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Wednesday, 25 October


On this day Edgar's Mission Farm SanctuaryEdgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary


On this day back in 2015, nine lucky chicks found themselves on the road to kindness. Shrouded in mystery, inspired by compassion and heralded by the words Friends not food, please save uswe just had to share their arrival story again with you. Coming tonight

The phone rang, Pam answered, hello, Edgars Mission. Then something out of the ordinary happened.

Watch Betany, Babette, Bree, Brady, Beth, Bronwyn, Bryonie, Bess and Bobby Sues arrival video to see how the mystery unfolded.

Click here to view the embedded video.


Trying to help! Natural Newstead

Mistletoebirds are a favourite of mine.

These tiny birds are common in and around Newstead where they feast on the ripening berries of mistletoes that abound on local eucalypts.

They build the most intricate and delicate nest, a purse-shaped structure that is woven from grass, cobwebs and flowers typically suspended in the canopy of a small shrub. Earlier in the week I spotted a pair on Spring Hill Track in the first throes of nest-building a male busily flitting about, displaying and singing near the site while the female was collecting materials and doing the actual construction work. The male doesnt offer much practical help in this process!

Male Mistletoebird, Spring Hill Track, 23rd October 2017

Tuesday, 24 October


OnlyMelbourne Newsletter #565 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Read Online Newsletter | #565 | Whats On this Week Welcome to Newsletter | #565 Whats On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 24th October 2017 to Monday 30th October 2017 Melbourne Halloween Guide Tuesday 31st October 2017 | Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day. Halloween Guide Spooktober | Halloween Festival .nobrtable br { display: none } Melbournes most freakishly scary Halloween event returns for its 5th year of screams and fears. Hurry - 5 days only! Friday 27th - Tuesday 31st October 2017 Spooktober | Buy Tickets Nick Barker and The Monkey Men play Rolling Stones .nobrtable br { display: none } Friday 27th October 2017 | A star-studded local band perform material from The Stones golden age and beyond. Nick Barker and The Monkey Men | Satellite Lounge | Buy Tickets Melbourne Warehouse Music Festival .nobrtable br { display: none } 8 concerts over one weekend | From Jack Jones to Hoang Pham Jacqui Dark and Kanen Breen it doesnt get any more Melbourne than this. Saturday - Sunday | 4th and 5th November 2017 Melbourne Warehouse Music Festival | Collingwood | Buy Tickets HiFi Show 2017 .nobrtable br { display: none } The great home entertainment show is a weekend festival of Recorded Music, Sound, Vision, Vinyl and Lifestyle Technology. Melbourne HiFi Show 2017 | Buy Tickets | Pullman Albert Park Box Hill Record and Comic Fair .nobrtable br { display: none } 1000s of collectible records, rare cards, comics and lots, lots more. Sunday 29th October 2017 | Box Hill Record and Comic Fair Prahran Market Cheese Festival .nobrtable br { display: none } On Sunday 29th October 2017 Prahran Market will be transformed into a cheese lovers delight with delicious cheese offerings. Say Cheese! Prahran Market Cheese Festival The Village Festival .nobrtable br { display: none } The 12th annual festival at North Fitzroys Edinburgh Gardens from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th October 2017 with music, performance, food and fun. The Village Festival 2017 Melbourne International Games Week .nobrtable br { display: none } Asia Pacifics largest digital games celebration featuring conferences events and activities including PAX Australia. Melbourne International Games Week 2017 Open House Ballarat 2017 .nobrtable br { display: none } Explore some of Ballarats most significant buildings. 28 and 29 October 2017 | Open House Ballarat 2017 Spring Vegan Festival .nobrtable br { display: none } A day celebrating veganism, ethical shopping, vegan...


Thanks for the Tank, Landcare in the garden

Thanks to Newstead Landcare Group for the lend of their water trailer, Lyn, Julia and I were able to give the fundraising garlic a big, thousand litre, drink this morning.  We got a good drink too thanks to barista Ron. The garlic is looking pretty good, given that was the first (and will be the Continue reading Thanks for the Tank, Landcare


The Dead Aviatrix - The Story of the Stories - how they came to be written bluelotus

My ebook of eight short stories 'The Dead Aviatrix' is available on: 

And here below you can read a short history of the stories and how they came to be written 


 The Dead Aviatrix is an ebook published by Spineless Wonders in November 2017. It is the first book of short stories in the Spineless Wonders new Capsule Collection series.
The eight stories in The Dead Aviatrix are not obviously connected with each other by theme or character or plot, although because they originate in my imagination, they all reflect my interests and concerns. The ebook is a gathering of eight of my stories that have been recently published in various journals.
Here is an account of how the present collection came about:
The Story of the Stories


Herons half a score Natural Newstead

Nankeen Night-herons are resident along the Loddon River and I often encounter small groups roosting in the red-gums, especially north of the highway bridge. I cant, however, recall seeing as many as ten birds together before locally. On a walk the other evening herons kept emerging from a large River Red-gum as I drew closer until I counted half a score in total. Night-heron usually roost in groups sometimes these can be large congregations. Ive never found them breeding locally although this probably happens.

Evidence droppings below the Nankeen Night-heron roost on the Loddon River, 22nd October 2017

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