanese Governments announcement that it will provide a pathway to permanent residency for people on temporary protection visas offers hope at last to thousands of people who have built lives in Australia but have been held back by punitive visa rules. Critically however, the announcement fails to address the situation facing some 12,000 people, some of whom know no other home, who were rejected by the unfair process established by the previous Coalition government.

Under the changes, people who were previously granted temporary protection visas (including Safe Haven Enterprise visas) will soon be able to apply for permanent residency.

However, people refused under the so-called fast track process established in 2014 to rubber stamp thousands of decisions to refuse refugee status will remain unprotected. These people will be forced to make individual pleas to the Minister who will determine on a case-by-case basis whether to allow them to apply for permanent residency. For the 12,000 people in this group all of whom have now been in Australia for a decade the uncertainty continues.

Rohullah Hussaini, a temporary protection visa-holder who has lived in Swan Hill, Victoria since 2012 and is prevented from reuniting with his wife and daughter because of his temporary visa status, said:

People need to understand that temporary protection means kids growing up without one of their parents. I cant wait to finally be able to live in peace with my wife and my daughter. 

Sanmati Verma, Managing Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre said:

In announcing a pathway to permanency for people who hold temporary protection visas, Minister Giles rightly acknowledged that it makes no sense to keep people in limbo. He acknowledged that people who have been in the Australian community for a decade deserve to be recognised as part of it.

But the lives of people who have been rejected through the fast-track system are just as real as anyone elses. To require those 12,000 people to wait for an indefinite period and rely on the Ministers personal mercy in order to plan for a future is not only cruel: it is contrary to the very purpose of the governments announcement.

Aran Mylvaganam, Founder of the Tamil Refugee Council said:

People who have been refused through the broken fast-track system are some of the most vulnerable in the community. For a decade, they have battled through a flawed visa process and waited for a chance to plan for a future. In the meantime, they have built lives, made families children born in Australia have turned ten and become citizens. It is time to put an end to divide-and-rule politics. Everyone deserves a single solution a permanent home in Australia.

Read Rohullah Hussaini's submission...

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Sunday, 12 February


CONFIRMED! The United States officially a terrorist state (How America Blew Up The Nord Stream Pipeline) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Confirmed, the US is officially a terrorist state, along with every state that supports them. 

Written by world renowned journalist Seymour Hersh.


See video of the title:

US blew up Nord Stream pipelines connecting Russia to Germany, journalist Seymour Hersh reports:


How America Blew Up The Nord Stream Pipeline | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris



Reprobate Minds - If you open your eyes you can see what they are normalizing next "IndyWatch Feed National"

A recently removed YouTube video:

Let's see how long this one will last.

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Saturday, 11 February


THE SCOMO PLAGUE "IndyWatch Feed National"

COVID-19 is a pneumonic plague, and since Scott Morrison let it into the country by not really trying as hard as possible to keep it out of the country, in Australia, history students may read about this plague under the title of The Scomo Plague.

Short link:

Before we look at the validity of crediting Scott Morrison with initial responsibility for the creation of Australias COVID-19 outbreak, lets check out the status quo with the casualty figures using the latest official flaky-pastry data, which is as flakey as the Robodebt fraud data.



Job Vacancy - AFTINET Trade Justice Coordinator "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET) is a network of community groups and individuals which campaigns for fair trade based on human rights, labour rights and environmental sustainability (see

This is an exciting opportunity in global justice advocacy for a graduate in a relevant discipline with at least three years work experience relevant to the skills in the selection criteria below.

The election of a Labor government with more progressive trade policies both provides more opportunities for trade justice policies to be implemented and requires strong advocacy to counter opposition to those policies.

The position is for 28-35 hours per week for one year, renewable depending on funding. Remuneration is $89,307 for 35 hours plus 10.5 percent superannuation.

The focus of campaigns is the social impact of trade agreements, including bilateral agreements like the Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement, regional agreements like the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and multilateral World Trade Organisation agreements, including those dealing with access to medicines.


The Trade Justice Coordinator reports to the Convener and the management committee. Key tasks of the role include:

  • analysis of the text of trade agreements for submissions to DFAT and to parliamentary inquiries.
  • circulating draft submissions to members, incorporating feedback
  • attending meetings with DFAT negotiators
  • organising meetings with politicians
  • organising and speaking at public meetings and meetings with member organisations
  • monitoring media on trade negotiations and writing media releases,
  • writing and distributing regular bulletins;
  • organising monthly management committee meetings
  • website posts and social media posts as required
  • membership records, membership subscriptions and renewals and assisting with fundraising activities



The successful applicant should have a degree in a relevant area of study and must be able to demonstrate:

  • commitment to human rights and trade justice principles
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • ability to represent agreed policy positions;
  • knowledge of political and government structures and policy processes;
  • understanding of trade agreements, Australia's trade policy and how they relate to human rights and social policy issues;
  • skills in consultation with community groups and membership-based organisations;
  • ability and experience in using word processing, website and database pac...


China claims success in controlling a birds mind "IndyWatch Feed National"

A research team in China says it has used a solar-powered brain control device to remotely steer a pigeon in flight for nearly two hours. China claims success in controlling a birds mind


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese faces first scandal to test his leadership: Labor being on the hook of the Gambling Industry "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese needs to sack Communications Minister Michelle Rowland for taking $19,000 from online betting company Sportsbet days before the 2022 May election when she was the shadow minister overseeing []

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Friday, 10 February


Federal Government takes first step towards reuniting thousands of refugee families, but more action needed to end family separation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today the Federal Government abolished Ministerial Direction 80, a policy that has intentionally kept thousands of refugee families apart for a decade. While the policy change marks a necessary first step towards reuniting people with their loved ones, the Human Rights Law Centre calls for further action from the Albanese Government to stop separating families to punish and deter people from seeking safety in Australia.  

For too long, the Australian Governments divisive policies, like Direction 80, have denied people the basic human right to live in safety with their families and be a parent to their children. Data from November 2022 shows that over 3,000 families have been kept apart by the policy, with almost 1,000 waiting since 2013. The vast majority of families impacted are Afghanistan-Australian families. 

Under the new policy, Ministerial Direction 102, all families will be entitled to have family visa applications dealt with under the usual processes, regardless of how they travelled to Australia. But other policies that keep families apart continue the government has delayed in extending permanent protection to temporary protection visa holders, and families continue to be separated between Australia and offshore detention.  

Ismail Hussaini, who has been prevented from reuniting with his wife and daughter because of Direction 80, said:  

I worked with the Australian Army in Afghanistan as an interpreter. I found safety here, but I have been waiting more than nine years to bring my wife here. My baby daughter was born nearly two years ago and I cannot be with her. Its really good news that this policy is gone, but there are so many families like mine who are still waiting. There are people on temporary visas who still dont have any hope. We just want to be together with our families and see our children grow up.  

 Josephine Langbien, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said: 

For a decade, Australian Governments have used family separation as a tool to deter people from seeking safety in Australia.  

Direction 80 has cost families years of their lives. Abolishing this deeply unjust policy is a necessary first step, but addressing the widespread, intentional separation of families, which has become embedded in Australias divisive migration policies, does not end here.  

People from refugee communities are still waiting for the promised extension of permanent residency to temporary protection visa holders before they can even apply to reunite with family members.

"Families continue to be separated across Australia and offshore detention, with no end in sight. It is time for the government to recognise that the uncertainty and anguish of separated partners, parents and children can...


FixedIt: Devotion is not the problem "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Canberra Times reported on a man who pled guilty to using an offensive weapon with an intent to commit an indictable offence, destroying or damaging property, and contravening the conditions of an AVO.

The article reported that CCTV footage played in court showed the man driving his car into a restaurant where the woman was standing, take a knife from his car, and reportedly said to her, fuck you, Im going to kill you.

All these details are in the article The Canberra Times published under a headline that blamed the woman who was tormented by this man and erased the man who chose to torment her.

This kind of explicit victim-blaming, with all those undertones of why didnt she just leave and she must have liked it/asked for it/be lying about it is exactly what violent men want. Its the bedrock for belief that their choices to use violence can be blamed on women they terrorise.

This is ignorant, inaccurate, dangerous, and unethical journalism. The Canberra Times should know better.


If youre reading this on social media, links to all the articles are on the post on my website:

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you would like to help fund it even $5 a month makes a big difference please consider becoming a Patron

Sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and support.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ph: 1800 737 732

Suicide Call Back Service
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ph: 1300 659 467

Kids Helpline
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1800 55 1800

Mens Referral Service
Support for men who use violence and abuse.
7 days a week
Ph: 1300 766 491

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Thursday, 09 February


Pip Podcast #40: Jane Hilliard "IndyWatch Feed National"

As overconsumption continues to drive the climate crisis, Tasmanian building designer, Jane Hilliard, is quietly trumpeting the idea that less is actually more.


Stalkerware Maker Fined $410k and Compelled to Notify Victims "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last week, the New York Attorney General secured a $410,000 fine from Patrick Hinchy and 16 companies that he runs which produce and sell spyware and stalkerware. In addition, he and his companies must modify their stalkerware to alert victims that their devices have been compromised. This sends a clear message to app developers who make their money by surreptitiously installing software to spy on the devices of others: the State of New York will not tolerate your actions.

EFF has long championed the fight against stalkerware: our Director of Cybersecurity Eva Galperin helped found the Coalition Against Stalkerware three years ago. In this time, weve urged legislators and rule-makers to take the threat stalkerware poses to the safety and privacy of its victims just as seriously as other forms of malware.

Stalkerware, a type of commercially-available surveillance software, is installed on phones without device users knowledge or consent to secretly spy on them. The apps track victims locations and allow abusers to read their text messages, monitor phone calls, see photos, videos, and web browsing, and much more. Its being used all over the world to intimidate, harass, and harm victims, and is a favorite tool for stalkers and abusive spouses or ex-partners.

In a press release announcing the fine, New Yorks Attorney General Letitia James put it in no unclear terms: The...

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Wednesday, 08 February


Bruce Lehrmanns defamation lawyers could be jailed for their criminal conduct in the Ben Roberts-Smith case "IndyWatch Feed National"

Alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann, who numerous women have accused of sexual harassment and/or assault, has instituted defamation proceedings against Channel 10, News Corp and journalists Lisa Wilkinson and Samantha Maiden. Lehrmann is []


WHO draft pandemic treaty proposes monopoly waivers, and other measures for equitable access to medicines "IndyWatch Feed National"

February 8, 2023: The World Health Organization (WHO)s first or zero-draft for a treaty on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response would commit Member States to support temporary waivers of World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules for 20-year monopolies on pandemic related products. This would enable developing countries to scale up manufacturing of cheaper products, and increase the availability of affordable pandemic-related products.

Initial reaction from the trade justice movement is positive. Health activist Jamie Love, director of Knowledge Ecology International (KEI), described the draft as being surprisingly strong on several topics including intellectual property.

The draft also calls for 20 per cent of pandemic-related products vaccines, diagnostics, personal protective equipment and therapeutics to be allocated to the WHO, which will then ensure their equitable distribution. The WHO would donate half of these products, and sell the other half for an accessible price.

This follows the failure of the COVAX donation/aid project to achieve its modest targets for COVID vaccine distribution to low-income countries, where only 26 per cent have had just one dose, with even less access to treatments and tests. Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax and a few other companies sold their products at high prices to high income countries and made billions in super profits. Behind this shocking failure stands the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on governments like the US, UK and EU which have used the WTO consensus process to block developing countries proposals for a waiver on WTO monopoly rules for COVID-related products.

The draft says that pharmaceutical companies which receive significant public financing are to be encouraged to waive payments on the continued use of their technology for the production of pandemic-related products. Development of all the COVID-19 vaccines was financed by government funds, but no payments were reduced or waived.

Eleven of forty-nine clauses of the drafts preamble deal with intellectual property rights, signalling a key battleground for advocates for public health, human rights and  trade justice .


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Tuesday, 07 February


EXPOSED: Test has only Chinese Certificate of Conformity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australians are getting conned by a Chinese Certificate of Conformity with regards to a particular test for an alleged disease that has been around for over 3 years now.

Unfortunately you will not be informed of this information by the mainstream media, as they have deliberately covered up many facts with regards to this topic.

To put this into perspective:

Can Chinese (electrical) goods be sold or rather used in Australia without the appropriate Australian authoritys approval?

Quite simply put, No.

Has a Chinese Certificate of Conformity in relatition to one's status of the alleged disease, any legal standing in Australia?

Once again quite simply put, No.

A test done in Australian laboratories for a particular disease does not have NATA approval nor is it validated to be accurate as can be seen in such a test as shown below:

These are the facts as of the date of this post.

Currently, this test is one of the largest government supported farces going around.

The above unsubstantiated single use test cost $7.95.


Yeah Nah Pasaran! #149 w Diana Garvin on Feeding Fascism : February 9, 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week on Yeah Nah Pasaran! we talk to Diana Garvin [Twitter]. Diana is an Assistant Professor of Italian at the University of Oregon and the author of Feeding Fascism: The Politics of Womens Food Work (University of Toronto Press, Continue reading


TRUE OPINION: Are Semiconductor Chips the New Oil? "IndyWatch Feed National"

TRUE OPINION: The worth of semiconductor chips in the world economic supply chain was perhaps truly felt by the average person for the first time in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that spread across the world from late 2019. Jemma Nott takes a look at the commodity becoming scarcer and more valuable.

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Monday, 06 February


Who is Australibus Tenebris? "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is a rising worldwide clash between a renewed, internationally backed fascism and those fighting for a better future. Subcultural scenes are no exception, with many now locked in wars of ideas of varying intensity. In these cauldrons of turmoil, Continue reading


NSW inquiry into food production and supply "IndyWatch Feed National"

Submission into the NSW food production and supply inquiry February 2022

The post NSW inquiry into food production and supply appeared first on CGA.


AFTINET submission to the Review of ISDS in the Australia-NZ-ASEAN free trade agreement "IndyWatch Feed National"

February 6, 2022:This revision of the ASEAN agreement (AANZFTA) was begun under the Morrison coalition government and Labor Trade Minister Farrell announced on November 14 that in-principle agreement has been reached on most issues. The text will not be released until after it is finalised. The RCEP and CPTPP texts are being used as models. The provisions on corporate rights to sue governments (Investor-State Dispute Settlement or ISDS) arrangements are still being reviewed.

AANZFTA was signed in 2010. The ISDS rights were heavily qualified by some ASEAN governments. AFTINET has made a submission arguing that the government should implement its policy to review and remove ISDS provisions from existing agreements.

The AFTINET submission provides evidence of the harmful use of ISDS over the last decade against public regulation on health, indigenous rights, the environment and most recently against policies to reduce carbon emissions. See the AFTINET submission here.

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Saturday, 04 February



Its now official you and I are getting a hefty dose of the proverbial Mushroom Tunnel Syndrome when it comes to the publication of official COVID-19 casualty statistics, which is really not surprise since evry casualty, dead or alive, is the victim of a major crime.

This URL short link:



Peter Dutton attending George Pells funeral is the political equivalent of tying your dinghy to the Titanic after it hit the iceberg "IndyWatch Feed National"

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, who is extremely religious, was too scared to show up to George Pells funeral which held in Sydney on Thursday (2/2/23) because he was worried about losing votes []

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Friday, 03 February


LETHAL LIE OF THE WEEK "IndyWatch Feed National"

This weeks lethal lie is a 2-hands whopper, and I am not talking about poisoned burgers. The people who conceal the daily COVID-19 death toll and then publish the easily disproved Rolling 7-Day Average death toll must be unaware that the real death toll is being monitored and recorded on a daily basis.

This posting short link:

On the 24th January 2023, the known death toll was as follows:


As  of 00:00 a.m. on the 1st February 2023, which is a period of 8 calendar days, the death toll was:



Bill Gates flustered in awkward Aussie TV interview "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bill Gates is pressed by the ABC about his relationship with Epstein, and reveals he points out conspiracy theories to Big Tech companies. Bill Gates flustered in awkward Aussie TV interview


DUNNY MCGREGOR VIDEO! Sozzled Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor CAUGHT ON TAPE harassing young woman to GO INTO TOILET with him "IndyWatch Feed National"

EXCLUSIVE: In footage exclusively leaked to True Crime News Weekly, Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor has been caught on tape drunkenly harassing a young woman to go inside a toilet with him. Its time to call out the footballers who think its all about their balls, Gary Johnston writes.


Landmark Decision: Mushrooms And MDMA Legalised To Treat Depression And PTSD "IndyWatch Feed National"

From July 1 this year, it will be legal in Australia to prescribe Psilocybine (the hallucinogenic chemical in magic mushrooms) and methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (better known as MDMA) after a landmark announcement by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) late this afternoon.

Psilocybine and MDMA have been used in trials in the US and other countries, and also in Australia, but pressure was mounting for the drugs to be reclassified in Australia to allow their prescribed use in treatments for illnesses such as depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This afternoon, the TGA announced that from July 1, Psilocybin and MDMA which are both currently classified as Schedule 9 substances (meaning their use is prohibited) will be reclassified as Schedule 8 drugs (controlled medicines), paving the way for them to be prescribed by suitably qualified psychiatrists.

That doesnt mean its legal to go out and obtain mushrooms or MDMA the drugs retain their Schedule 9 status outside a prescribed, therapeutic environment, making it illegal to use or possess them. Psilocybine can specifically be prescribed for treatment resistant depression, and MDMA can be prescribed for treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The TGA noted that in deciding to reschedule MDMA and Psilocybine, it considered almost 10,000 public submissions across the two drugs (3,442 for Psilocybine and 6,505 for MDMA), along with other material including reports from an independent expert panel, input from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP)and a presentation to the TGA by Professor David Nutt, a renowned British neuropsychopharmacologist.

You can read the TGAs full announcement here.

Chairman of Mind Medicine Australia, Peter Hunt AM said his organisation was delighted and would be welcomed by many Australians suffering from depression and PTSD.

The decision specifically recognises the current lack of options for patients with specific treatment resistant mental illnesses and the supporting evidence of safety and efficacy from clinical trials, Mr Hunt said.

Whilst not yet a medicine registered on the Therapeutic Goods Register, this decision will enable appropriately screened patients with treatment resistant depression and treatment resistant post-traumatic stress disorder to access these medicinal therapies through authorised psychiatrists.

Executive Director of Mind Medicine Australia, Tania de Jong AM said: We want to express our enormous gratitude to the tens of thousands of people who have made this breakthrough possible including the TGA, the Delegate, the members of the TGAs Medicines Scheduling Advisory Committee and all of the psychiatrists, psycholog...


First Nations LGBTQIA+SB Creativity Showcased As Marri Madung Butbut Full Program Revealed "IndyWatch Feed National"

A host of free events have been revealed to complement the existing ticketed events announced for Marri Madung Butbut (Many Brave Hearts): Sydney WorldPrides First Nations Gathering Space

On Gadigal Country from February 23-29, renowned multi-arts space Carriageworks will come alive with a celebration of LGBTQIA+SB First Nations artistry and culture, as part Sydney WorldPride 2023.

The program will be the largest Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and global First Nation

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, + Sistergirl and Brotherboy (LGBTQIA+SB) celebration ever to take place in Australia.

Ben Graetz, Festival Creative Director for Sydney WorldPride, said it was important to celebrate the creativity and brilliance of not only the oldest living culture on the planet, but also the oldest LGBTQIA+ culture as well.

Im proud to be putting LGBTQIA+SB performers on a such a major stage and sharing their talents with mob and the world, Graetz said.

Marri Madung Butbut is a place where everyone is welcome to experience the rainbow heart of the oldest surviving culture on the planet.

Marri Madung Butbut will kick off with a free-to-attend opening night party, Djarraba Disco (Feb 23), curated by The Huxleys, plus another 11 free events:

  • Tidda (Sister) Bingo(Feb 27) Western Sydneys finest, Tyra Bankstown hosts a game of bingo on steroids, accompanied by some fabulous drag performances.
  • Koori Gras(Feb 28) an evening of variety performance from Warrane (Sydneys) beautiful LGBTQIA+SB community. The event is co-produced by Moogahlin Performing Arts and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and will include performances from Nana Miss Koori, Nova Gina and BeeDazzled Shanks.
  • Queer Koori-oke(Feb 27) a chance to sing your heart out with 2Joocee at a deadly night of Koori-oke with ya mob.
  • Bloodlines (From Jan 5 to March) Created by famed artists The Huxleys, Bloodlines is a multi-artform exhibition which honours and worships legendary artists lost to HIV/AIDS.
  • vah vah(Feb 26) a Pasifika variety show celebrating femme Faafafine performers, including Jaycee Tanuvasa, Killia, Jamaica Moana and the House of Iman.
  • The launch (Feb 26) of NANGAMAY (dream) MANA (gather) DJURALI (grow),a world-first anthology of LGBTQIA+SB poetry.
  • Deadly Queer Deaf Mob (Feb 26) a panel discussion providing insights into the Deaf First Nations community.
  • Watch Party Live and Proud: Sydney WorldPride opening concert, Presented by American Express......


February In Your Patch "IndyWatch Feed National"

Because it is warmer than summers 10 years ago, you might need to change what you normally do your garden.  Maybe in February in your patch some of  your summer crop is having a little bit of a last hoorah, you may find the tomatoes, eggplant and capsicum and still chugging along.  In any case, its time to start thinking about preparing your garden for autumn planting. This months newsletter has loads of tips and ideas of what to do NOW that will ensure your patch is ready to go. Wait until the heat of the day is off and then spend some lovely time in the garden.


Weeding is a great job to do at this time of year. Cut down the competition between your tasty treats and these space invaders, and tidy up your patch. It may sound tedious, but its incredibly rewarding!


Top up the mulch on your vegetable patches, herb gardens and ornamental beds.  This is especially important if you are heading away or caught up in the bustle of back to school.  A hot summer tip is to mulch after watering the patch, to a depth of about 7cm. Keep mulch clear of plant stems, especially young seedlings. Choose sustainable, low environmental impact mulch (this means different things in different areas), one that will enrich your soil as it breaks down.

Time to think about what wonders you will whack into your patch come April. Preparing beds and plots now means that when autumn planting time rolls around, your garden will be ready and waiting. Removing spent plants, clearing areas of weeds and topping up organic matter is an excellent February job. A nail rake, some good organic compost and lovely sustainable mulch is the perfect recipe for productive patches of the future.


 Shade for your plants
On non-gardening days, why not head out to the shed, and construct a couple of shade cloth tents. They dont have to elaborate, just a simple, moveable structure that you can pop over the top of some of the sun sensitive veggies (like eggplant, capsicum and others) as the heat becomes more intense. Pop these around where required, especially on high UV days, windy days, and during your holidays.

Water smarter at this time of year and always first thing in the morning. A nice, deep drink a couple of times a week is far more beneficial than frequent, short watering.

 Green Manure
Consider a green manure crop to add some life and love to an overworked patch. At this time of year try lablab, cow pea, mung bean, soy bean and millet. This will improve your soil...


Better outcomes start with teachers who believe in inclusive education "IndyWatch Feed National"

For all students particularly those with additional needs a teacher who doesnt believe in inclusive education can be harmful.

New research from Griffith Universitys Associate Professor Stuart Woodcock reveals less than 50 per cent of Brisbane secondary teachers believe in an inclusive classroom.

Inclusive education centres around a greater diversity for a multitude of abilities. Its not just students with various or specific learning differences (SLD) but those from various cultures, and family structures.

Assoc Prof Woodcock says while teachers understand the philosophy about inclusive education, theres limited acceptance or adoption by these educators.

An effective way to teach all students

In the survey of 12 Brisbane high schools and 182 teachers, results revealed just 47 per cent of all teachers believed inclusive classrooms were an effective way to teach all students.  That figure rose to 60 per cent for beginner to intermediate teachers (less than 10 years experience) but fell to 37.5 per cent for experienced teachers (10 plus years experience).

Associate Professor Woodcock says in this secondary school research study, the more experienced a teacher is, the less likely they were to believe in inclusive education. It was interesting that in a separate study, where we talked to NSW primary teachers, another correlation was identified.

The NSW study showed that when primary teachers had a high belief in their teaching capability, they gave strong support for inclusive education.

Associate Professor Woodcock says the reason effective strategies to foster inclusive education practices are so important is clear when we look at a teachers connection to their students success or failure.

Belief in students

If we believe a child can not do something, then we are inclined to offer support, scaffolding for learning because we believe they have genuine difficulties doing it. If we believe they will not do it, we may blame the child for lack of effort or motivation and maybe that increases the chance there are negative consequences for the student.

In the first scenario, its almost like we dont expect any more from them, which can filter through subconsciously as the teacher...


Treasurer Chalmers should put human rights at the heart of the Federal Budget "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Albanese Government and Treasurer Jim Chalmers have been urged to improve the upcoming Federal Budget for people across the community by placing human rights at the heart of the budget decisions they will be making.

In a submission to the Federal Treasurys consultation on the upcoming 2023-24 Federal Budget, the Human Rights Law Centre highlighted that Federal Budgets should not only factor in issues like monetary cost, but also the basic standards and wellbeing that everyone in the community should enjoy.

The submission calls for two key changes:

  • Implement the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights recommendations for assessing the Budget against the main human rights standards Australia has committed to; and

  • Follow the example of Victoria, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory and enact an Australian Charter of Human Rights so that human rights are at the centre of all government decision making, including the making and delivering of the Federal Budgets measures.

Quotes attributable to Caitlin Reiger, CEO at the Human Rights Law Centre:

Everyones wellbeing and lives are better when human rights are at the heart of government decision making. Rights like everyone being able to get the medical care they need, regardless of their bank balance, and every child having a quality education regardless of their postcode. The Federal Budget should always reflect these rights, and the best way is with a Charter of Human Rights.

 Victoria, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory have Charter of Human Rights and Human Rights Acts in operation, and they have been shown to improve government decision making. For example, in Victoria their Charter of Human Rights helped improve the Victorian Governments 2010-2020 plan to prevent violence against women, and in the ACT their Human Rights Act helped remove financial barriers for children accessing public school education.

Charter of Human Rights embeds human rights into the heart of government decisions, including allocation of public resources in the Federal Budget. The sooner there is a Charter of Human Rights, the more inclusive and stronger this Federal Budget and budgets to come can be for people across the community.

Read the Human Rights Law Centres 2023-24 Pre-Budget Submission here

Media contact:
Thomas Feng, Media and Communications Manager, 0431 285 275,

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Thursday, 02 February


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"


From New Dawn 191 (Mar-Apr 2022)

Is the human race under spiritual attack? And did the esoteric philosopher and clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner warn about it over a century ago when he said a vaccine would be the delivery system for the defeat of humanity?

For many, the overly-authoritarian response by governments worldwide to COVID-19 pointed to some deeper, more sinister driving force. But it hasnt just been the governments that seemed to be acting strange. Over the last two years, weve witnessed people across a broad spectrum of society meekly submit to draconian attacks on their freedoms, many even fiercely defending the assault. In the same way, weve seen politicians and parties who once ran on platforms of personal freedom and economic autonomy almost overnight turn into...


Mass Formation Psychosis: From Covid to Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed National"


From New Dawn 192 (May-June 2022)

There are two ways to be fooled: 
one is to believe what isnt true, 
the other is to refuse to believe what is true.
Soren Kierkegaard

There is a Latin proverb, Repetitio est mater studiorum. It means, Repetition is the mother of learning. The more we are exposed to something, the more likely we are to accept or learn it.



Living Through a Great Shift of the Ages "IndyWatch Feed National"


From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 15 No 5 (Oct 2021)

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. 
Oscar Wilde

Were living through one of the most tumultuous and significant periods in historys astrological playbook. A massive cosmic timepiece turned the hands of destiny into a new position, and all hell broke loose for the players in the game of life on Earth whove no idea what is really going on. 

Over very large spans of time in our long and often brutal his...


How To Make a DIY Wicking Bed: Video "IndyWatch Feed National"

Save time and reduce your water usage with an easy-to-build DIY wicking bed a self-watering raised garden bed perfect for growing vegies.


How a local resident unravelled Forestry Corporations plan to end protests in the Yarratt State Forest #SaveBulgaForest "IndyWatch Feed National"

I AM NEW to covering the Koala Wars, otherwise known as the campaign to end native forest logging in NSW State Forests, our public land, and its a shocking eye opener.  People told me the NSW government owned Forestry Corporation (FC) were cowboys, but WTF??? My lesson in FCs rule of law and good governance []

Author information

Margo Kingston

Margo Kingston

Co-publisher and editor-in-chief at No Fibs

Margo Kingston is a retired Australian journalist and climate change activist. She is best known for her work at The Sydney Morning Herald and her weblog, Webdiary. Since 2012, Kingston has been a citizen journalist, reporting and commenting on Australian politics via Twitter and No Fibs.


Issue 27 Out Now! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Issue 27 is packed full of inspiration and information to nourish yourself and the planet.


How To Make Hot Compost: Video "IndyWatch Feed National"

Growing great vegies all comes down to the health of your soil, and you cant have healthy soil without compost. Here we show you how to make compost quickly aka hot compost!


60 farmers blockaded Santos trucks and oppose CSG "IndyWatch Feed National"

Local communities in the Gunnedah Basin and Liverpool Plains fear the Sub-Artesian Basin and aquifers could be forever polluted if coal seam gas projects go ahead. Photo Margaret Fleck

More than 60 farmers blockaded Santos trucks on Saturday and police were called to a state forest near Gunnedah amid disputes over potential water extraction and fracking. The roads near Gunnedah were blockaded by the community as gas giant Santos continued their seismic testing for coal seam gas despite commitments that these gas resources would not be developed.


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Wednesday, 01 February


Soapbox Beer Presents: Australibus Tenebris "IndyWatch Feed National"

[Update (February 2, 2023) : This afternoon Brisbane venue Soapbox Beer announced that the Australibus Tenebris gig will not be going ahead. Thank you to Soapbox Beer for refusing to allow racist idiots a platform.] Three years ago I wrote Continue reading


Community bonds and standing up for the Yarratt Forest: #SaveBulgaForest "IndyWatch Feed National"

I DISCOVERED THE joys of living rurally when l moved to Wingham four and a half years ago. Its nestled in the Manning Valley on the mid north coast of NSW. Sydney had been my home town, though the satisfaction of living in a beautiful city had worn thin with all the traffic, stale air []

Author information

Sallie Colechin

Sallie Colechin

Sallie Colechin is a retired photo imager and TAFE photography teacher. Her work has been exhibited and published widely. She is a political activist, and a passionate feminist. For Sallie the personal is political. Her activism includes the LGBQTI+ community through working with First Mardi Gras-78ers, and the Greens NSW.


$3 million for regional news outlets in NSW "IndyWatch Feed National"

Print papers like the Northern Star, Byron Shire News, Tweed Daily News and the Ballina Advocate closed as their readership went online.

The NSW government has announced a new $3 million fund to assist regional communities to have access to trusted news sources covering the stories that matter.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW Paul Toole said the NSW Governments new Regional Media Fund would help strengthen the regional news landscape.

We know how important it is for people in rural and regional NSW to have access to the news and information they need, about the issues that affect them, Mr Toole said.

In rapidly changing times, the NSW government is committed to ensuring that our regionally focused media and news-gathering organisations continue to serve their communities well into the future.

Thats why were investing $3 million to help these news outlets drive innovation, tell stories in new ways and provide more people in regional NSW with access to the news that matters to them.

The new funding will help established mastheads whove been the voice of their communities in some cases for more than a hundred years to drive new ideas and encourage newer regional media start-ups to put down roots and grow.



Vale Professor Will Steffen leading climate scientist "IndyWatch Feed National"

Professor Will Steffen. Photo supplied.

Leading climate scientist Professor Will Steffen has died of pancreatic cancer in Canberra at 75. Professor Steffen was a Climate Councillor and Emeritus Professor at Australian National University. 

According to RenewEconomy Professor Steffen had been science adviser to the Australian government department of climate change from 2004 to 2011 and was a commissioner on the Gillard governments Climate Commission until it was scrapped by the Coalition Abbott government in 2013. 

Recently Professor Steffen wrote: Im angry because the lack of effective action on climate change, despite the wealth not only of scientific information but also of solutions to reduce emissions, has now created a climate emergency.

The students are right. Their future is now being threatening by the greed of the wealthy fossil fuel elite, the lies of the Murdoch press, and the weakness of our political leaders. These people have no right to destroy my daughters future and that of her generation.



Elanora woman murdered police seek sightings of Ford Laser "IndyWatch Feed National"

Damaged white Ford Laser bearing Queensland registration plates 483 ZPG. Photo Queensland Police

Detectives investigating the murder of 61-year-old Wendy Sleeman are appealing to anyone who may have seen or captured vision of a distinctive white Ford Laser station-wagon on the Gold Coast last Tuesday to come forward.

Wendy Sleeman and her beloved dogs.

Detectives attached to Operation Victor Arum have released footage and images of a damaged white Ford Laser bearing Queensland registration plates 483 ZPG.

The vehicle has considerable panel and paint damage, is missing a rear hub-cap and the left-hand mirror is held together with silver gaffer tape.

It will be alleged that the...

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Tuesday, 31 January


Yeah Nah Pasaran! #148 w Shane Burley on No Pasarn! Antifascist Dispatches from a World in Crisis : February 2, 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week on Yeah Nah Pasaran! we talk to Shane Burley [Twitter]. Shane is a writer and return guest. He is also the editor of: No Pasarn! Antifascist Dispatches from a World in Crisis No Pasarn! is an anthology of Continue reading


Election data a reminder that Albanese government must regulate money in politics "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will release data on 1 February revealing how much political parties and third parties spent in the 2022 Federal election, and the donations used to fund those campaigns. 

 The Albanese Government was elected on its promise to change the way we do politics in Australia, but the Human Rights Law Centre said that to truly change the status quo, the Labor government must go further than its existing commitments.  

Alice Drury, Acting Legal Director at the Human Rights Law Centre: 

Every year on 1 February, we learn the names of the millionaire donors who are buying influence over Australian politicians. Many more millions in financial contributions are obscured from public view entirely. This situation is all perfectly legal under federal electoral laws, which are the weakest in the country.  

The Albanese Government needs to hold true to its promise to change the way we do politics in Australia. We need greater transparency, of course but that alone wont change our politics. We also need caps on election spending and bans on large political donations altogether, as some states have done.  

A strong and healthy democracy serves the best interests of people, communities, and our planet.But when political donations are revealed each year, were reminded that big harmful industries are lurking in the halls of Australian parliament, donating big and calling the shots. This includes industries like tobacco, gambling and fossil fuels, which harm millions of Australians every year. 

All parliamentarians who are serious about political integrity should support these reforms. 


The Joint Standing Committee of Electoral Matters announced on 29 August 2022 that it was investigating electoral reform as part of its inquiry into conduct at the 2022 Federal Election. Most relevantly to the AEC data release, the terms of reference for the inquiry includes: 

  • reforms to political donation laws, particularly the applicability of 'real-time' disclosure and a reduction of the disclosure threshold to a fixed $1,000; and 

  • potential reforms to funding of elections, particularly regarding electoral expenditure caps and public funding of parties and candidates.  

Notably, the terms of reference did not include another key feature of electoral law regulation that is becoming commonplace at state level: bans on large political donations altogether.  

The Human Rights Law Centre and the #OurDemocracy campaign both made submissions supporting three key reforms: 

  1. To improve transparency of politic...


New digital Aboriginal Census files from the Northern Territory at the National Archives of Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

 The following Aboriginal Census reports from Series E944 at the National Archives of Australia are now digitally available at the NAA web site. Unfortunately they can mostly only be downloaded page by page although it would have been simple to merge the individual pages into a single PDF file to download.

BAGOT 1971


Best Housewarming Gifts for Different Types of Homeowners "IndyWatch Feed National"

<p><a href= "" rel="noopener" target="_blank" title= "Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels">Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels</a></p> <p>Homeowners can vary in their preferences and styles. Some of them may prefer to receive decorative pieces like paintings and vases, while others may prefer to receive more practical items. Because of this, it can be challenging to pick the perfect housewarming gift. If you are looking for housewarming gift suggestions, then you are in the right place. Read on to discover the best housewarming gifts for different types of homeowners.</p> <h2>For the Minimalist Homeowner</h2> <p>A minimalist style for the home focuses on functionality and maintaining a clutter-free space. When choosing a gift for a minimalist homeowner, stick to the necessities. Why not give them practical items or consumables they will surely use in everyday life?</p> <h4>Towels</h4> <p>Due to their usefulness, <a href= "" rel="noopener" target="_blank" title= "15 Must-have Bathroom Accessories"><strong>bathroom linens and accessories</strong></a> are the go-to gifts for housewarming hosts. For your minimalist homeowner friend, choose high-quality bath towels in neutral colors. White towels are a classic choice and will surely complement a minimalist aesthetic.</p> <h4>Indoor plant</h4> <p>Minimalist homes can exude a relaxing vibe with the fresh air from plants. To keep with the minimalist style, choose easy-to-arrange and low-maintenance plants <a href= "" rel="noopener" target="_blank" title= "11 Low Maintenance Plants for the Forgetful Type"><strong>like aloe vera and succulents</strong></a>.</p> <h4>Robot vacuum</h4> <p>Minimalists love to keep an open layout and a clutter-free space. They will be able to enjoy their home more if it is dust-free too. Gift them a robot vacuum to help make their everyday chores more convenient. They can also connect newer models to their smartphones for easier control.</p> <h4>Gift card & voucher

If you still cannot choose a gift for your minimalist friend, you can give them a prepaid gift card instead. This way, they will be free to select items that match the aesthetic of their interior. They can also buy the things that they need. Youll be sure that your gift will be useful.</p> <h2>For the Adventurous Car Enthusiast</h2> <p>Some peop...


PODCAST: Inside Susie Russells never-ending quest to preserve native forest on the Bulga Plateau #SaveBulgaForest "IndyWatch Feed National"

ITS BEEN AN unexpected start to the new year for me, having been called into service by my best friend Susie Russell to live-tweet actions and arrests to try to save native forest on the Bulga Plateau, her home. New year, same horrifying behaviour by loggers in the Bulga Plateau. Locals August 2020 protest against []


Complete our 2022 Community Garden Survey "IndyWatch Feed National"

Please complete our 2022 Annual Community Gardens Survey by 28 February 2023.

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Family and domestic violence leave comes into force tomorrow "IndyWatch Feed National"

New laws to provide 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave will come into force tomorrow for workers in businesses with 15 or more employees after unions campaigned and won the reform for workers leaving a violent relationship.

For workers in small businesses, with fewer than 15 employees, the entitlement will start from 1 August, this year.  The Albanese Government made this their first change in workplace laws.

The ACTU marked the occasion by paying tribute to the thousands of survivors who did not have access to this entitlement, many of whom had paid the ultimate price. The union also thanked the millions of workers who had campaigned for change.

On average, it costs $18,000 to escape a violent relationship in Australia and economic security is a key factor determining whether a person can escape a dangerous relationship.

Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave will change that equation and save lives. The ACTU wants all workers to understand their rights under the new laws.

  1. All workers full time, part time and casual will have access to 10 days leave, regardless of whether they work a 38-hour week, or fewer hours.
  2. The full 10-days is available immediately when a worker needs it, rather than accumulating over a period like annual and sick leave does.
  3. There are rules in place to keep workers information private including that FDV leave must not be included on an employees pay slip.
  4. Full-time and part-time employees can take paid FDV leave at their full pay rate for the hours they would have worked if they werent on leave, while casual employees will be paid at their full pay rate for the hours they were rostered to work in the period they took leave.

Workers in small businesses continue to have access to 5 days of unpaid domestic violence leave until their inclusion in the paid scheme from 1 August.

The post Family and domestic violence leave comes into force tomorrow appeared first on The Echo.

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A deep dive into Windows spying from a new laptop "IndyWatch Feed National"

so does Microsoft's spying on you, and that's before you even technically start using your personal computer.

Mirosoft is subservient to the 5eyes global surveillance regime.

If you truly value your privacy (and security) then this would be refelected in your action in not using Microsoft products at all.

We do not recommend the purchase or use of Microsoft products.

How does a 'factory' installed Windows 11 on your new laptop compare to that of Windows XP?

See detailed analysis in the following video:

All part of the nanny state agenda!


SA Urban Food Network seeking donations for their 2023 grant scheme "IndyWatch Feed National"

SA Urban Food Network are seeking donations to supplement their starting funds of $2,000.

The post SA Urban Food Network seeking donations for their 2023 grant scheme appeared first on CGA.


Whistleblowing reform needs to be comprehensive "IndyWatch Feed National"

<p class="">The Human Rights Law Centre, Griffith Universitys Centre for Governance & Public Policy and Transparency International Australia have called for a comprehensive reform process to ensure stronger protections for Australian whistleblowers, building on initial announcements by the Albanese government about its first steps.

In a joint submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committees inquiry into the <em>Public Interest Disclosure Amendment (Review) Bill 2022</em>, the organisations welcomed the Governments first, largely-technical phase of reform to the <em>Public Interest Disclosure Act</em>, which protects federal public servant whistleblowers.</p> <p class="">The group expressed concern however about the risks of a piecemeal approach to improving whistleblower protections, urging the Committee and Government to pursue a clear, ambitious vision for comprehensive reform across all Commonwealth laws, driven by a transparent whole-of-government process to ensure whistleblower protections return to being world-leading.</p> <p class="">Of 21 areas for reform identified in <a href= ""> <span><em>Protecting Australias Whistleblowers: The Federal Roadmap</em></span></a>, published by the organisations in November 2022, the Bill only addresses one reform in full and four in-part. A new edition of the <em>Roadmap</em> updated to reflect the Bill has been published alongside the submission.</p> <p class=""><strong>Kieran Pender, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said:</strong></p> <p class="">Now is the time for a robust, transparent, whole of government process to fix whistleblower protections in Australia, to bring an end to the piecemeal approach which has led to so many of our current problems. The Australian public, and Australias whistleblowers, deserve nothing less.</p> <p class=""> Ultimately, we support these amendments, which go some way towards addressing a number of issues raised in our <em>Roadmap</em>. However, the amendments will only have their desired effect if substantial further reform is undertaken to address critical underlying issues.</p> <p class=""> <strong>A J Brown, Professor of Public Policy and Law, Griffith University and Board Member, Transparency International Australia, said:</strong></p> <p class="">While we support the Bill in principle, there are a number of technical issues which only underscore the importance of a holistic rather than piecemeal approach.</p> <p class=""> We are particularly concerned that narrowing the scope of the <em>PID Act</em> by excluding purely personal employment grievances, although desirable in principle, will be extremely problemati...


Google is being sued by the US government and eight states over online advertising "IndyWatch Feed National"

Googles facing a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice and eight states over its alleged monopoly on the digital advertising market. The agency accuses the company of abusing monopoly power at the disadvantage of websites and advertisers who use other advertising tools, according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday (PDF).

Googles anticompetitive behavior has raised barriers to entry to artificially high levels, forced key competitors to abandon the market for ad tech tools, dissuaded potential competitors from joining the market, and left Googles few remaining competitors marginalized and unfairly disadvantaged, the lawsuit reads.

It goes on to allege that Googles various acquisitions a...


VIDEO SNIPPET: Where have all the small birds gone? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why are small birds on the decline? What can you do to attract them? This SGA Video Snippet takes a quick look at what factors contribute to a decline in small birds in your garden and what you can do to create a space in which they will thrive.

The post VIDEO SNIPPET: Where have all the small birds gone? first appeared on Sustainable Gardening Australia.


Free Trade negotiations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should not proceed "IndyWatch Feed National"

January 30, 2023: The previous Coalition government initiated a scoping negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the UAE, comprising the following emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah, and with the Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Saudi Arabia and Qatar. AFTINET made a submission to the previous government in April 2022 arguing that  both negotiations should not proceed because of gross violation of human rights and labour rights in these countries.

As of January 2023, the GCC negotiations were not proceeding but scoping discussions were continuing with the UAE, and the Labor government had not yet made a decision about whether to proceed with negotiations.

AFTINETs updated submission on the UAE made in January 2023 argues that negotiations should not proceed because of the UAEs gross violations of human rights and labour rights.

The Labor government has a policy of upholding human rights and requiring enforceable labour rights in trade agreements. Granting preferential trading rights beyond existing WTO rules to the UAE would legitimise violations of human rights and labour rights in the UAE, which are subject to consistent criticisms and investigations, documented by both the UN and human rights organisations.

The UAE is not a signatory to key UN and ILO human rights and labour rights conventions. There is no commitment to civil and political rights, and discriminatory legislation against women remains. Migrant workers form more than 90 % of the workforce in the UAE and are subjected to the kafala bonded labour system, under which they are tied to one employer with no effective rights, leading to systemic exploitation, discrimination and modern slavery. Women domestic workers experience sexual abuse and trafficking under the kafala system. The submission argues that, given these gross violation of human rights and labour rights, negotiations with the UAE should not proceed.


FixedIt: The bathroom was not tortured "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Brisbane Times reported that a man was charged with torture, deprivation of liberty, contravening a domestic violence order, and three counts of serious assault to police after allegedly torturing a woman in Brisbane last Friday.

Given that it only happened a couple of days ago and police would still be gathering evidence, you wouldnt expect journalists to know a lot of details, or be able to report them even if they did know.

You would (and should) expect them to know that people were involved in this alleged crime. A man was charged and a woman was taken to hospital. This information is in the article, which means there is no valid reason to erase it from the headline.

I know people can see it if they click in and if they read the whole article. If all people see is the headline (and thats a lot more than the people who read the whole article) they see nothing about the people involved. The man who was charged and the woman who is in hospital are erased and invisible.

Is that the purpose of reporting on mens violence against women?


If youre reading this on social media, links to all the articles are on the post on my website:

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you would like to help fund it even $5 a month makes a big difference please consider becoming a Patron

Sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and support.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ph: 1800 737 732

Suicide Call Back Service
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ph: 1300 659 467

Kids Helpline
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1800 55 1800

Mens Referral Service
Support for men who use violence and abuse.
7 days a week
Ph: 1300 766 491

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